assassinâs creed

“You just earned yourself two more hours of training tomorrow by interrupting my nap, Shay.”
“How did you fell asleep on a tree anyway?
“Try training a rookie assassin who Never remember to refill his gun and you’ll know how tired I was.”
“I didn’t say it’s you.”
– Tried to create this “light coming through the leaves” kind of environment… I don’t know how does it look like but I did my best…
Special thanks to @sunsetagain for helping me with shay’s face 么么么

Ezio/Leonardo Fic list


The man I met at my sister s wedding 

Written after the prompt: We met at a weeding and I thought you were one of my distant cousins but apparently no one knows you . How do you get in and will you dance with me. Ezio/Leonardo 

Beginning of the Ocean

Leonardo was never a strong swimmer. And yet, he seemed drawn to the ocean in some way. He would walk along the sandy beaches by his home at dusk, stopping to stare into the void a while. The blonde would stand still for minutes at a time, letting the cold water lap at his ankles. Many people walked past him, but he paid them no mind. All he did was stare. Stare, and think.                                 “Something’s out there.” And he would find it.

Of ghosts and scares

Ezio drags Leonardo to go see a horror movie, even if Leonardo is terribly scared of them

Trip to Amboise

Leonardo is working in Amboise as a university art teacher, Ezio is still in Florence with two part-time jobs. Seeing each other becomes hard, but nothing can separate them. (Ezio/Leonardo, modern!AU)

The Plague

Kink Meme Fill: Modern day AU with bubonic plague, chaos, and one immune researcher. Inspiration from “28 Days Later”.


Leonardo and Ezio have been best friends they were children. But now that they share the same roof, Leonardo finds his patience dwindling when it comes to Ezio being around other females. Why should he keep letting himself get hurt over it? 

Group Therapy

Ezio, Leo, and Rosa in a group therapy session. Things do not go well (Crack!fic)


Leo likes Dr. Seuss. Ezio doesn’t.

Ever After

Crossover with the movie Ever After, with old!Leo and Ezio.


Finding humanity lacking, an artist pursues perfection in his work. The Pygmalion myth, by way of Assassin’s Creed.

The Colour of Magic

Leonardo never thought of himself as someone special, until the day he discovered his hidden powers. All of a sudden he was in high demand – especially from evil sorcerers like Cesare Borgia. Will Leonardo be able to survive as Borgia’s captive with the help of his new friends?

The Bond of Brotherhood

Leonardo da Vinci is wickedly clever, amazingly talented, surprisingly devious, and always there to support Ezio in his endeavors, no matter how dubiously moral. It’s never mattered before that he’s an omega, or that Ezio is an alpha. It still shouldn’t matter, except that Leonardo smells so good, and Ezio knows that there’s no one else for him to spend his heat with…

Suburban Neighbors drabble series:

  1. Suburban Neighbors  Leonardo may accidentally spot Ezio walking naked in his kitchen. Because these two are dorks.
  2. Uptown Funk  Leonardo catches Ezio dancing by his mailbox.
  3. A Favor  Ezio has a favor to ask of Leonardo.
  4. The Incident  A first kiss and the incident that follows.
  5. Sketchbook  Ezio finds Leonardo’s sketchbook.
  6. French girls  Leonardo wants to paint Ezio.
  7. Midnight Phone Call Ezio is determined to comfort Leonardo.

Non-Canon/AU Ezio/Leonardo as sideparing/not mainparing

A Day in the Life of a Mobster

Sometimes it’s good to be a gangsta

Altaïr’s Army

That one Hogwarts AU complete with mischief, kissing and the occasional hex.

A Pound of Flesh (VAMPIRE AU)

“You have a touch of melodrama in you, Altezza.”

