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Citizens of Jackdaw
Edward Kenway/Adéwalé
Citizens of Jackdaw

Edward: So what’ll you do with your Share of the Gold we take from Governor Torres? Return to Africa? Prince among Men?

Adéwalé: I cannot return to a Place I have never been. I was born in Trinidad, a Slave from my first Breath.

Edward: Ah. But wouldn’t you feel… I don’t know… More welcome there?

Adéwalé: As you might feel more welcome in Paris?

Edward: Fair Point.

Adéwalé: With this Skin and this Voice, where can I go in the World and feel at Ease? This Country here is my best Chance. This Country called Jackdaw, where I know the Names of all Citizens, and they know Mine, and we work together. Not always out of Love, but to keep our Country afloat.

Edward: I think I understand ye. Let’s take her, then. For the Citizens of Jackdaw!


“Ezio & Caterina” - Jesper Kyd from the Assassin’s Creed: The Best of Jesper Kyd album

(Previously labeled “Cristina” before official release)


Peter Capaldi tribute - That’s Life

Tribute to the life and career of Peter Capaldi.  

Not my usual tribute.  I blame the BBC.  At the end of the 9th series they made the 12th my favorite Doctor, The Husbands of River Song sealed the deal, and then they went and left me with no new Doctor Who for a whole year.  I spent 2016 mining Peter Capaldi’s past filmography.  He has had a remarkable career and is a remarkable actor.  This is one of the few times I’ve become a fan of an actor rather than a character or show and I am looking forward to seeing what he does next.

Song: That’s Life
Performer: Frank Sinatra
Writers: Dean Kay, Kelly Gordon

This was just done for fun, no copyright infringement is intended.
There are so many different movies and shows I’ve taken clips from I have no idea who has the rights to them.  I hope nobody minds that I’ve used them for this little tribute (considering how few views I get, it really shouldn’t matter).  Thanks much.

0:00  Letters Live (2016)
0:02  The News at Bedtime (promo photo) (2009)
0:03  The Singing Cactus (2005)
0:04  Hotel! (2001)
0:05  Psychos-S1E6 (1999)
0:06  Soft Top, Hard Shoulder (1993)
0:07  Stay Lucky-S4E2-The Driving Instructor (1993)
0:08  The Treasure Seekers (1996)
0:09  Titmuss Regained (1991)
0:10  Minder-S6E2-Life in the Fast Food Lane (1985)
0:11-0:19 Local Hero (1983)
0:20  Crown Court-S13E33-Big Deal (1984)
0:23  Travelling Man-S2E6-Blow Up (1985)
0:26-0:30 The Lair of the White Worm (1988)
0:31  The Ruth Rendell Mysteries-S4E1-3-Some Lie and Some Die (1990)
0:38-0:51 Soft Top, Hard Shoulder (1993)
0:52  Prime Suspect 3 (1993)
0:58  Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life (writer and director) (1994)
1:01 Academy acceptance speech (1995)
1:03-1:04 Dangerous Liaisons (1988)
1:04 Lost For Words (1996)
1:05 Shadow of the Noose-S1E7-The Camden Town Murder (1989)
1:06 The Vicar of Dibley - Christmas special (1996)
1:08 Mr Wakefield’s Crusade (1992)
1:09 Neverwhere (1996)
1:11 The Greatest Store in the World (1999)
1:13-1:16 The Crow Road (1996)
1:17 The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling (1997)
1:24 Fortysomething (2003)
1:27 Shotgun Dave Rides East (2003)
1:31-1:33 In Deep-S3E7/8-Character Assassins (2003)
1:34 Judge John Deed-S3E3-Conspiracy (2003)
1:37 Niceland (2004)
1:40-1:54 The Thick of It (2005, 2009)
1:56 Torchwood: Children of Earth (2009)
1:56 Skins-S2E3-Sid (2008)
1:57 Waking the Dead-S6E5/6-The Fall (2007)
1:58 The Field of Blood-S1 (2011)
1:59 Accused-S1E3-Helen’s Story (2010)
2:00 The Devil’s Whore (2008)
2:03 The Cricklewood Greats (2012)
2:04 Inside the Mind of Leonardo (2013)
2:07 The Musketeers (2014)
2:09-2:13 The Hour-S2 (2012)
2:15 Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor (2013)
2:21 Doctor Who-The Time of the Doctor (2013)
2:25 The Graham Norton Show-S16E1 (2014)
2:28 Peter Capaldi at Wizard World, Minneapolis (2017)
2:34 Doctor Who-S8E4-Listen (2014)
2:39 DWWorldTour-South Korea (2014)
2:45 Doctor Who-S10E6-Extremis (2017)
2:51 Doctor Who-S10E12-The Doctor Falls (2017)
2:54 SDCC Imdb boat (2017)
2:56 Inside the Mind of Leonardo (2013)


Wonderful tribute video for Peter! Love how each portion of the video is given a description of the show or film. That really helps!