[Image description: Alligator head in foreground over alternating green and dark green pinwheel pattern.  Top text: “A dozen triggering things happen over the day leading up to an eventual meltdown"  Bottom text: ”’“Oh my god, you just flip out for no reason!”’“]

Because when I meltdown, it is totally out of nowhere and with nothing leading up to or causing it.  Totally never the result of a dozen little things adding up until I can’t handle it anymore and meltdown.  Nope. /sarcasm

On a related note to my previous post, I DID THIS TO MY NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST TODAY. And felt really bad about it afterwards. XD;

(I didn’t make this one, found it on the memegenerator and OH JESUS DOES THIS APPLY)

Also, I hope you guys don’t mind if I reblog stuff like this for a few days, I’ll probably be all about this for a little bit and maybe it’ll motivate me to actually read the mountain of books he gave me about AS.


Ok, so I’m really out of the loop on what’s happening in this tag right now, but all I see is a lot of fighting amidst the normal facepalming of certain types of people (and something about Benedict Cumberbatch which I honestly give no fucks about because I don’t know, don’t care about him as an actor or a person).

However I just really want to know one thing.


I looked in the tag and only saw one person mention them (along with the blog owner, unless they changed their Tumblr name at some point) deleting and it was kind of helpful but kind of not really?

The most I gathered from that one post was that something was happening and AA wasn’t apologizing for doing or saying something, but IDK what it was over? Or if it was related to the apparent fighting that was going on last week in the tag? (that was as far back into it as I went)

That blog meant a lot to me so it being deleted really feels like kind of a huge loss and I just really want to know what happened??? Because I don’t know and I just fvjkfdbvfdjkbfdv.

Someone please clue me in?