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“You just earned yourself two more hours of training tomorrow by interrupting my nap, Shay.”
“How did you fell asleep on a tree anyway?
“Try training a rookie assassin who Never remember to refill his gun and you’ll know how tired I was.”
“I didn’t say it’s you.”
– Tried to create this “light coming through the leaves” kind of environment… I don’t know how does it look like but I did my best…
Special thanks to @sunsetagain for helping me with shay’s face 么么么

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Hello, dearest, You feeling okay?♡I hope so, really. Could you please share some headcanons about Modern!Jacob finding out his S/O is pregnant, but they're not married and she's afraid because he is a gangster? Have a good day♡

I’m doing alright, dear; thanks for asking. C: Just been a long day at work, so just relaxing a little bit. :D Sure, I’ll be happy to!

Pregnant S/O & Modern! Jacob Frye

  • Even if Jacob has an inheritance and does well for himself, he keeps a lot of that in savings (he was smart there). Because he rarely uses that money, he does seem like he just lives on the streets and would probably make his S/O worried at first. Upon finding out his S/O is pregnant, he would be using that money to put towards future bills (the hospital bills, doctor visits, and toys and clothes for the baby).

  • Jacob would be scared of what could happen with his S/O during her pregnancy, and because he’s fretful of that, he’ll be pretty meticulous about what doctor she goes to.

  • While he has a job down at a nearby ranch, he would get another (or work longer hours) to try and make sure he is providing for his S/O, not wishing for her to regret ending up in this situation with him.

  • They would have their fights (especially with her parents depending her age), but Jacob would do his best to make sure she is comfortable and doing well—proving to her parents as well that this isn’t a mistake of any sort.

  • Even if Jacob is a rotten cook, he would do his best to provide the dinners for her (grabbing food on his way home or ordering in).

  • He would walk with her on his off days to help her get the exercise she would need.

  • When his S/O has her emotional breakdowns over her appearance, Jacob would comfort her and remind her in many ways how beautiful she is.

  • While he would prefer her to have the child in a hospital, he could be persuaded (it would take a lot) to have an at home birth.

  • All through the pregnancy, Jacob would hardly feel ready to be a father—having emotional breakdowns in private and stressing himself out as well—until he actually holds his child for the first time.

  • It would be after their child is born and when he feels him and his S/O can manage such a big event he would propose to her, not wanting to be without his S/O or his child.
5 with Jacob

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Before Y/N even walked into the pub, she could hear the loud voices from inside that were no doubt the Rooks and their leader. With a sigh, she pushed the door open and walked inside, eyes darting around. It seemed as if no one noticed her, though she could see why, but she was soon spotted and pointed out. Jacob, at hearing one of the Rooks call her out, immediately turned around with a wide grin plastered on his face.

“Y/N! Love, come sit and join us!” He called to her, motioning with his hand. Complying, she walked over. Only then did she realize that there wasn’t an open seat near him.

“Um.. Yes, Jacob?” She decided to stand next to him, crossing her arms as she looked down at him with a raised brow. His lips curled into a small frown before they grinned at the idea that popped in his head.

“Y’know Y/N, you can sit on my lap, if you want.” His eyelids lowered into a pleased expression as he patted his thigh a few times. Y/N wasn’t really taken back from the offer, but it did manage to make her furrow her brows. In all honesty, one could say she should have expected it from him. 

Instead of letting it get to her, she soon smiled and nodded her head before sitting down in his lap. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer, Mr. Frye.”

When she accepted it and actually sat in his lap, Jacob was more than thrilled. His arms curled around her torso and kept her close to him as he rested his head comfortably on her shoulder. “Glad I could be of service, love.”

The Rooks, at seeing this display, began loudly cheering and hollering. This caused the two to laugh, a light blush dusting Y/N’s cheeks as Jacob cheekily grinned and kissed her cheek.