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happy birthday to.. me! haha uh its kind of a birthday tradition of mine to draw whatever i feel like no matter how little sense it makes lmao anyway here are yuuri and victor in kinda matchy KotOR star wars robes!! its very late!!! this is not an au dont @ me victor would never work for the jedi he is good and i trust him okay im leaving now bed time

I finally go around to finishing off the robes/clothes would look like in color! From this post I colored my robes. I wasn’t so sure what they would look like in color, but now that I look at it, it fits perfectly together! I wanted to keep the original color that I love and put it in there and decided not to keep the entire thing red-based. Hope you all like!

I’ve Made a Decision

I am going to be doing a series of artwork based off the Sisterhood of the Assassin’s Creed Fandom! 

To all the bloggers in the sisterhood! Please read this if you can! I want to be able to draw all of you in your own personalized Assassin Robes! Please listen carefully! 

Please note: YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! All I am getting out of this is the experience, I am completely ok if you do not want to participate!

Could you all submit to my blog:
1. What you look like (if you don’t want to share, please give me a description ex: hair color and style, beauty marks, etc.)
2. What your personalized Assassin Robes will look like! Please provide references and what color you would like them! (ex: if you are wearing a hood or a hat)
3. Tell me what time era you would be a part of in the Assassin’s Creed fandom (ex: Golden Age of Piracy, Renaissance, Colonial, etc.) So I can get a better perspective of the outfit!
4. How you want to be standing/holding in the final peice (see picture below)

Reason why I want to do this: I want to do this so I can hone my skills as an artist

Time I will start Sketches: As soon as I can, but I am in College, so school comes first

Time I will start Coloring: Summer break

When I will post it: Hopefully by the end of Summer/Mid-Fall. Maybe sooner if I work hard for it.

How they will end up: Something close to this

(but not with a detailed background, but will have the Assassin Symbol in background, and will be posting the sketches for your approval, but will be posting all of them at the same time in one post)

All the people that I know who are part of the sisterhood is @swiggle-muffin @emouel @babelast @idiotgangleader

For those who I did not list, please reblog this and tag the people in this so they will know also!

Hidden Feelings » Connor Kenway

Request:  I was thinking that maybe it could be a Connor Kenway reader insert. Where both the reader and Connor are in love with each other and they show it in small ways but neither of them are sure if the other really has feelings for each other. Maybe both of them try to just be friends and accidentally make each other jealous by hanging out with other people.

Pairing: Connor Kenway x Reader

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed

Words: 1759

Summary: Connor and you have yet to confess your love for each other.

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  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr can’t bear the thought of losing you. And that’s why he’ll do anything to show you that he’s the better choice in all aspects. Around the other guy, he acts like a damn peacock, sizing himself up and trying to visually intimidate him — puffing his chest out and squaring his shoulders. He’d act like a double agent when alone with you, Altaïr would start to gossip as to why you totally should stay away from that guy, giving all the valid reasons to not start a relationship with him. When alone with the poor guy, he’d come up with an excuse to talk about you and comment that you’re not available. He’s not a guy of sharing, clearly.

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Bros bros bros... I’m so excited!

SOOOO for a while now I have been thinking about dressing up at cons for fun, not just vending. And by dressing up I don’t mean cosplay, but just dressing up all cool. right?

and like, haha well! I wanted to make an outfit based off of my original character, Zalgaroth. Not dress up as him, but dress in a way that is based on the design I gave him. Plus Labradorite is literally my favorite gem stone, so why not make an outfit doing that as well! 

Here’s a picture of him, this is important!

(the chibi is more accurate on his color pallet) 

I got really excited because my friend Sierra said she’s dress up with me, where we both make outfits based on gems that we like. (not SU mind you) And she originally chose Opal and Ruby, and I chose Opalite and Labradorite, but she eventually went with carnelian instead of opal because it was cheaper and easier to find. (That’s right, we are using REAL gems in our outfits! No fake ones here! ((I know I know opalite technically isn’t a real gem. but you know what I mean))) 

So, thinking that my outfit for Labradorite wasn’t going to look really anything like my character Zal because his outfit is not something I’ve seen in real life before, I went on amazon and stuff looking at some victorian wear and LOOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!



I mean sure given there’s some little differences but it’s SOO MUCH LIKE HIM! I mean the double collar, the single wing on the bust, the “V” the the middle of the jacket, the way the end part of the tunic thing goes up and then checkers back down. THAT’S NUTS!!!! Like I’ve never seen clothes anything similar to Zal’s design other than maybe the assassins robes from Assassins Creed, and yet here it is, not Assassiny (that’s a word now) and sooo much like Zalgaroth. 


