Remember when Aria, Ezra, Malcolm are playing trains?  The name of the train station is Greenville.  Greenville is in SC, as is Hilton Head.  

There is also a Greenville, NJ. Cape May is also in NJ.  

I just thought that this is interesting, don’t you?  I wonder which one it refers to or if there is a connection.  They show everything for a reason. 

After all, Aria is “the conductor”. ;-)


You ever wonder if Dr. Sullivan is Wren’s Mother? I mean, let’s look at this. I  have heard people talk about how the spelling of Nosey is the British spelling of it.  Well, why would Dr. Sullivan’s notes be spelled the same way?  I mean, it isn’t like when she was writing down what her client was saying she said “now dear, how would you spell that?” Dr. Sullivan spelled it that way in her notes meaning that she chose to spell it that way. If she lived in England or is originally from there, it is very likely she would spell it that way. It could mean that someone read her notes and noticed her spelling of it and put two and two together. Perhaps whoever trashed her office used that spelling on the wall as a way to send a message to her (We know who your son is). 

We know that Wren rowed for Oxford, but why is he in the states doing his residency?  What would bring him here?  His mother would be a good reason.  We know that his father was mentally ill, but we don’t hear anything about his mother.  


Yes, it is a common phrase calling someone “the girl/boy next door” indicating someone who is usually kind and unassuming and is the love interest in a story.

But let’s think about this wording…literally.  

Who is the boy next door to Alison? Peter Hastings.

Alison’s thing for Lolita…Let’s face it. Ian isn’t old enough to give her a Lolita complex, but Peter is.  Lolita is “pursued” by her stepfather.  Peter isn’t her stepfather, but he is Jason’s father, so in a weird way he could be seen as her step father. 

Peter Hastings has no trouble destroying evidence, the field hockey stick, that is thought to be implemented in Ali’s murder originally. If it wasn’t significant, then why did Peter want to destroy it so badly? 

We know he had an affair with Jessica D. He is a super creep, why not go for her daughter, someone that reminds him of a young Jessica?

Remember those three checks Peter had written to someone yet we never find out who? We know Alison loves to blackmail seemingly anyone with a checkbook…like another Rosewood daddy…Byron.

Also, everyone is always trying to protect Spencer.  Why her?  What if they are protecting her from knowing things about her father?  

Like an Affair with one of her best friends.  

I’m not saying he is A or anything like that (but wow would that be interesting if he was). I don’t however think he is out of the realm of possibilities of being someone Alison would have an affair with.  All I’m saying is that we don’t look too much at him and he has so much about him that is just off.   


Ok, we all wonder why Ezra was at Ali’s funeral. Whatever his reasons, I would like to point out  that once he knows that Aria was friends with her, he leaves.  Leaves? He was there for some reason, then the minute he finds out that Aria and Ali were friends…Gone. He doesn’t follow her down the stairs and you say to yourself “well, of course not.  He doesn’t want it to look like they are there together”, but then watch when Aria walks in to the service. He never shows.  He doesn’t come in behind her.  He doesn’t come in late.  I can’t find him in the congregation when everyone is seated. We don’t see him leave at the end.  So why did he leave or where did he go? 

We all think that he is shady here. I think this is what makes him look guilty as hell of something. 

Nosy Miss Marin

Our Hanna sure does like to listen, doesn’t she? As we’ve noted, she’s got her ear to the door while Ali and Spencer are arguing about Ian. In the pilot, Aria points out that none of them knew Ali’s secrets, and Spencer says, “I knew some.”

Hanna doesn’t say a word. She just lets Spencer go on thinking she knows more about Ali than any of them. She plays dumb, pretends not to understand big words, and keeps everyone underestimating her.

