“Anything worth doing, is worth over doing. True hard work always yields results; though the results may not always make sense at the moment, they have a purpose. Take your time, nothing fantastic came without failure. Appreciate every failure you’ve ever had because failure teaches, and that’s truly why we are here, to learn.” - Nick Rossi | Los Angeles, CA | Drummer in New Years Day

just me, i guess

One thousand words echo across my tongue, yet no one hears them, then again, I don’t even bother to tell my story. I don’t bother to intimidate those with ears made of pure innocence; nothing other than the world of mothers embraces they grew up in. I don’t bother to even breathe my problems to anyone with keen ears and a sour reputation. How am I meant to act sane when I’m insane. Those thousand words still remain as a cloud formed of twenty-four letters. I’m alone in my thoughts.