aspyn and claudia

Vidcon 2014 Expierience

Vidcon 2014. The best weekend of my entire life. I met my idols, visited the state of my dreams and made amazing friends. Memories that have been made in the past 4 days that i will never forget even if i tried, the first day was better than i had ever expected and it wasnt even if the actual first day of vidcon. It was registration day which was wednesday the 25th. I arrived at the convention center at 10:30am and i was amazes at how big and spectacular this place was. As i was walking to Hall E where registration was i bumped into Jack Dodge which was crazy because he was one of the people i wanted to meet desperatley! I took a picture with him and gave him a hug, he was so sweet and nice. After i saw jack i went to registration and the wait was only 45 minutes which is pretty fast for any line at vidcon. I got my vidcon bag and my badge and went to walk around the convention center. It was pretty crowded for it not even being the first day of vidcon but it was cool! I hadnt really met alot of people yet but my mom had to use the restroom so we went to the hilton and i waited in the lobby but the people in the lobby were freaking out so i asked someone what was going on and they said that Troye and Connor had just walked by and i missed it. I almost shit my pants when i heard troye had been there. The girls said that connor told them that they would be back in 20 minutes. So i wanted to wait. Security didnt like having about 35 girls in their lobby so they started lying and saying they werent coming back and they had a busy schedule but i went on twitter and saw people saying they just met them at target so i knew they would be back soon. I waited and about 15 minutes after i got there they walked back in and of course people started chasing them. It was crazy, it was only my first mob to expierence so i didnt know things could be even crazier but i did try running after them but to many people were there so i didnt get close or anything. After the whole mob situation i made some friends that were from downtown Los Angeles and we walked around for a bit and i had ran into Meghan Hughes, Lindsay Hughes, Aspyn Ovard and Claudia at starbucks which was super cool but i only got pictures with Lindsay and Meghan which is fine too. Nothing else big happened on wednesday other than me and Melina (@Troyesb00ty) met up and her friend Braden. It was really cool meeting up with internet friends and me and them ended up being super close and hanging out all the other days too. On thursday things got a lot crazier. It was the official first day of vidcon and i had no idea what i was doing. I got to the convention center at like 7:30am because i knew if you wanted to go to things you had to be hella early. I ended up meeting these girls who were from the valley and spent most of my day with them. After we waited in a 3 hour line to get into the convention center, those girls and i went into “Merch Alley” and i bought Tyler’s new shirt and Jc’s new shirt and then Tyler’s poster. After we bought merch we ended being pushed into a signing line which i didnt even want to be in since i didnt really have any signings i wanted to go to but i sat there anyways and was gonna go meet the shaytards. While i was waiting in like for the shaytards tyler tweeted he was having a surprise signing from 1-3 and everyone had to get over there and i started freaking out and crying since Tyler is my life and hes the whole reason i went to vidcon. The whole reason i didnt want to go to any signings was because tyler wasnt having one but as soon as i got the text i sprinted past security and into his booth. I was freaking out knowing i would soon be meeting tyler. I was crying and i couldnt stop moving but i was also all my by myself so that was kind a a bummer but it didnt matter since tyler was less than 20 feet away from me. I had made tyler a shirt that said “If you breathe air visit” and i had posted it on tumblr and he saw it and the day after he say it he had an okhello where he talked about the shirt and talked about how bad he wanted one so i was even more nervous to give him the shirt. I had his in my bag with me as well as mine just in case i bumped into him so i was grateful for that. In the line i took out my shirt and put it on over the white crop top i was wearing and held his in my hand. As i got closer to the front korey was standing there taking picture for people and with people in line so i was next and asked korey for a selfie and we were about to take it and he looked at me and said “omg do you know how much tyler wants that shirt?!” And i was speechless but two seconds after he said that it was my turn to go to tyler and as tyler saw me he said something like “omg your the girl with the shirt” but i dont remember exactly because i was so nervous. After he hugged me i gave him my shirt and he asked me if he could really have it and i was like “Tyler! I made the shirt for you of course you can!” I just think it was so cool how appreciative he was of it and he didnt treat it just like another thing a fan gave him, after i gave him the shirt he had korey vlog me and the shirt and i was literally screaming on the inside because of how cool it was that he did that for me but what was even more cool was after he did