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Ok so time to be a bit dramatic.

I started drawing (like characters and scenes from books and fan art - I’ve technically been drawing since I was a kid) when I read the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series. All I wanted to do was to draw my favorite characters. Percy Jackson also started my love for books and fantasy in general. This was 7 grade. I was 12.

Skipping to 8 grade. 13 years old. My anime phase. I call it a phase bc it burned bright then died down. Not only did I stop reading books for a few months, but my art style also went to: anime. My art teacher actually told me to get out of the anime; that is wouldn’t do me good as an aspiring illustrator. But I ignored her, thinking I could make my own way without help from better artists.

Summer going into 9 grade, 14 years old (a few months after 8 grade ended) I read The Mortal Instruments series. I read those books in under a month along with The Infernal Devices series. It broke me out of my anime stage. I started to find my own style while drawing the characters. It not only shaped my art, but it brought me back into the world of literature that I didn’t realized I had left behind.

Now. 15 years old. Going into my sophomore year of high school. One year later from reading TMI/TID/TDA. My art has improved. Clary and Jace still mean as much to me now as they did then if not more.

If you would have told me when I was 12 that when I was 15, that The Shadowhunter Chronicles would replace PJO/HOO as my all time favorite series, I would’ve called you a liar. If you would’ve shown me I would be drawing this three years later - I would’ve laughed in your face.

But it’s true. This is real. This is me. My art. My passion. Books do change people. But only if you let them.

Life Question...

My spouse and I are about to have our second child in about a month. I am working full-time at a job I hate so that we can pay the bills. My passion, and desired career, is storytelling (specifically as an author/illustrator). I have multiple projects in the works (picture books to submit to agents, mini-comics to build comic portfolio, and a long-form graphic novel [for which the mini-comics are helping me learn form before going full-steam ahead into the art {though I AM working on the script} as well as boosting my portfolio to make my graphic novel more marketable for publishers]) and, while I am making some progress, I am having to work in my spare time (mainly during my lunch break at work, during the toddler’s nap time on the weekends, and the occasional hour or two at night if our toddler goes to sleep early enough…which they usually don’t). On top of all that, I’m trying to find a way to fit in getting in better shape because I feel very unhealthy and want to take better care of my body. At this point, the only thing that seems to be unnecessary is my full-time job…which isn’t unnecessary because it pays the bills (stupid responsibility).

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can find more time? I would love to move forward into my art career as quickly as possible so I can get out of this job.

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Got any Disney related AUs?


-Oh omg Person A being a total Disney lover and B’s like ‘I haven’t seen a Disney movie since I was six you’re such a child’

-All A has ever wanted to be ever was a Disney royal (cue cheesy ‘you’re my prince/ss’)

-Aspiring animators and illustrators working to get a job at Disney/Pixar

-On a trip person A admits to B that they hate roller coasters so either they 

1) ride space mountain three times in one day 


2) instead go to all the little touristy things like tea with Belle

*Cirrus brings Celeste along to help shop for a gala dress.*

“Oooh I like this one!” Cirrus said as she struck a pose.

“It’s Gorgeous… but isn’t it too much dress?” Celeste questioned.

“Not at all!” Cirrus was adamant in her decision.

“Hmm…Then try walking in it.”

Cirrus took a few wobbly steps forward before ultimately collapsing under the weight of the dress.

“Ugh…Maybe it’s too much dress after all…”

I felt like writing a short story today involving two of my OCs. Also, I’m probably going to edit this dress design (making it shorter). Super happy with this updated Cirrus ref.

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Why do people keep sending you vet questions! D8 Y'all, stop that! PANGUR DOESN'T KNOW MEDICINE, SHE IS A CAT.

the problem might be that I don’t make my identity clear enough on this blog?

I’m Greer. I’m a freelance illustrator, aspiring to be an MSc student, and I’ve got two cats, Pangur & Grim, and two rabbits, Aglet & Furby

animal behaviour & welfare are topics I’m into. I read up on them in my spare time, and contribute to posts every now & then, but I’m not formally trained, and I have absolutely no medical/veterinary education

Simple Art Tip #14: Avoid These Compositional Kinks

We can all agree that art is subjective. However, there are some things that are universally acknowledged to be detrimental to a composition and having a good composition directly affects the quality of an art piece. Of course you are always free to take full advantage of your creative license as an artist and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to break the rules or not. Regardless, it’s always smart to take design principles seriously and to take on a thoughtful approach to your work, especially when you’re still learning. 

Tangents, tension points, and passive overlapping are the kind of details I look for in a composition before moving from a rough sketch to a tight sketch. These kinks can seriously affect the quality of your work, so it’s important to address them early on in the sketching process to avoid having to make adjustments later on. This will increase the quality of your work and save you time in the long run. 


When lines or shapes touch at a single point, drawing unwanted attention to that area. 

Tension Points

When lines or shapes are not touching, but are close enough to one another to create visual tension, drawing unwanted attention to that area.

Passive Overlapping

When lines, shapes, or objects are passively overlapping, drawing unwanted attention to that area. If you actually want things to overlap, make it look intentional. 

Cropping At Joints

Specifically when dealing with figures, cropping at the joints looks awkward and draws the viewer’s eye to the edge of the composition (and away from your art!). 

It might take a bit of effort, but once you make it a part of your process to scan for these compositional kinks you’ll find it easier to spot them in your work and others’. It won’t be too long before you avoid making these mistakes naturally, making you a more competent and efficient artist. 

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Hey! I know u get this a lot but I am gonna say it anyway: your art is utterly gorgeous! I love it! I also love ur military au. Would u mind if I wrote mini stories or snippets? Cause when I saw it my creativity just went into hyperactivity! Also would you consider collabing with an author (aspiring author) to illustrate their work? Once again, your art is indescribably beautiful! Hope you're doing great!

Ahhh thank you so much anon!! And no of course not!! If my AU inspires you to write please write away, i would love to read what you come up with! 

Unfortunately I haven’t considered collaborating with an author. I’ve been too busy with my own personal projects so i don’t think i would have the time to;;; Sorry about that, but thank you so much!! I’m doing well and i hope you are too!! 

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hey I want to become serious about art again and your art year summary really inspired me (seriously it's really quite amazing) but I don't know where to start, I'm so lost. If it's okay, would you mind sharing your journey?? Where did you begin?? What did you start with?? Thank you so much

a journey! oh, well i’ll have to put everything under the cut because it’ll be long. 

I would appreciate it a lot if you guys take the time to read! i have images and my first digital art :’D please click below.

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Real life magical girls Albinwonderland and Niko! 

I found ALB’s YouTube videos while I was going through a particularly dark time early this year, and I took a lot of comfort and strength in them. So thank you! And thank you for being such a positive force in general. And for both having fabulous hair. You are both so powerful and beautiful!

Hello there!!

(This is for the meet n greet thing)
Hi, I’m Carter, and I’m a trans nb boy!!
• I’m 17
• they/them pronouns
• looking for friendship for the most part!

Three things about me:
1. I love The Adventure Zone, and generally just all McElroy brothers content
2. I’m an aspiring illustrator
3. My favorite bands/musicians are Sara Bareilles, Spoon, and Mother Mother!!

(Apologies for no photo!! I am a lil nervous to post selfies on the world wide webs bc I’m closeted to most of the people I know!!)

You can message me on my blog @solarianmonarch !! Have a lovely day✨