I HAD to buy it! like I had TO! woth every gosh darn penny >8U OKAY?! I was nervous about how it would fit me, even as an extra small, but once it arrived it pretty much fits me perfectly and I’m SOOO excited to add and sew teal&Blue velvet to it, and attach some of my actual labradorite to this jacket to make it like my character, and to wear it at cons. like AAHHHH I got little 6x6mm labradorite gems to fit inside the buttons and these elf ear cuffs I got and they are wonderful! They look like little droplets of water that flash blue and gold! AAHHH and it’s so fitting because of of his elements is water, (and fire) because he’s an aquatic DRAGON (he’s not a fish 8U) 

Guys I’m literally SOO excited to put this labradorite outfit together you have no idea! I thought it was going to be like a corset or some crap but this jacket literally made my YEAR with how freaking close it is to my character, a design I made literally 3 years ago! I can’t believe I found it! and it fits me! (other than the bust hohohoh I have nothing <XD) And the labradorite I have makes it look SOOO amazing!

As previously mentioned, my Labradorite outfit isn’t going to look exactly like Zal’s but this jacket sure makes it pretty close! :D  (still not sure if I’m going to do any armor.) You guys have no idea how excited I am to wear this thing, and all the love and effort I’m going to put into this outfit!!! :D 

It won’t be finished for Long Beach, but I’ll probably still wear it there! So if anyone is coming to long beach comicon, I’ll be there selling my artwork and I will be wearing this Jacket! :D it’s next month in Feb! :D 

However, I will have both my Labradorite and Opalite outfits done and be wearing them at Phoenix Comicon which I will also be selling my art at! Be sure to find me! :D 

Also here’s a idea sketch of what my Opalite outfit might look like. 

 I’m excited to dress up on my outfit of Opalite too, but I’m especially excited about my labradorite outfit because it’s so similar to my dragon baby <3.

All in all, me and Sierra are going to kick some serious butt with our pretty gemstone outfits at PCC. I can’t wait to continue working on our outfits together it’s gonna be great! XD  

Worrying for you...

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Request: Ok,thank you! Can I have a Connor x Assassin!Reader where the reader it voluptuous? (I say Assassin!Reader because I’m actually very flexible and athletic for a big girl,and I can keep up) And maybe she gets bullied by Redcoats or something and Connor comes to save the day and maybe this is where he tells her how he feels about her? Thank you Wolfing! (native-snowflake)

Type: Drabble

A/N: You are so blessed if you are able to keep up on athletic gathering; whenever I run it looks like a headless chicken is running before it collapses on the ground… I really hope you enjoy this and I apologize for the ridiculously much time it took to be made!:(-Jinx

“Oh darling, come on,” she heard a male voice call behind her, but didn’t pay attention. She was hoping the three men behind her would just leave her alone; she didn’t want to hurt anyone that night. It was just her on the road, everyone else had disappeared at the red coats’ sight.

She walked a bit faster, knowing that it would make things worse. However, she couldn’t go against her instincts, the need to run away overwhelming her. Those filthy templars had been following her for twenty minutes, after she had rejected their ‘company’ at a bar. She was just out for a drink, what was their problem? She was not even wearing her assassins robe, she was smarter than that, so what was it that got their attention?

Those questions disappeared when one of them grabbed her shoulder, pinning her to the closest wall.

“My dear, you have such a nice body…” Uh, so that was what they were thinking. Of course. He buried his face in her hair, his breathe stinking alcohol. The whole thing made the girl shiver, but it was translated in the wrong way on his behalf.

“Playing hard to get… Wanted to seduce me, huh? Well, it worked.” His one hand cupped her cheek, the other trying to stroke her attractive curves, but failing miserably. He was lust-driven, and it was obvious. She remained wordless, her mind working fast. His grip on her body had loosened, and she could stab him with the hidden blade for sure.

When she was ready to do just that, one of the two other men gagged, an arrow in his throat, before he fell on the hard ground. The female assassin knew who it was, the strong male lurking in the shadows that is, and she gritted her teeth; she never asked for his help, her pride not allowing her such a thing.

The templar that was holding her turned to the other assassin’s direction, hissing when he saw his other companion’s eyes widen, just before a knife pierced his stomach. The girl took her chance and stabbed the templar that harassed her once, her hidden blade coming out of his chest coated in crimson blood. The man let out some groans, before his body stilled at the ground and got cold, his soul perhaps trying to find his comrades in the other world.