that he had korey take a picture me and him on his phone and i gave him like 3 more hugs afterward. The embarrassing part was i went to grab the poster the same time he went to grab the sharpie and his nail like briefly hit my finger and he grabbed my hand and said “ooh did i get you?!” But it was embarrassing because my hands were shaking uncontrollably and he saw and looked at me and just said awh. I thought that part was cute but still embarrassing. After i met him i walked out of the building in full on tears and just like hyperventilating like my breathing was crazy and i was crying so i called myself an uber to head back to the hotel and calm down for about an hour since i was alone and i had to tell my mom what happened. After i calmed myself down which took two hours i headed back to the convention center and met up with the girls i was with before and we kinda just walked around and charged our phones in a hotel lobby then i left the convention center at about 9:30. The next day was probably my favorite day of Vidcon. I met so many people and the entire day was so amazing. I got there at about 6:30am and i dmed melina and braden and met up with them and we decided that the only thing we wanted to go to was the LGBQT panel that had Tyler, Troye, Hannah, Gigi, Miles, Heartbeat, Kingsley and Michael Buckley. It was so inspiring to watch and i had so many emotions during it, Plus the power went out during so they didnt have mics and it felt more intimate to me. Everything they said made sense and i was intrigued by every topic brought up. Another pretty cool thing about it was that i was sitting right in the middle section in the 3rd row so tyler and troye were directly in front of me and i swear that when tyler sat down he smiled at me. I know there was alot of people there but i swear to lord he smiled at me which just made my life even better. Also Ben J Pierce was sitting in front of me and he is one of my ultimate favorites so it was really cool. After the panel me and the girls went to starbucks then charged our phones in the hotel lobby. That night there was a huge concert going on but we didnt really care about it so we kinda just walked around until i got the idea to go to the parking garage since i met this kid who has met tons of people in there. We sat there for about 20 minutes and melina suggested we leave but braden she had a feeling somebody would come and not even 5 minutes later Troye, Jim and Connor come walking up and these girls had just walked in sonit was only about 7 of us and we walked up to them and said we would be quiet and nit start a scene or anything and they looked genuinely happy to hear that from us, especially troye. We got to hug them and selfie with them and it was amazing since Tronler (troye, connor, tyler) are my inspirations and i had got to meet them but what really got me was that troye was like “we have to go fetch tyler, well be right back” so i started freaking out knowing tyler would be coming back this way. What was also cool was that troye had walked over to the other side while connor and jim were still taking selfies with some people and he was just standing there so i waved at him and said “Troye i love you” and he made eye contact with me and said i love you back which was crazy. Like troye sivan just said he loved me. After that they walked away and stood at the back of the hilton lobby door to wait for tyler i guessed and then they came walking back with tyler and i was the first to kinda approach him and i was like are you in a rush and he said yeah so i just hugged him and he looked at me and said “didnt i meet you earlier?” And i was blown away that for a 2nd time Tyler Oakley recognized me. I said “yeah you vlogged me” and he looked me and nodded and then he said “i like your shirt” since i was wearing the i cant stop watching youtubers shirt. Which was even cooler. After that they walked left but i felt bad since we like rushed tyler and stuff and he looked so tired but i was still so grateful to have met them. I also told troye when i met him that i had shirts for him and tyler and connor that were tronler shirts and i said i was gonna give them to him at his meet and greet tomorrow and he said okay cool in such a cheery voice that made my heart smile. But the craziness didnt stop there because not even 5 minutes later Joe Sugg came walking out and i was in shock. We asked him if he was in a rush and he said no and we promised not to cause a scene so we hugged him and took pictures with him. Then as he was leaving i was like “Tyler and Troye and the others had went that way if your looking for them” and he turned around and was like “oh no im looking for someone else but cheers anyways” after that i was on cloud nine. I could not believe that had happened to me. Soon after a security guard came storming in yelling at us and escorted us out but i didnt care aince i had just met my sunshines all in less than 10 minutes and without a huge mob with us. After that me and mel and braden left and just walked around for a bit. I soon called myself an uber to head back to my hotel but the craziness didnt stop there. When my uber got there the driver i had asked me if i was liking vidcon and i said yes then he asked me i knew who caspar was and i said of course he then went on to