“Black Sea Cucumber” (Holothuria leucospilota)

…a species of Holothuriid sea cucumber which occurs in shallow waters around the east coast of Africa and the western Indo-Pacific region, including Australia. Black sea cucumbers typically inhabit areas with “cover” like corals and seaweed clumps, and is notably tolerant of changes of salinity/temperature. Like other sea cucumbers H. leucospilota is a scavenger feeding on a range of detritus and other nutrients it can find in the benthos. 


Animalia-Echinodermata-Holothuroidea-Aspidochirotida-Holothuriidae-Holothuria-H. leucospilota

Image: Keisotyo

anonymous asked:

the tentacles in the picture you posted for evidence, the ones that indicate the mouth, look a LOT like the tentacles that shoot out of the X in its animation. Therefor, the X is more likely to be its mouth

its not the best diagram, but those are feeding tentacles with which the fluffy tail seems to be based on, see in the picture below. Those tentacles surround the mouth, and bring food to the mouth etc. 

Now I’m gonna just go ahead and quote wikipedia on this one:

“Some species of coral-reef sea cucumbers within the order Aspidochirotida can defend themselves by expelling their sticky cuvierian tubules (enlargements of the respiratory tree that float freely in the coelom) to entangle potential predators. When startled, these cucumbers may expel some of them through a tear in the wall of the cloaca in anautotomic process known as evisceration.”   

Now, seeing as the pokemon’s ability is “innards out”, this very much suggests that it is referring to such evisceration, which  comes out of the anus/cloaca!

I’ve had enough of this topic now lol, that post is mainly joking, and is really just pointing out that in real life sea cucumbers, with which this pokemon takes many aspects from in it’s name and design, such behaviour is from that orifice in question and not the mouth. OBVIOUSLY this is pokemon, so in the actual game it’s not going to be the case, like come on, I know that. Can we put it to bed? 

*ALSO adult echinoderms don’t even have a head per say! The mouth and anus end of the gastrointestinal tract is one of the few features that give such animals polarity in the first place!