assad chemical weapons

Assad has used chemical weapons on his people once again!
Over 100 civilians, including tens of children were killed by Chlorine/Sarin Gas in #Khan_Shaykhon ( Idlib). They’ve breathed death…

Is there anything more evil than gassing people, including children, to death - then bombing the hospital treating the survivors?
#Idlib #chemical_attack #خان_شيخون

Pray for Syria.
Stop the killing.
Protest peacefully.
Sign a petition to urge your government to save the people.
Don’t just set and watch.

* This video contains graphic content.

Sean Spicer’s erasure of the Nazis’ use of chemical and biological weaponry - and with it, the legacy of the genocide perpetrated against European Jews - was not a ‘gaffe’ or an ‘awkward moment’. It’s a symptom of the detachment of Trump’s far-right inner circle from reality - where Holocaust denial and Breitbart ‘fake news’ overlap in the White House’s dank backrooms.

I’ve written extensively elsewhere about how Trump is not a fascist - irrespective of his wannabe-Führer posturing - but Spicer’s bizarre mental gymnastics demonstrate the extent to which Trump’s senior team are tolerant of, and permeated by, those with neo-Nazi and 'alt-right’ sympathies. Trump has not so much drained the swamp as ushered the pondlife into special advisor roles.

“It was the United States who used advanced chemical weapons in Syria. Your tax money literally goes to fund chemical weapons, agent orange and terrorist groups. They are trying to kill Syrians and make Assad look evil so we can puppet the country and build oil pipelines for Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Remember that we fund ISIS, we are allies with Saudi Arabia and we are pushing for pipeline projects now more than ever - we are the terrorists. We are the terror. We are the United States.” - Andy Hart of @wearethemediatv (Instagram)


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The World According to Trump

The starkest difference between dictatorships and democracies is that democracies are ruled by laws, and dictatorships are ruled by dictators.

The “rule of law,” as it’s often referred to, stands for laws that emerge from a process responsive to the majority, that are consistently applied, and are applicable to everyone regardless of their position or power.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand this. Within a matter of days, Trump has bombed Syria and a group of fighters in eastern Afghanistan.

On April 12, Trump authorized the Pentagon to drop a 22,000-pound GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) on people described as “Islamic State forces” in eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistani border.

It’s the first time this bomb – nicknamed the “mother of all bombs,” and the largest air-dropped munition in the U.S. military’s inventory – has ever been used in a combat.

It’s the largest explosive device America has utilized since dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. (By comparison, U.S. aircraft commonly drop bombs that weigh between 250 to 2,000 pounds.)

Why, exactly? It’s not clear. And what was Trump’s authority to do this? Even less clear.

We still don’t know exactly why Trump bombed Syria. He said it was because Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, used chemical weapons on innocent civilians, including children.

But it wasn’t the first time Assad had used chemical weapons. When he did in 2013, Trump counseled against bombing Syria in response.

And where did Trump get the authority to bomb Syria? Assad is a vicious dictator who does terrible things to his people. But U.S. law doesn’t authorize presidents to go to war against vicious dictators who do terrible things to their people.

The Constitution leaves it up to Congress, not the president, to declare war.

In 2014, President Barack Obama began hostilities against the Islamic State, arguing that Congress’s approval of George W. Bush’s wars against Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2002 provided him sufficient to authority.

Well, maybe. But there’s no way Trump can rely on Congress’s approval of these wars to bomb Syria.

And it’s a stretch to argue that a group claiming or alleged to be connected to ISIS, but located in eastern Afghanistan far away from where ISIS is attempting to establish an Islamic State, is the same as the Islamic State.

In a democracy, the rule of law means that we the people are supposed to be in charge, through our elected representatives in Congress.

It can be a heavy responsibility. It is especially weighty when it comes to warfare, to the destruction and annihilation of human beings.

As Commander-in-Chief, a president is empowered to manage the military might of the nation. But he is not empowered to initiate warfare on his own. That’s our job. 

The world according to Trump is becoming increasingly dangerous, in part because we are not doing our job. 

I can’t believe the Assadist arguments I am seeing. Apparently just because it apparently doesn’t “make sense” that Assad will use chemical weapons against his own people, it couldn’t have happened. That is literally used to denounce well-known facts. That shitty argument is being used unironically. Imagine that.
Sweetie, genocidal dictators are not meant to make any logical sense in the first place. Their main aim is “remove all dissent and go”. THAT is their military tactic, honey.
I’m sick and tired of all those individuals who just treat this as some heated debate. I feel this heavy feeling in my chest like “damn, imagine if my great grandad did not move from Syria and I ended up being born and bred in Syria, and those very same people who claim to be debating objectively with me, would not give a shit if I was killed in a chemical attack.” So damn dehumanising and triggering. I feel so hollow and I have this heavy feeling in my chest. So many people do not give a shit and even outright deny that my people are being massacred.