As she cleaned the blade from the red liquid, she prepared herself for Connor’s harsh scolding, months of staying away from any kind of mission and cold attitude, but what she could have never prepared herself for was him taking her in his arms, clearly begging for some physical contact, and hugging her so tightly it hurt.

“Please tell me that he didn’t touch you in the wrong way… Please tell me that he didn’t stain your honor…” He sounded so worried that it made her heart tighten in her chest.

“No…” She whispered, as he sighed in relief, his shoulders releasing a bit of the tension they previously held. He loosened his hold on her, but just enough to give her some more room to inhale.

“Y/N…” He breathed her name, and he reached easily her forehead. He placed his lips there, his hands resting on her cheeks gently, and she knew what he was going to say before the words left his lips.

“I believe I have found myself in a situation very odd, beyond my control. I have feelings for you, Y/N, romantic ones…” He moved away from her slowly, and she reacted immediately by letting out a fit of hushed giggles, something that made him frown.

“I have noticed…”

“Oh…” His cheeks were now on fire, and he avoided looking at her.

Her own were tainted pink, blood rushing there. But she didn’t care. She smiled up at him, and stood on her tip toes, thanking her height, placing a kiss on his cheek.

“I like you too, Connor. I just needed you to say it first!” She simpered, and he cracked a shy smile for her.

“Good. I mean, excellent,” he was already very awkward and nervous, and she just shook her head as she took his hand and advised him to move. The approaching footsteps were a threat to them, soldiers that were working in the dark to serve the light.

“I suggest we head back, some people are coming here!”

He could only nod, still flustered, but he didn’t miss the chance of intertwining their fingers, his own a bit bigger that hers.

His worry was turned into something that felt a lot like happiness.

New Connor Kenway Info!

Hello there AC Fandom. Well here is a big surprise for everyone! I want you to look at something here. So a fan made a speculation on if Connor’s Assassin shirt Uniform was remnants of his grandfather’s Edward’s robes, as they look so alike, just that Connor’s shirt uniform looked faded and aged. 

Yup! Its officially canon. As seen on Alex Hutchinson’s twitter, the Creative Director of the game Assassin’s Creed 3, and by Ashraf Ismail, the Game Director of Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, they confirms this as true..

Connor inherited his grandfather’s, Edward Kenway’s Assassin robes! Now the question is how did Achilles get his hands on these robes? Well here is one strong theory right here: 

I mean Connor did learn of his grandfather of being a Pirate-Assassin from Achilles right? Makes sense the tale was told by Edward’s Quartermaster himself, Adewale not to mention that the robes were given to him on that day! It was mentioned that when Connor first were given the robes, he modified them to reflect his native heritage. 

News of this is still developing, but as of now, it is official canon! Go nuts everyone.

Broken Promises (Arno Dorian)

“Arno, Please.” I tried to make him meet my gaze with his soft brown eyes, but he couldn’t do it, which made me more worried that I already was at the moment. Arno paced around my bedroom, grabbing my attire from my armoire and tossing it into a big oak chest.He didn’t speak one word to me, he just carried on with packing my things. I stood near my bed just watching him work. Occasionally he would look at me but not me eyes.

“Arno, it doesn’t have to be this way. We can both leave Paris, just cone with me Mon ami.” I tried to talk to him and this time I had gotten a response the man.

“(Y/N), I am doing thus for the both of us and mostly to keep you safe. I can’t go with you, because the Templars will just follow me and get you. I won’t let that happen.” He finally met my face and I now wish he hadn’t. His soft brown eyes were no longer soft, but rough and cold just like his words moments ago. He stood near my bed and just stared at me before going moving on to my vanity and putting its contents in the chest.

“I’m nothing but a mere innocent woman, what would the Templars want with me?” I sounded like I was going to yell at him, but I was doing my best to hold back my tears.

“Me! They want to hurt me by hurting you and I overheard their plans. They plan to take your life!” He shouted, slamming the chest closed on the coffee table. He looked at me with anger, sadness, and guilt. “They want to take your life and I refuse to let that happen, so I’m sending you away to somewhere they won’t find you and even where I can’t find you,” his voice came down to a whisper, “With your stubbornness, you are making it harder to get you out of the city quickly and discretely as possible.”

