Can we all take a moment and appreciate this scene. 


I couldn’t decide which to post so you get all 4

Assassin!Haytham and Ratonhnhaké:ton ♥

AU in which Edward saved his family from the flames instead of dying. Haytham was raised as an Assassin until he was sent to the Royal Navy as a teenager. [I did a drawing of how I imagine young Lieutenant Kenway =)]
Later he became a full-time Assassin when Edward fell ill. He went to the Americas to help Adéwalé build an Assassin fleet.
He raises and trains his son later on bc Ziio never sent him away bc he isn’t a Templar.
Ratonhnhaké:ton is daddy’s little boy and is so fucking proud every time Haytham praises him.

All in all they’re an INSANELY HAPPY murderous family >___<