assassin olympics

Au mothership

All the time I’m thinking of new au’s for all types of ships or no ships, but either I’m super shy and anxious to type out my ideas or I just never really find a lot of time to expand on them.
So I’m gonna make something of a table of contents, with all of my au’s. if any of you want to hear more about a particular one, or wish to expand on one, or even write/draw about one, I would be ecstatic to see them! So, anyways, I hope you like them!

Please tell me if you want to hear about any of these, just send me a ask!

•Icarus au
•Greek gods au (aka hades and Persephone au)
•fish and the fisherman’s son au
•Olympic au
•assassin au
• double date au
•seals au
•android au
•pirate au
•cop and robber au
•shapeshifter au(aka they catboy au, bc why not)

LALLURA/ALLURANCE (I still have no idea which one to use):
•soulmate au
•the prince and the pauper au
•aka the akagame no shiriukihime au
•vitiligo au
•dance au
•physical therapy au (can be platonic)
•YouTuber au
•accidental boyfriend au

•Olympic au (same one as shance)
•double date au (same one as shance)
•demon au
•witch au
•high school au
•gym au
•tattoo shop au
•horse stables au

•partners in crime au
•centaur au
•study buddies au