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A important question
  • Person: what is fanfiction?
  • Me: well...
  • F is fans who write them together
  • A is for author
  • N is for never being safe at work
  • F is for fiction which we want to be real
  • I is for insert reader
  • C is for couples who we like to ship
  • T is for tops who we like to call semes
  • I is for Internet which we all use to post on
  • O is for openly gay ships
  • And
  • N is for anyone who ever joins a fandom and wants to read some good old fluff!
  • Person: *walks away slowly*
i feel like all my favorite fandoms are dying, dead, or turned to shit

Ok, I know I didn’t finish that other picture of Shay, but I couldn’t help it I drew him looking like a Disney prince or at least someone told me he does look like one. Imagine Shay as a Disney prince. I’m going to try finishing this drawing first than the other.

I believe this is exactly what Roman wanted, even if he did not know it. He has a history with little red and he appreciates her potential as a hero. He has been painted into a corner, part of him see’s the power of Cinder and knows he can’t fight that great force. But he sees Ruby’s heart and knows she will never settle until the world is saved because that is who she is. The only thing he could ask for is if in the end Neo is safe. He wanted out of this conflict and this was his only way.

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I really REALLY love this character, If Ubisoft ever makes a game sequel with Shay…Well let’s just say I’d never complain about them again. LOL. Anyways, he’s my new drawing phase. It’s a pretty big drawing, Haven’t done one on the computer in a long time.