I was silenced by his words and I couldn’t bear the fact that I was being hunted for fun in the game of the Assassins and the Templars played. Arno’s face softened when I took a seat on the edge of my mattress. He came near me and grabbed my small hands in his large ones. I couldn’t bring myself to bring my (E/C) eyes to his brown ones without feeling ashamed of my actions.

“Mon ami, don’t cry. Please stay strong for me, for the both of us.” He cupped my cheeks and used his thumbs to wipe away the tears I didn’t know I had on my cheeks. “Everything is going to be alright, I promise you. I’m going to stay in Paris and find the Templars part of the plan and end their lives before they end yours. Gerald will take you to the destination he has planned, okay?” Arno’s words were soft and gentle as he tilted my head up to make my eyes meet his gaze.

“Arno, you’ll get hurt or worse. I might never see you again, because of your foolish antics. Arno, I couldn’t go on living if I knew you were to never be at my side ever again,” My words just oozed out of my mouth, “Arno, I love you, forever and always.” A small smile appeared on his face and he leaned in and kissed me as gentle as possible with just as much passion as we would have in a love crazed kiss.

“I love you too. I promise I won’t get hurt and I’ll keep my foolish antics to a minimum,” He smiled at me then pulled my off my bed, “Come on, Gerald must be already waiting on us outside.”

I followed Arno down the stairs of my home and outside to a carriage that was waiting for me with Gerald leaning against it. He gave me a sad smile and opened up the carriage door for me. He helped me inside while Arno put my chest of belongings inside the carriage beside me. Just when Gerald was about to close the door, I told him to wait.

“Arno, can you promise me two more things before I go?” my voice sounded desperate, but at the moment I didn’t care, I just wanted to make sure Arno did two things for me, “Promise me you’ll come and find me in the next one to two years or so, try not to take long, you know how I get restless,” He chuckled at my words, “also, promise me you’ll wait for me as long as I will wait for you.” Arno smiled and grabbed my hands.

“I promise to come and find you when this is all over and I will wait for you as long as you will wait for me.” With that he kissed me one last time and stepped out of the carriage and shut the door behind him. The carriage began to move farther away from Arno’s position on the streets of Paris.  I watched with tears in my eyes as he became one with the city of Paris.


Children ran around the small village, chasing one another with smiles on their youthful faces and not a care in the world. The bottom of the girl’s dresses were picking up mud as their bare feet splashed in the  as they ran from the boys who chased them; their pursuit for the beautiful girls seemed endless as they came close to them but never touching throughout their little game. Their cheerfulness mocked me for the last four years ans I waited for Arno to find me and bring me back to Paris.

The last four years were tolerable, but I don’t know how much longer I can continue on like this. Gerald told me he would keep me updated in his letters, but after the first eight months, I stopped receiving his letters. I became very worried for Arno, that he had broken his promise to not get hurt, but I could not travel to Paris into the unknown. Gerald had paid a young man to to protect me; his name was Geoffrey Jovet. My hope for Arno to come back for me was dwindling away and during that time mine and Geoffrey’s relationship had advanced and I felt whole again, but I knew I was still not satisfied and only felt emptier.

Geoffrey had given me everything he had; his noble fortunes and all his love and affection. My love for him was real, but I knew it was not strong enough to return the sweet nothings he would whisper in my ear or to match his loving gaze that shown through his blue, clouded eyes and tell him I loved him. My heart still yearned for only one man and that man was Arno.

“Oh, (Y/N), would you like to play with us? you look deathly bored just sitting on that bail of hay.” One of the girls stopped and asked me as I gave her a gentle smile, “Oh dear no thank you, you carry on with your friends. I don’t wish to get my evening dress all muddy, which reminds me, try not to dirty your dress any more than it already is.” My words were said and the girl carried on with the game.

A pair of arms snaked around my waist as I sat up straighter. The smell of the outdoors and flowers filled my nose as my eyes closed. I leaned back into the persons embrace, knowing it was Geoffrey by his scent.

“Ma beauté, how are you this evening?” His voice was gentle, sweet, and everything it should be.

“Fine,” a sigh escaped my lips, “and you?” He paused for moment before responding.

“Me too. But may I say, you don’t sound true when you tell me you are fine. What is on your mind?” He saw through me, but I didn’t know how to break it to him that I couldn’t love him as much as I wanted to.

“Geoffrey, dear, I must say something that have been on my mind since we’ve met,” my eyes couldn’t make it to his loving gaze, “I-I can’t love you.” My words cut him deep as he stood in silence, my shame-filled (E/C) eyes finally meeting his dull blue ones.