tell me that he had just driver caspar and a bunch of others back to the hilton and my mind was blown. I was curious so i asked the guy if a person with bug glasses and green hair was in there and he said yes so i started freakin out and the guy did too because he was like omg i drive celebrities but i was freaking out because i had sat in the same car as TYLER OAKLEY. I asked them if he heard anything about what they were saying which i know is an invasion of privacy but im not gonna tell anybody because he also told me where he picked them up from which i really dont want to say because of where they came from but all im gonna say is, orange mint. Just in case tyler or caspar or troye or jim reads this. If they are then you know what im talking about and i wont say anything to anyone😂 but after that happened i was on like cloud 11. I got to my hotel room and just passed out but with the biggest smile on my face because of how amazing that friday was. The next day wasnt as crazy but it was still hella cool. I woke up at about 4:30 to get ready to go to troyes meet and greet and i got to the convention center at about 5:30 which seems crazy since troyes meet and greet didnt start till 3pm but i wanted to be sure i met him and get his TRXYE sweaters ((currently wearing it while typing it on the plane btw)) but when i got there i knew how to sneak in the front doors so i just got into a really small sining line that was outside to ensure i got inside. Once i got inside i waited in this little lounge thing until about 9 since thats when the people outside get to come in, as soon as we saw people heading in me and these cool people i met from san francisco got to the front of the line and i ended up just chilling in that line all day. When we up near the front to meet troye the girl i was standing with yelled to korey who was at the booth next to troyes to throw his ass in a circle and he turns around and says all sassily, “throw my ass in a what?!, how do i do that?” And i almost peed myself from laughing and i was like right in front of troye so it was really cool. After about 11 hours of waiting i finally got to meet him and he was so sweet he said he liked my jumper since it was the TRXYE one and i gave him the shirts like i said i would and when i did i was like, “i also gave you the shirts like i said i would yesterday and he kinda looked at me and i saw in his face like realization of he saw me yesterday which was so cool. After that i was blown away since i had just touched troye sivan i had to sit down for a second. After that i walked outside and met bethany mota and miles jai which was pretty cool since they are amazing people and after that i bumped into meghan hughes again and ricardo from o2l. After that me and mel and braden walked around a bit more until we headed back to the parking garage to see if we could see anyone and as we got there we saw that across the street there was a huge line waiting to get in to a building and alter found out it was a maker after party so we walked up to the line to see who was there and we saw that some big youtubers couldnt even get in line andrew lowe amd emily june werent even in yet so it iseless to try and sneak in and plus we found out tyler left early so i didnt really want to sneak in so we went to sit at the pool area right next to it and i had a casual view of sawyer, joey and louis just standing there which was hella cool. Me and mel saw that Ben, Fran, Carson, Jack and Han were going to vidcon prom and we love them to death and wanted to say one last goodbye so we went to it even though it was lame and the long was like eh long. But when we got in there they werent there yet so we just sat down and charged our phones until our friend braden called and said she was gonna try and sneak in so she didnt have to wait in the long line. When she got in she told us that while she was sitting at the pool she helped someboy named steven diaz or jason diaz climb the fence into the party and she was freaking out because she helped acacia brinleys ex into a vip party so that was hella cool. We wanted to try and get in since she knew how to get him in but when we got there the gate was closed so it was useless but as we were walking out of the prom, han called melina names since she was standing in line and they said like goodbye one last time and i said bye to all them for a last time and im just so happy i got to meet all of them and hug them all one last time. I was especially happy for melina since they like called her over instead of her just walking over which was so cool for her and nice of them but after that we kinda just sat at the fountain in front said our goodbyes and left. Vidcon was amazing and im so happy i got expierience it. I made pretty cool friends and the fact i got to meet the two people who changed my life was amazing. I did cry alot today since im on a plane back to my hometown. I cried because i have no idea when im gonna see these people again and every time i think about it my heart hurts a little more and more but im so glad i even got to do what i did and i will cherish these memories forever. If i met you at vidcon thank you for giving me your time and if you didnt get a chance to go then dont stress because theres always next year!
I love everyone i met by the way💕