Wind from the gathering storm whistled through the cracks and rent windows of the vacant church, the shadows long and deep from the light of the lantern on the bench at the pew. Lorenzo kept an iron hold on his instinctive fear, willing his fingers away from the silver dagger hidden under his robes. The church had been empty when he had arrived; now a man was leaning against the pulpit, long fingers folded under his chin, his smile amused, much of his aquiline face swallowed by the shadow of a white cowl.

and history books forgot about us

Shaun isn’t an idiot. He is good at connecting the dots, like he imagines the men who thought up the constellations–seeing the whole picture in the lines between the pin points of stars.                                                                                             So it’s pretty easy to figure out that Ezio is head over heels for Leonardo.             It’s a bit harder to realize he may be smitten too.

Never Have I Ever

Supernatural/AC crossover where the assassins are brothers in Desmond’s time and have commingled with the hunters. (It’s a big AU, don’t ask lol)                       They end up playing strip!Never Have I Ever, hilarity ensues.

Just Once

A modern AU set in the year 2012. Story started being written pre Revelations. After years of running from the Order, Desmond is finally discovered working at a bar in New York City. He’s reluctant to go back to being told what to do, and reluctant to leave one of his favourite surly customers, NYU history major Shaun Hastings. Altair is caught in the middle of what his Grandmaster, Al Mualim, and what his recovering partner, Malik, want from him. Ezio is just busy trying to charm as many people in Manhattan as possible. Che sorpresa!                      

Main pairing is Desmond/Shaun, with lots of Altair/Malik and some Ezio/Leonardo to top things off.

10 Things Malik Hates About Altair

Desmond Miles is new in school and he has no idea how things work, but he wants Kadar Al-Sayf and he will do anything to get him. Even have some rich idiot pay the scariest guy in the school to take out Kadar’s older brother so they can date.

Drawing Battle Lines

In a world where everybody is born submissive or Dominant, Altair struggles to find his one true place. Working as a cop in a department surrounded by Dominants doesn’t really help. When assigned to the latest case, Altair doesn’t realize yet that it will change him and his life forever. (Omega Verse shenanigans)

Writers are people so after you finished reading a fic even if it´s a one-shot or smut leave them a comment/review

I had to draw Claudia! Some time ago, in that ask about Assassin’s Creed, I said that I hadn’t any favourite girl because in what I had played so far, they barely did anything. Luckily in Brotherhood, the girls get more importance, and finally they show a little bit of  personality.

I didn’t like at all the way in which Ezio treats Claudia, and it was kinda frustrating to see Ezio behaving that way. So it was a very nice surprise to see Claudia not accepting his brother’s sillyness. Until Ezio comes to his senses, they make peace and finally, he offers her to join the order. Applause.

In a few days I’ll start Revelations, let’s see how it goes :D

5 with Jacob

Your name: submit What is this?

Before Y/N even walked into the pub, she could hear the loud voices from inside that were no doubt the Rooks and their leader. With a sigh, she pushed the door open and walked inside, eyes darting around. It seemed as if no one noticed her, though she could see why, but she was soon spotted and pointed out. Jacob, at hearing one of the Rooks call her out, immediately turned around with a wide grin plastered on his face.

“Y/N! Love, come sit and join us!” He called to her, motioning with his hand. Complying, she walked over. Only then did she realize that there wasn’t an open seat near him.

“Um.. Yes, Jacob?” She decided to stand next to him, crossing her arms as she looked down at him with a raised brow. His lips curled into a small frown before they grinned at the idea that popped in his head.

“Y’know Y/N, you can sit on my lap, if you want.” His eyelids lowered into a pleased expression as he patted his thigh a few times. Y/N wasn’t really taken back from the offer, but it did manage to make her furrow her brows. In all honesty, one could say she should have expected it from him. 

Instead of letting it get to her, she soon smiled and nodded her head before sitting down in his lap. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer, Mr. Frye.”

When she accepted it and actually sat in his lap, Jacob was more than thrilled. His arms curled around her torso and kept her close to him as he rested his head comfortably on her shoulder. “Glad I could be of service, love.”

The Rooks, at seeing this display, began loudly cheering and hollering. This caused the two to laugh, a light blush dusting Y/N’s cheeks as Jacob cheekily grinned and kissed her cheek.