I keep seeing inaccurate stuff about Syria, and yes before I was stupid enough to believe them as well.

The rebels are terrorists, they have ties to Al Qaeda and want Assad gone to implement Sharia law in all of Syria when most Syrians living in Syria or having family in Syria are actually pro Assad because he promotes secularism and he wants to develop their economy whereas the “rebels” want to take them back to the stone age.

Nobody actually knows who is responsible for the chemical attacks. The Syrian government gave up all their chemical weapons to Russia 3 years ago, they said they didn’t do it and honestly they wouldn’t have because it doesn’t benefit them at all. Russia denied doing this as well. The UN actually said that the only people having chemical weapons in Syria are Al Nusra and ISIS not the government.

These rebels have been caught lying before, showing pictures of a Lebanese music clip about a little girl running for her life and pretending it’s in Syria, and now there’s a even a picture circulating about a girl suffocating when it’s a painting in Turkey.

Honestly I don’t understand why are people so eager to trust terrorists, most of them aren’t even Syrians and they’re actually Al Qaeda members who want to take back Syria to the stone age with women dress all in black, christians and religious minorities having no rights, forced to pay a tax and shariah law. Towns like Aleppo are controlled by terrorists and no, Syrians all over Syria don’t want them.

Like.. Subhanallah, Assad always drops chemical weapons on children when he has the upper hand in negotiations…. y'all are so naive

At least have the decency to ask for an investigation on who did the attacks, because all this only benefits the rebels because they gain sympathy from the west who was actually withdrawing from the conflict, and now you got the west willing to give terrorists weapons again because that turned out to be such a great idea the last time *cough* ISIS *cough*. Assad is not perfect but you can’t blame him for refusing to give into terrorists backed by foreign western powers.

I see posts mocking Trump for blaming Obama, ok, Trump is moronic bigoted bastard, but Obama screwed up the middle east, ignoring that fact makes you a liar. He freaking armed Al Qaeda members without even realizing it because people in the west have no fucking clue what’s happening in the MENA region and yet they always want to insert themselves….
So yeah, Bush screwed up that region, Obama screwed it up and even Hillary screwed it up and I’m tired of people giving a pass at Obama because he makes funny jokes, that makes no sense.

Let’s not forget how nobody even gives a fuck that Saudi Arabia is using famine as a weapon of war in Yemen while the USA bombs the shit out of starving people. But no, let’s just side with Al Qaeda terrorists because Russia is with Assad and Russia is bad and our arch enemy and trying to take control of the region but we can’t declare war directly so we have a proxy war going on because otherwise we’ll nuke each other to death… I mean nothing wrong can happen right? It’s not like you’re arming and training religious nutjobs who think their salafi ideology is the superior faith and everyone else is wrong and going to hell…

I mean seriously though every single fucking time the USA arms someone in the Mid-East or trains them or whatever and then BOOM they turned their back on the USA and become terrorists. Maybe it’s time you stop doing that? At this point, you must know this doesn’t work.

You’re either with terrorists or you’re not.
Spicer: Hitler 'was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing'
White House press secretary Sean Spicer, in an effort to shame Russia's alliance with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his use of chemical weapons, said Tuesday Adolf Hitler "didn't even sink to using chemical weapons" during World War II.
By Dan Merica and Elizabeth Landers, CNN

Reporters in the briefing room offered the Holocaust as an example of chemical weapons use.

“But in the way that Assad used them, where he went into towns and dropped them down to innocent in the middle of towns,” Spicer said, defending his statement.

… did you seriously just make a distinction based on the victims’ innocence
Why Trump is bombing Syria, explained in 2 sentences
The logic behind the US’s seemingly limited strike on the Syrian regime.
By Zack Beauchamp

Tonight, I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched. It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread of chemical weapons.

“Trump’s statement makes it clear [that] US cruise missile strikes are for enhancing [the] international norm against chemical weapons use, not protecting Syrian civilians.”

