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Things I Learned from Assassin's Creed...

Altaïr: Some times you do not get to see the fruits of your labors but you have to entrust that those you love and leave behind will carry out your name and legacy. In Altaïr’s case, he left a great legacy to follow don’t you think?

Malik: Its okay to be grumpy, freedom of expression. Just remember that your grumpiness and sass better keep those you’re close to in line by reminding them they can’t get away with whatever they want.

Ezio: You can’t prepare for how much life will take away from you. What you can do is work that much harder to grow and love more people, with the memory of those you lost in your heart. You fall in love more than once.

Edward: The greatest treasure in life isn’t found on some deserted island, or on a rich cargo ship, or in the heated blaze of glory. But it IS worth fighting for. At the end of the day, remember those who have fought and died with you.

Adewale: You can spend your whole life fighting for freedom, it’s okay. Find yourself a noble cause and stick to it. Be warned, you might find yourself incredibly alone though…

Haytham: Family isn’t perfect. We are not perfect. We are not our parents. We do not have to let the ghosts of our pasts haunt our actions. We can make our own choices and fix the problems in the world the way we see fit.

Connor: Sometimes you are given a great burden to shoulder alone yet you are also given little to no support to start off with. That doesn’t mean you stop fighting for what’s right. Family doesn’t stop with blood.

Arno: Revolution isn’t just a change of government or publicized thinking. It’s a change of temperament, a change of heart, a period of growth. No soul comes out of a war unscathed or without having lost something dear to them.

Shay: Stand against what you believe to be wrong, even if you must leave family and friends behind. In the end, you must be able to live with the choices you’ve made, no one else’s opinions matter.

Evie: We have people we look up to, and while it’s admirable to strive to be like them, we can’t. We must be our own person and love, and fight, and live to our fullest capacity. Little brothers need constant supervision.

Jacob: Sometimes you have to be a little rough to get the results you want. Be comfortable in your own skin, love who you want, talk the way you want, walk the way you want. And always have a killer top hat on hand.

Desmond: Your ancestors can cast a big shadow over you, but that’s not their purpose. Their pasts should teach you humbling truths and help you make the big decisions in life, no matter how unprepared you feel. This is YOUR life - live it the way you see fit.

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The @AssassinsCreedMovie New York premiere is next week too!

Stunning photo by John Russo

S   T   R   A   Y

[ An ongoing ‘Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate’ story by Span and QyGuex ]

[ Master Post Located Here ]

C H A P T E R  T W O |

London, 1869, moments later |

Evie stared in disbelief as her brother stood before her.
Her own brother whom had been missing for three months… he was here.

”Jacob… is it really you?

He attacked her. He nearly killed her. He tried to kill her!

“… killed-”, she muttered to herself, “-wait-! Jacob! Have you been the one slaughtering innocents?! You’ve been breaking our Creed?!-”

What was she saying? How was that the first thing that came to her mind? The Creed?! This was her brother… her twin brother; who had been missing for three months up until this very moment. How could she have been so blind? She stayed firm to her orders instead of searching for her own brother.

Jacob… I’m-”

Jacob turned fully to her and roared from deep within his chest. With his mouth parted, it glowed as if fire inhabited him. Steam, mimicking smoke, bellowed from his very bowels. It made Evie recoil slightly and shiver from head to toe. She brought her arm up to brace for what she expected would be an attack.

Yet, nothing had happened.

There was just silence. Evie Frye lowered her arm slightly and saw that Jacob had up and vanished. She didn’t even hear him leave. Did she imagine it all?

”How did he-”

Henry and a group of weathered Rooks came running into the alleyway; their breath precipitated in the cool, London air.

“Are you alright? Why, you’re pale as a ghost!” Henry said, putting his hand to her face to feel how clammy it was from her sweating. “The Rooks told me about your fight on the rooftops…” Henry looked down to see that her arm was bracing her side; blood glistened against the dark fabric of her cloak.

She was injured.

“You’re hurt. We need to get you to hospital.” He put his hand to her shoulder, trying to walk her out of the alleyway - but she gently brushed it off.

No,” Evie spoke shortly, turning to look back to where Jacob was, then her vision trailed to the roof tops. “The creature I fought… it’s the one responsible for all of the murders… Henry, it’s-”

Mr. Green! Miss. Evie!”, another Rook shouted, leaning around the corner of the alleyway. “The beast! It’s done it e‘gain! E’nother one dead! Just a’tta round-about on St. Ive’s Street!”

“We’ll go ascertain it… Miss. Evie,” Henry spoke quickly, his heated breath clouding in the cool air, “-you go with Caleb, he will-”

No, Henry! You don’t- … . . I have to see what it did.” Her eyes were adamant. Strong. She was hiding something, Henry could tell; but with that ‘Frye determination’ radiating off of her, he couldn’t say no.

“Alright, Miss. Frye. Let’s go.”

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What if Prometheus is punishing Oliver for choosing vigilantism as the method to save the City?

Well, I think we could agree that vigilantism was not the way Robert expected Oliver to “right his wrongs”

Even more now that we found out in episode 100 that Robert was about to be sworn Mayor. I could bet, that Robert expected Oliver to save the city becoming a public servant and not becoming the killer like he was in Season 1.

If we recalled correctly, the book with the list was written with invisible ink, an old technique used by the League of Assassins. I always assumed that the list was written by Malcolm, but all the references to Robert and even the Arrow Wiki mentioned Oliver’s dad as the author.

So, what if Robert wrote it with the help of the League?…What was his relationship with them?

…Was Prometheus  sent by the League to punish Oliver for choosing vigilantism instead of public service?

It’s worth recalling that the League has some “moral code” , the same that did not approve of Malcolm’s extreme solution for The Glades

Also, how Moira got in contact with the Ra’s…The League is supposed to be a super-secret organization…

We know too that Robert wanted to go to Asia on the Gambit to ask for help there (Nanda Parbat?) to stop Malcolm’s plans to destroy The Glades.

I see a connection between Robert and the League…or maybe even with Talia al Ghul.

What do you think? I’m sure we’ll get more information tonight

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