“Amour, why do you speak such words?” His voice was broken and it had broken my little heart. “My, you must be serious. Are you?” He didn’t seem himself after I had spoken those words.

“Geoffrey, I’m sorry. I can’t love you, because another man claimed my heart and hasn’t given it back to me yet,” my mind drifted to Arno. “I was selfish to abuse your love and fool you. I never mean’t for this to happen. I am truly sorry.” Tears left my eyes as Geoffrey responded in silence.

“(Y/N), I forgive you, I knew that you were troubled, but I never bothered, because I thought I would never get this chance to be with the world’s beautiful woman,” his words sincere, “ I will be broken, but okay. Thank you for at least telling my the truth.” A small smile graced his lips and pulled me into a hug. My arms wrapped around his waist as he buried his face in my hair.


That voice stopped me dead in my tracks. It sent a cold shiver up and down my spine. My arms had fallen from Geoffrey and I slowly turned around and my heart had shattered.

Arno stood a few feet away. His assassin robes were different, they had fitted the profile of a master assassin. His beautiful facial features had aged and became more defined. His deep brown eyes looked broken and depressed as he must have seen me in the arms of Geoffrey.

“Oh, Arno!” My legs started running towards him and my arms opened to take him in my embrace. My body collided with his and I buried my face into his chest. Arno didn’t move for some moments until I felt his arms hug me closer to his body and slightly swayed in our position. Tears formed in my eyes and a sob escaped my lips. I pulled away from Arno and looked into his eyes. I quickly brought my lips to his and suddenly I felt whole again.

“(Y/N), my god, you’re just as beautiful as the years before.” His voice was gentle, but his words stirred up an unknown anger that I have had built up.

“Arno, where were you? You promised me that you would come find me in a year or so. It took you four years to find me?” My voice raised a bit and I stepped away from him, leaving his body cold without my touch. “You left me in the dark for two more years! I was worried you weren’t ever coming for me!”

“(Y/N), I had some delays but I manged to get the job done. Besides, you promised me you’ll wait for me as long as I waited for you.” His tone changed and he was no longer cheerful. His gazed drifted to Geoffrey in the back of me, and a wave of shame washed over me.

“Arno, I-I,” I was at a loss for words, not knowing how to explain my unfaithfulness to him, “You broke your promise.”

“So did you.”

In that moment, it felt like the whole world went silent; only mine and Arno’s breathing could be heard. His gaze was rough and shame filling while mine must have been seen as hurt. The slight breeze blew my hair and Arno’s robes.

“I still love you all the same, I couldn’t tell that man I loved him, because you took all my love from me when I left. My heart belongs to you, Arno.” I took a slight step towards him, but he did nothing.

“And I still love you all the same; those extra two years were to make sure no threats were to arise against you ,” He took a step forward, “(Y/N), we both have broken our promises, but I think I would like to work through them with you, if you don’t mind.” His gaze softened . He looked down at me with a worried look in his eyes as if I would say no to his simple request.

I answered him with my lips gently gracing his and my arms secured my answer when I pulled him closer to me. “Arno, I couldn’t agree more. For you ma amour, I will do anything to keep you. We can fix this, I promise.”

The journey back to Paris was long, but bearable as it was graced with a beautiful silence. I spent the carriage ride in Arno’s arms where I belonged.

***** I finished the imagine!!!! I hope you guys liked it. I am doing my best to keep going on these, but I am at a loss at who I should try to write next. I am currently playing syndicate and I know Jacob and Evie Frye along with a little of Henry Green. Tell me who you think I should do next!:)*****

40 with Altair

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey, Alty.”

“Don’t call me ‘Alty’, Y/N.”

“Okay, grumpy. Guess what, though.”

“Is this another one of your jokes? It’s getting old-” Altair sighed, but was cut off. 

“Why was six afraid of seven?” Y/N asked, interrupting the Master Assassin.


“Why. Was. Six. Afraid. Of. Seven.” She repeated slowly this time, her face hardening at having to repeat herself.

Altair sighed again, more annoyed this time before responding, “Why?” Y/N grinned and bit her lip to hold back a giggle.

“Because seven ate nine.” She said quietly.

“What?” He looked at her with furrowed brows.

“Seven ATE nine. Get it? Like, seven, eight, nine.” She laughed, a wide smile on her face. Needless to say, Altair looked very unamused.

“That was worse than your other jokes.”


