assassin au


Assassin AU where Lovina is paid to do ‘dirty work’ in order to keep her brother alive and to keep her missing grandfather’s enemies at bay. Feliciano makes sure she never gets caught by detective Carriedo (who is glued to her case), but Ludwig, an aspiring detective joins in the mess, suspicious about the always smiling italian and wanting to crack the case of his missing childhood friend with the beautiful warm eyes.

Assassin AUs

1.      ‘Wait, you’ve been hired to killthis guy too?!’ AU

2.      ‘My apologies, upon closer inspection it turns out that you are not the person I was hired to kill.’ AU

3.      ‘I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to kill you yet but first, either way, what did you DO to piss off the Canadians so badly.’ AU

4.      ‘They never told me the target was also a trained killer. Did they tell you?’ AU

5.      ‘I’m meant to kill you but I’ve been watching you for a week to work out how and you’re just too nice.’ AU

6.      ‘I’m intrigued; the last three attempts on my life were much better funded and prepared.’ AU

7.      ‘All my intel said you’re not meant to be back until next week and I’m sitting here using your flat as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy. This is awkward.’ AU

8.      ‘I can only assume we’re both missing part of the story here because that was supposed to kill you.’ AU

9.      ‘Dude, you just shot my arm off. Do they not hire assassins with an aim anymore?’ AU

10.  ‘Explain to me one more time, why exactly are you so desperate to buy this much Ricin?’ AU

11.  ‘So let me get this straight. You nuked my entire home city and you still didn’t manage to kill me?’ AU

12.  ‘Dude, no. If you kill me that just leaves you, the crazy guy and the CAT!’ AU

13.  ‘I don’t know who you are or how you got in here but I need you to give back at least some of the armoury.’ AU

14.  ‘Having drawn the short straw I’m the guy who has to explain to you why we can’t take out a hit on an entire landmass.’ AU

15.  ‘Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot back there but we are literally the only two people on this boat who are not assassins, so…’ AU


‘kay i wanted to do this a long ago<3 however, this is just a test~ i want to improve it a lot! But later~ and i wish i could have an assassin!AU Team. It’d be perfect omg yes hahaha i’ll keep wishing that ;u;

Hope you like it and just wait for the new photos of the impoved one~ <3

Me as dark shephard (Rolf) from EEnE Assassin!AU By the awesome c2ndy2c1d.

phanandtrashstuff  asked:

Hey guys! (Psst hey karrisa) I was just wondering if I could request some rival assassin aus? (Could end with smut, fluff or tragedy)

Absolutely! (and hey! It’s been a while lol)

  • It’s pretty much a competition to see who has the most kills, and the higher profile of the target the more points you get. we’re always neck and neck and i’m determined to win
  • Same as above except i’m a few below you and how on earth are you the top member?? you’re so bubbly??
  • we’re doing competing prices to get this guy. I want to kill him for personal reasons, but why do YOU want to kill him?
  • We both show up to a discreet doctor’s office at the same time, needing help, but it’s YOU the one who stole my target a few days ago!
  • You’re a picky assassin, only taking on certain targets, but how on earth are you still in business? what kind of prices are you charging?
  • We’re the only two assassins in the region we’re in, and we’ve both heard of each other but never seen each other, but we want to take the other out to have a monopoly over the area

I hope these help you and that you’re having a nice day!