Hannibal Rewatch Notes And Screaming S2E8: Su-Zakana

(AKA: The Episode That Took Me From Avid Fan To Straight-Up Obsessive Fangirl, for reasons encapsulated in perhaps my favorite line of dialogue from anything ever: “Is your social worker in that horse?”  Oh, show. You are so good to me.)

Previously on Hannibal: The Murder Puppy was released from prison in all his long-haired glory, and proceeded to get a makeover.

Now on Hannibal:

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thewillowfarm  asked:

Playlist: My neighbor hates prog but that's ok because I hate my neighbor

you came to the right pal for this one, my friend

1. Supper’s Ready / Genesis

2. Karn Evil 9 (whole song) / ELP

3. Siberian Khatru / Yes

4. Larks Tongues in Aspic (whole album) / King Crimson

5. Toccata / ELP (must be played loud)

6. 21st Century Schizoid Man / King Crimson

7. The Great Deceiver / King Crimson

8. Dogs / Pink Floyd

9. Red / King Crimson

10. 2112 / Rush

Send me a playlist title and I’ll put a few songs on it!


Finally went to 101 Noodle Express in Irvine & ordered 牛肉卷饼 (beef rolled in scallion pancake), 羊肉水饺 (boiled lamb dumplings), 菠菜虾前饺 (pan fried spinach and prawn dumplings) and 小笼汤包 - 蟹肉 (crab meat soup dumplings)

One of these days we’ll make the trek up to SGV but for now this was yummy. It was delicious but I wasn’t blown away. Not saying I’m an expert @ making dumplings but I think when you learn how to make them, you appreciate the convenience of having to just order them more so than the taste themselves. I love to make lamb dumplings @ home – it is my fav & since learning how, I like a much stronger 麻辣 (numbing spicy) flavour. I will say, I haven’t made soup dumplings before and the lamb dumplings here had soup in them. Next step for me is to learn to make aspic & incorporate them into my dumplings.

I also wish the spinach and prawn dumplings had the prawns more evenly scattered as it seemed like a ball of spinach with one intact prawn in a corner of the dumpling. I also don’t pan fry my dumplings so besides prawn distribution, it was good.

I never get to have 小笼包 bc they’re made with pork. We ordered the pork ones for him but they were out so we got the crab ones instead. The filling was good (although the waitress said like “crab over pork” & idk if she meant like there was still pork mixed in there or “crab instead of pork” – so I might still have “accidentally” eaten pork).

The beef roll was my fav – a lot better than the fail tt was at Pine & Crane a few weeks ago. This was the main reason why I wanted to go here.

I think one thing I can take away and what will bring me back here again is tt I like the thinness of the dumpling skins. And making dumplings is difficult (assembling them as they are delicate) and time consuming so I appreciate the experience of going to a resto instead.

anonymous asked:

Hello, ive just finished series 1 What do you think happened in 1.02 after Grace sang for Tommy, did he walk her home, did they carry on talking? I love how he finds any excuse to just stand at the bar and stare at her. My fav moment was when they are fighting the IRA guys and Tommy looks over at her and then goes to help her up and strokes her face with the back of his hand. I was wondering What do you think makes Tommy be so gentle and soft with Grace when he's not with anyone else?

Anon this is adorable. I live for s1 Tommy x Grace asks. It’s so beautiful that quiet company they have, Tommy musing at the bar, Grace wiping it down, doing books. So intimate. Ugh. But I’m getting ahead of 1.02. The scene cuts really deliberately after Grace has delivered her coded warning to unusually vulnerable Tommy, kind of setting the moment in aspic for want of a better metaphor. The significant bit’s passed, what happens next is anyone’s guess. She probably stepped off the chair, there was a little more conversation, whiskey, a cigarette, and Tommy allowed her to sing for the crowd, recognising other people need music as much as he did then. I don’t think he walked her home. The way he looks up outside her door in 1.05 after the Garrison Murders is like he’s registering where she lives. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Cillian is a sensational hand actor. If you can drag your eyes from the face watch the hands, they’re so telling. He keeps this cramped blood-covered hand in that scene for ages and I’m a complete sucker for the way he caresses her face like ‘thank god you’re ok’ before realising quite what just happened. Utter utter trash for it. Probably the moment I was irrevocably gone on the show, anon. 

Grace in some senses exists in s1 to highlight a different Tommy, not just the pre-war innocent, laughing man, but a man who doesn’t filter everything through his intellect. I’m a sucker for the way he can’t help but trust his blind intuition to love her and I think the gentleness stems from that instinctive place.


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