That was two days ago. Since, and even before then, Y/N had been trying to get a laugh out of the too serious assassin. All her plans had sadly failed. Y/N had one last trick up her sleeve, and she was sure of it to succeed. 

Y/N was currently dressed in Altair’s assassin robes, looking over herself and checking to make sure everything looked good. Her plan was to wait until he came in to look for his robes, and then she would impersonate him. 

“Hey, Y/N? Have you seen my-” Altair had walked in as planned, and stopped himself once he saw her. His brows were raised, a confused and surprised look on his face.

“I am Altair Ibn La Ahad. I am the Master Assassin!” Y/N began her impersonation once she saw him, speaking in a deep voice to match his. “I am the greatest! And not a novice like Malik always says!”

A small, almost inaudible chuckle passed Altair’s lips as the corner of his mouth twitched up into a smile. It was a rare sight that made Y/N’s eyes widen. 

“I will admit… Out of all your tries to get me to laugh, this has to be the best one.” He spoke, walking closer to her with that smile still on his face.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” She asked slowly, a grin of her own forming on her face as she looked up at him. Altair rolled his eyes playfully before wrapping his arms around her. 

“You just might be in another universe.. Or you may have found a sense of humor.” He replied sardonically, his smile growing a bit. Y/N laughed and grinned, her arms wrapping around his neck. 

“I think you’ve finally found yours.”


A shiver ripped through the small body of the tiny Assassin. Not being accustomed to the cold was taking its toll on her. The black Assassins robes did nothing for warding off the chill.

Mikah had needed to find a new Order to join when her small Order was disbanded by Templars and more Elders than able bodied. With her small size, she had been used as a thief and undercover typed stuff. It was amazing how people thought kids never paid attention.

The young woman heard the Order in Paris was large and having known the language, she figured it would be the best fit but currently…she was lost with only a general location and the name Arno.

It was much larger in person than on the map she held in her hands. A small bag with some clothes and information on Templars that had been targets with her Order that moved to Paris…she hoped it would help but right now…she needed to find them. Her Eagle Vision wasn’t much help so Mikah wandered around until she came upon a Cafe.

Her stomach growled loudly and she flinched at the pain before slipping inside and moving toward the fireplace. The warmth made her sigh and she sat at the table in front of the fire, staring at her map and tensing when someone walked up to her.

A small throwing knife was pulled from her side as she watched his boots move closer.

What an Animess- Chapter 1(?)

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A/N: Trying something new with an idea that’s always been super interesting to me! I hope you enjoy this and if you guys want more, I’d be willing to make it a multiple chapter story! But for now, enjoy this little whatever-it-is!

“Hey, Initiate! Ready for your first real experience in the Animus?”

You nodded shakily. You had sided with the Assassins a few weeks ago, and now you were finally going to participate in delving into the memories of past assassins. You were nervous, obviously; you had heard of all the cognitive damage that could happen, but you were going to put your trust in Bishop, Rebecca, and Shaun nonetheless. The Animus had evolved slightly from a bulky table to a smaller device that could be fitted around the participant with relative comfort. You got yourself settled, mentally preparing yourself for whatever memory that was soon to be loaded.
There was silence for a minute, and worry began creeping up on you.
“Rebecca, something’s wrong. The memory won’t load.”
Bishop’s voice was laced with concern, but Rebecca didn’t seem fazed.
“I got it; I’ve been at this for a while, it’s nothing new.”
“Just so long as you don’t turn our Initiate friends’ brain to mush.” Shaun added.
“Hey, I didn’t hurt Desmond when we loaded memories… Or at least…” Rebecca trailed off.
“Except that one time where he fell into a coma for how long?”
“I didn’t do that.” The engineer defended herself.
“Either way, he’s gone. Just focus on this initiate.” Shaun seemed to discard the topic, and asked Bishop, “Now, where and when exactly is this memory taking place?”
“It takes place during Alexander the Great’s reign, and we’ll be following the assassin Iltani herself!” Bishop answered excitedly. Shaun nodded, “Yes, the Babylonian one, right? Well, let’s not waste anymore time. Time is not on our side, as usual.”
Rebecca began working on loading the memory, but after a few minutes, she let out a frustrated, “This isn’t right, it should be loading but it’s not!”
“I thought you were the expert.” Shaun commented dryly.
“It should be loading, but it keeps saying “File storage at capacity.”
Bishop made a disapproving noise, “That can’t be right, there shouldn’t even be anything in that file. Here, let me try- Oh, shit.”
Oh shit.
“What, what’s happening?” Shaun asked, his voice now genuinely concerned.
“Rebecca, get the Initiate out of the Animus! It's… It's… I don’t know, it’s…”
File Merge Complete.
“Hold on, Initiate! Just, stay conscious… Come on… No! Shaun! Help me out here!”
Shaun rushed to the other side of you, “What happened?”
The last thing you remember hearing was Rebecca saying “The memory files… They… merged. ALL of them, right up to the Modern era memories…” and Shaun muttering a “Shit…”