  • Hanna knew about Aria and Ezra first… and that Noel saw them… and then immediately got hit by a car.
  • She figured out that Emily liked Maya before anyone else (and could’ve put together what was going on between Em and Ali).
  • She doesn’t act surprised when her mother says there are adults on the flash drive. It’s like she already knew, and already had a plan.
  • She’s awfully eager to get Ashley out of town… compare that to Emily, who was very upset at the prospect of moving away. What’s going to happen that Hanna wants to get her mom clear of… so much so that she doesn’t blink at the idea of leaving her friends?
  • She frequently doesn’t seem shocked by information that should be shocking, and responds in a very blase and even callous manner sometimes.

What else is Hanna saving everyone’s secrets for?


The top one is when Aria walks to sit with the other girls for Ali’s service.  The bottom is from the (as I like to call them) “A Ender” for the pilot.  I never gave the ending much thought until someone asked who walks up to the casket and picture of Ali at the end of the pilot.  It never occured to me that it was from someone’s point of view.  Reminds me of what Aria sees walking down the aisle.  

So I am thinking…

  • It could be a nod that Aria is involved with Ali’s murder or is A.
  • That it’s Ezra.  He was there and we don’t know what happens to him after he talks to Aria.  Maybe he waits until everyone is gone to “pay his respects”.
  • Ok, easy way out is that it’s Mona.  I just don’t buy that. 
"Why would you want any of the girls to be A?"

We were talking after the midseason finale about why we love the idea of at least one of the girls being A. We’ve seen other fans ask (not to us, but generally), “Why would you want the girls to be bad?”

It’s not so much that we want them to be bad. It’s that over time we get tired of seeing these girls victimized. We get emotionally attached to them and then watch them be hurt and threatened and terrified and chased in circles, over and over. But what if the show could turn all that on its head? What if the girls were, underneath it all, more in control than we knew?

In the end, we would rather see them strong, even if it means they aren’t “good.” We would rather see them as villains than victims.

And let’s be real here–when were these girls ever “good?” We watched them stand by as Alison tormented others. We’ve watched them use other people for their own ends. (How quickly fans forget the way Spencer got close to Toby, how she only became interested in him when she herself was being threatened and she believed he could help her.)

Just about everyone on this show has lied at some point, and has used somebody else for their own ends, and the girls are no different, whether or not they’re A.


The whole apartment scene really bothers me.  First off, Wilden never opened the package so he never saw the note. This seems to me that Wilden was expected to be there and never showed.  Does this mean he was dead before the fire and if so, doesn’t that clear Ashley?

Secondly, who brought the package into his apartment?  It wasn’t the cops because that would be tampering with evidence and would have been bagged up and taken it.  If it was Wilden he would have opened the box or at least put it in the refrigerator. Whoever brought it in literally just dumped it there on the floor because they didn’t care about it. I don’t think it was A because they would have taken it with them, right?  

Remember the girls are talking about how trashed his Apartment is? They talk about what a slob he was or how some of the mess was there from the cops searching.  

I think someone went there looking for something once he was dead. I also don’t think they found what they were looking for. This is why:

You remember those “films” Aria finds in Wilden’s room?  Yeah, how much do you want to bet those are the NAT videos labeled as Porn.  Aria even says how he just left them right out in the open. What a great way to hide something…in plain sight.  

4x14 and 4x15

Sorry we’ve been absent, pretties, we’ve both had a lot going on in our lives, but we’re ready to dive back in.

First things first: catching up on last week. The 4B premier was… interesting. A mix of good scenes and dubious writing decisions. The cutesy-cutsey carbon copy friend group of the other missing girl seemed really cheap and only served to reveal the other girls as throwaway characters who won’t actually matter.

Ezra and Mona’s scene was by far the best scene in the episode. What seemed a pretty cheesy line from Ezra in the preview, in context turned out to be both apt and chilling, and a testament to Ian Harding’s acting chops. It’s refreshing to see Ezra acting like less of a wet blanket and more of an active character.

Tonight’s episode continues the mixed bag of writing decisions, still making us feel more like we’re being led around the mulberry bush than following a story.

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