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So, basically my new obsession is Aguilar/Victor and Max/Callum. I don’t care if this doesn’t take place in the same time though. I merely think that Aguilar and Victor would be a great choice for the assassin and the templar.
This could be seen as a Cherik AU as well though I’d say that the character traits remain those of the original characters. Thank you very much. :D
Anyway, the basic idea is that Max and Callum are both part of the Animus project run by Abstergo Industries. (Game or Movie, I’m fine with both). Max’ ancestor would be Victor von Frankenstein, a templar and as we all know Callum’s ancestor would be Aguilar de Nehar, the assassin.
Basically, this is my new obession and my new ship. ♥ And there’s nothing you can do!
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