Altair felt himself slipping into death’s embrace. He had lived a long life, filled with experiences that gave him wisdom and allowed him to truly help the Brotherhood. He closed his eyes, knowing that soon his life would fade and he would pass away. But something just felt… Wrong. This was how it was supposed to go, yet he felt something pulling at him. Suddenly, a large noise in front of him forced his eyes to crack open. Something had appeared before him. A hole, a rift, something. It wasn’t supposed to be there. He tried to move, but he was too old and weak now to resist the pull of the vortex. He was drawn closer, and suddenly, he was inside it.

He was no longer in the library, that he knew for sure. He felt his bones gain strength, his vision sharpen, he felt like time was reversing, that he was becoming younger. Suddenly, the vortex spit him out just outside Masyaf. But Masyaf was different. It looked like it did when he was younger… But how…?

“Altair! Altair!” A recruit called to him, running up in frenzied haste, “Altair! There's… It's…”
“What is it? What’s happening?” Altair demanded, stopping himself when he heard his voice. Taking a quick glance down, he found he was wearing his old assassin robes.
“No time to explain, even if I could! There are holes tearing open the sky! Follow me! There is one just outside the village!” The recruit took off toward the entrance, and Altair followed quickly behind, feeling an energy and strength in his body that he had not experienced since his youth. “What sorcery is this…” He mumbled to himself in confusion. Was this some divine will? Was he given a second chance to right his mistakes before he made them? He pondered these questions as he sprinted silently behind the frantic recruit.
The village was in a panic. Crowds of people screamed and ran towards any shelter they could find. “The sky is splitting at the seams! The end is upon us!” Screeched a terrified woman, clutching a child and running toward the fortress. Weaving through the masses, Altair had to keep a close eye on the recruit leading him, hoping he wouldn’t vanish in the group. Soon enough, he was no longer being jostled by scared civilians, and he could see clearly the assassin again. “We are nearly there, see it? Up there, by that ledge. Come on, we need to find out if we can stop this madness!”

For a minute they ran, their feet hitting the ground being the only sound between them. Altair tried to think of what in the world he could do to even try to stop the chaos. They were beneath it now, and the vortex was about fifty feet in the air. Altair did not feel the pull like he did in the library, but he cautioned the assassins that had gathered there to keep away from it.
“What do we do? Altair, you knew of the Apple of Eden, do you know how to stop this?” An assassin asked, turning to face Altair.
“Maybe the hole was caused by the Apple! We should get rid of it!” Another piped up.
“Altair! We could use it to close it, perhaps? Maybe we should use its power-”
Enough!” Altair silenced them, “The Apple did not cause this. I don’t know what did, but the Apple would be useless.”

As if to prove his point, the vortex quivered a bit and seemed to grow slightly larger. This scared some of the less experienced assassins into fleeing back to Masyaf, and forced many to step back. “Altair, we have to do something! Anything! It could swallow the world!”
“Panicking won’t help. We should just-” Altair was cut off by a cry, “Look! Something is inside of it!”

It was true. A dark figure appeared to be nearing the outside, although it seemed off balance, as if it were falling. Altair and the remaining assassins took another step back, and waited to see what happened. There were a few moments of eerie quiet, and then…
The dark figure screamed as it fell out of the hole and into a stack of hay.

“Run! Demons are falling from the sky!”
All the Assassins fled except Altair, who readied his blade for whatever was in the hay. The hay moved, and Altair felt his muscles tense, and then…

Dios mio… Where am I?”

Altair’s eyes narrowed as a man popped his head out, his brown hair covered in bits of hay.
“I… wait… you’re…”

Altair approached the man- or perhaps, boy, as he appeared to be very young- with a confused face, “Who are you?” He demanded with a growl.

“Ezio Auditore da Firenze. And you’re Altair!”
“I am… how do you know my name?”

