✨ Self-Care Note To Autistic People ✨

☀️ Don’t be afraid to say “no” to things that will give you sensory overload ☀️

☀️ Don’t compare yourself to neurotypicals ☀️

☀️ It’s not your fault if you couldn’t do something due to executive dysfunction ☀️

☀️ “I don’t have the spoons” is a valid reason not to do something ☀️

☀️ It is not always your duty to educate neurotypicals ☀️

☀️ It’s okay to take a break ☀️

☀️ Saying “I don’t understand” is mature and honest, not childish ☀️

☀️Don’t take ableist comments into consideration - you know they’re not true ☀️

☀️ Mental health is as important as physical health ☀️

☀️ Wanting to be around only other Autistic people for a while isn’t reverse ableist ☀️

☀️ Actually, “reverse ableism” isn’t a thing ☀️

☀️ “Low-functioning” and “high-functioning” labels were made by and for neurotypicals and hold zero accuracy ☀️

☀️ Misspelling =/= stupidity ☀️

☀️ There is nothing shameful about being Autistic or talking about Autistic issues ☀️

Autistic people, feel free to add on ✨

✨ Both neurotypical/Allistic and Autistic people are encouraged to reblog ✨

Nice to know our supports are more appreciated than we are. 🙄

I was initially excited that stim toys were going mainstream. It meant I could get awesome new ones much cheaper than before. For example, my Thinket (still my best stim toy) was $150. My fidget cube from the kick-starter was $40. Last week, I bought a fidget spinner at the mall for $7. That part is awesome.

Now, though, non-autistics are using them when they shouldn’t and schools across the country are banning stim toys.

Leave it to the “normals” to ruin something special again. 😢

Thankyou for everyone who participated in the Smashing Stigma Autism Survey 2017! These are our results, really interesting to see and we couldn’t do it without any of you :)

What the picture says:
Smashing Stigma - Autism Acceptance, Autism Survey 2017.
Autistic people: 94% prefer autistic person, 4% prefer person with autism and 2% prefer the option other.

We asked the same question to parents and supporters: 57% preferred autistic Person, 28% preferred person with autism and 15% preferred the option other.

Everyone together now: “No you think autism speaks is a good organisation for autism?” 95% responded No, 2% responded yes and 3% responded not sure.

(The picture is a poster with the smashing stigma logo, a multi coloured neurodivergent sign, the writing is in amongst 3 pie charts of the results)

I want all young Autistic people on this site to know that they should never have to change themselves to satisfy neurotypicals.

That’s what society wants you to do. And there will be many, MANY instances where you feel obligated to do so. And maybe you will. You might stop stimming for a while because that girl gave you an irritated look, and even though you know you should stand up for yourself you feel so embarrassed and silly that you put your stim toys away.

Believe me, trying to change yourself to make neurotypicals more comfortable is a mistake. All those weird Autistic things you’re embarrassed of may become useful in the real world where clones don’t get far. Don’t look back in five years without any idea who you are because your one goal is to blend in with society.

Being Autistic is beautiful. There is NOTHING wrong with being Autistic. Please don’t change to make some neurotypical kid you won’t even remember happy.

Allistics/neurotypical allies who want to help, REBLOG THIS LIKE CRAZY so maybe an Autistic kid/youth can feel better about themselves.

Autistic people struggling with self-image or anything, feel free to message me 😘

You know how the entire Autistic community is getting increasingly frustrated by our representation in the media, and how we’re all asking for better representation?
Well, I’m doing something shocking. I’m channelling my special interest, musical theatre, and writing a show about, wait for it, a girl with Aspergers with a single dad and an arts based special interest, with the working title “Spectrum”. It’ll take years to write, as many shows do, but I’m letting the community know now that one of us is trying to change things. I’m promising you now, I will do my best to portray us. I’m one of you and we deserve our stories to be told. I’m just doing it the only way how. Hopefully that makes up for some of the abominations we’ve seen in film and TV.

Reminder to fellow autistic people: you don’t have to act allistic if you don’t want to, you do not owe allistic people allistic behaviour. Don’t push yourself to act allistic if it wears you out. You have the right to be you.

allistic = opposite of autistic 

neurotypical = opposite of neurodiverse 

allistic’ means ‘not autistic’. it’s an important word. currently when talking about allistic people, we mostly use the worse ‘neurotypical’, the opposite of neurodivergent. 

but ‘allistic’ and ‘neurotypical’ aren’t interchangeable. There are plenty of people without autism who have other mental health diagnoses, and so are not neurotypical. 

it’s important b/c we need functioning terminology to have basic conversations about autism and mental health. 

Words–their accuracy and the level of respect they show others–are important.