UN: Chemical weapons attack victims show signs of nerve agent - 6 April 2017 - Syrian chemical attack - Idlib province

A number of victims of a chemical weapons attack in Syria have symptoms consistent with exposure to a category of chemicals that includes nerve agents, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.
The UN health agency said the deadly attack in Idlib province Tuesday appeared to have involved chemical weapons, pointing to the “apparent lack of external injuries reported in cases showing a rapid onset of similar symptoms, including acute respiratory distress as the main cause of death.”
“Some cases appear to show additional signs consistent with exposure to organophosphorus chemicals, a category of chemicals that includes nerve agents,” it said.
At least 72 civilians, among them 20 children, were killed in Tuesday’s attack in rebel-held Khan Sheikhoun, and dozens more were left gasping for air, convulsing, and foaming at the mouth, doctors said.
Washington and London have pointed the finger at President Bashar Assad’s government for the attack, though the regime has denied using chemical weapons.
But WHO said there was good reason to suspect a chemical attack, noting the dozens of patients admitted to hospitals “suffering from breathing difficulties and suffocation.”
“The images and reports coming from Idlib today leave me shocked, saddened and outraged,” Peter Salama, head of WHO’s health emergencies program, said in a statement.
“These types of weapons are banned by international law because they represent an intolerable barbarism,” he added.
WHO warned that the capacity of hospitals in the surrounding area was limited and that many facilities had been damaged in the fighting.
The UN agency pointed out that the Ma’ara Hospital had been out of service since Sunday due to infrastructure damage, and that the Al Rahma Hospital was hit shortly after it began taking in patients from the suspected chemical attack and was forced to temporarily shut its doors.
Emergency rooms in the area were overwhelmed, and many patients had been referred to southern Turkey, it said.
As soon as word got out about the suspected chemical attack, WHO said it had begun dispatching medicines, including Atrophine, an antidote for some types of chemical exposure, and steroids for symptomatic treatment, from a warehouse in Idlib.
“WHO is shipping additional medicines from Turkey and is ready to provide more life-saving supplies and ambulances as needed,” it said, adding that its experts were providing around-the-clock guidance on diagnosis and treatment.
Spicer: Hitler 'was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing'
White House press secretary Sean Spicer, in an effort to shame Russia's alliance with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his use of chemical weapons, said Tuesday Adolf Hitler "didn't even sink to using chemical weapons" during World War II.
By Dan Merica and Elizabeth Landers, CNN

Leaving aside the obvious fact that Sean Spicer is an idiot… And leaving aside the many (many, many, many) PR fails of the Trump administration… This one is a head scratcher. I mean, I guess technically Hitler used gas in concentration camps (NOT “Holocaust centers,” as Spicer also said) and not on the battlefield, but making comparisons where Hitler seems less bad is NEVER a strong PR strategy.

Press secretary wanted: must be fluent in foot

So, today White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer got behind a podium and said some things. Some embarrassing, alarming things. He said that the US is in Syria to destabilize it, which is being called a Freudian slip. I mean, of course a proxy war is going to destabilize the country, we know this. He quickly backtracked to say he meant destabilizing the war, but that’s not a thing.

So what else did he say that really made this a red letter day? He said that unlike Assad, Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on his own people. Ahah. Ahahaha. Yes he bloody well did. He was the leader of Germany and those were bloody German Jews and gays and Roma being marched into the gas chambers. He may have disavowed them but they were still his countrymen and he killed them with chemical weapons.

And then! He goes and calls the concentration camps “holocaust centers.” Why this departure from the standard terminology? Might have something to do with the fact that we’re running our own concentration camps for immigrants right now? Granted, it’s not a 1:1 comparison; to my knowledge we’re not running gas chambers and furnaces, and that’s good. Or, and I’m speculating here, maybe he is speaking from a subculture that views the holocaust as an efficient, businesslike affair that just happened to be in the business of removing undesirables. A tidy, friendly holocaust. Or not.

Now, people rightfully jumped all over him for the chemical weapons comment. He even apologized, sort of. You know, a politician’s apology. The whole, I’m sorry that you misunderstood me, gaslight-y thing. Because of course it was. I bet he wouldn’t know genuine contrition if it bit him. And this is the White House press secretary.

Do you know what it means, America, that this is the press secretary? It means that this is what we’re willing to accept. It means that we as a people are so beaten and docile that our masters know they don’t even have to try anymore. I can’t say Spicer’s a moron, I’ve never met the man. I can say that he’s apparently quite clumsy with his words, and that’s acceptable now, in a job where the entire job is talking. This is your mirror, America. Remember, burn your flags and kill your heroes.