Ezio’s eyes were wide in disbelief, “I watched you through your memories. You died in the library in Masyaf…”

“I was about to. But then I was pulled through a rift and ended up here. I believe it reversed time and made me young again.”
“That is similar to what happened to me. I was sitting by myself in a market… and then… some great big… thing showed up and I fell. Now I’m here, in Masyaf. It’s a lot nicer here then when I came to find you.”
“When you what?”

“I was led to the library through your memories. You were just bones and robes though… How are we standing here, together, alive?”
Altair was quiet as he pondered his options, “By your accent, you were not born here. By your clothes, you weren’t born in our time, either. Whenever you were born, you ended up here, now.”
“I’m not supposed to even be born until 300 years from now.” Ezio added, “That means those rifts are changing time.”
“Putting people in places they were never meant to be.”

“Lucky for us, I was the only one who fell through. At least I’ve had experience with this sort of thing. Not… the holes in the sky part, just the supernatural phenomenon part.”
Altair raised an eyebrow, “Do you?” He asked, suspicion in his voice.

“It seems to be a common theme when you are an Assassin.” Ezio chuckled.

“Ah, so you’re an Assassin. That might explain why you know me, then.”

“Maybe the rifts are just changing certain points in time, rather than all of it.”
“That’s not very comforting.”
“But it’s better than having to deal with all of time being torn apart.”
“Yes,” Altair agreed dryly, “Luckily we only have to deal with part of time being destroyed.”
“I’ll take that over the alternative any other day.”

Altair turned as he heard the sound of hooves hitting the ground. In a few seconds, they were surrounded by Templars.

“I knew that the holes in the sky were caused by your meddling in things that aren’t your business,” one shouted, “The Assassins have always favored chaos for ‘the greater good’. Is this ‘good’, Assassin?”

Altair rolled his eyes, “We had no part in this mess, and the Assassins favor peace!”

Ezio placed his hand on his sword, anticipating a fight.

“We all know that to be false! Why is your Brotherhood built on the bones of Templars and those caught in the crossfire, then? Why are all Assassins taught in the art of murder if you value peace? You’re all hypocrites and heretics, and you shall die a heretic’s death!”  

“You’d better know how to fight.” Altair hissed at Ezio, who smirked, “Fortunately, I do.”

Swords clashed as the two Assassins fought the Templars together, Altair’s knowledge of the Templar fighting style allowing him to anticipate his opponent’s moves while Ezio’s futuristic sword fighting style made him superior over the soldiers. Together, they took on Templar after Templar, until one managed to trip Ezio.

Laying on his back, Ezio had to think quick. He scooped up some sand and threw it at the Templar. It hit the helmet and fell to the ground.

“Heh, is that the best you have, Assassin?”

“No, but this comes close.” Ezio readied his Hidden Gun and fired right into the guard’s chest. The Templar gasped, and fell to the ground, dead.

“Impressive,” Altair commented, “The Hidden Gun exists three centuries after it was developed.”
“Recognize the design? It was taken from your Codex.”

“I see…”

The two stood in silence, looking up at the rift. Ezio paced back and forth, “I think we should go up that ledge and investigate it.”

“It’ll pull you in if you get too close. That’s why we’re both here.” Altair reminded him.

“I know, but we won’t fix anything if we just stare at it.” Ezio began heading up the ledge, intent on getting a closer look. Altair, with a begrudging sigh, followed after him, climbing up the side while grumbling “reckless boy”.

Standing above the rift, Ezio peered down in cautious curiosity. He felt the inexplicable urge to jump in, but he controlled himself as Altair joined him. “I can almost feel it calling to me. Do you feel it too?” Ezio asked.

“Yes. The feeling of wanting to jump in to see what is on the other side? We must ignore it. We don’t know what’s on the other side.”

“Home is on the other side…”
“We don’t know that. You might have come from that side, but it may lead us to somewhere else entirely.”
“I am not going to stand by and assume this mess will sort itself out. If you go somewhere, I’m going as well.”

“Whatever you say, Master Assassin. I’m going back home.”

And with that, Ezio leaped off the ledge, falling into the rift and disappearing. “Ezio, wait!” Altair shouted, but it was too late. Groaning, Altair jumped off after the young Assassin, also disappearing in the rift.

Tumbling out onto the ground, Altair groaned again as he stood up, looking at his surroundings. A large building was in front of him, a courtyard behind him, and a town surrounded by a large wall beyond that.
“Where am I?”

“Altair,” Ezio was smiling when Altair turned to face him,

“Welcome to Monteriggioni.”