Be Street Weeknd 2014 – Video Recap‏

L'évènement s'annonçait énorme. Il a été au delà de ces attentes. C'était tout simplement bandant… Le Be Street Weeknd 2014, qui a eu lieu il y a 3 semaines, a donc vu défiler plus de 15 000 personnes qui sont venus profiter des concerts, des dj sets, de la méga soirée du samedi, des performances live, et ont aussi pu faire leur shopping parmi les 50 marques ultra cotées (Undefeated, …

Foie gras, aspics & terrines, pour faire ses premiers pas.

Foie gras, aspics & terrines est un livre culinaire paru aux éditions Hachette, en octobre 2014, dans la collection L’école de la cuisine, qui apprend aux débutants toutes les bases pour réussir des plats classiques, originaux ou encore incontournables.

Undefeated x ASICS Gel Lyte V “False Flags”​

Undefeated x ASICS Gel Lyte V “False Flags”​

Undefeated produit une des meilleures ASICS de cette année 2014, et dieu sait si il y en a eu des belles durant cette année. Appelée “False Flag”, cette Gel Lyte V offre un cuir noir de très très haute qualité combiné à un orange flashy qui recouvre l’arrière de la shoe. Une midsole grise avec du speckle noir, une semelle intérieure aux motifs de cartes de guerre et des lacets 3M achèvent le…

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Terrines! Part 2.

I know you’re just dying inside to know how my terrines turned out.



Well, after poaching them in a water bath (the oven was 350, the water 180 and the internal temp of the terrine a precise 155) and weighting them with bricks, setting them in the cooler overnight and poking them with curiosity, the terrines finally popped their molds today.

It was a bit of a vexing sight, actually,…

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anonymous asked:

There's an authentic Chinese place in town. I buy pork aspic,not really knowing what it was, thinking it was a fried cake I had years ago at a dim sum restaurant, and...I didn't eat a lot of it. It was like 20-30 pieces for $6.99 and I only ate 1 1/2. I ate eveything else in my meal.... They asked if I didn't like it, and I said I did, but it was too much. I took it in a box, and I didn't eat it... What should I have done in the future, as I still want to eat there? I don't want to be seen rude.


((Head canon alert!! You don't like these avert your eyes!!))

((Okay so here is my head canon for vine: aspic ally as night terror progresses we learn a bit more about vines past no one knows exactly
How old she is she doesnt talk about her past often she has a secret that only her and tybalt and eventually everyone else knows, she is an ex phobia a powerful ex phobia she killed many dreamscaper eventually she got noticed by tybalt and he went with several others to defeat her. Tybalt was the only survivor when he defeated her he gave her the mercy she lacked to teach her a lesson. Humility she has spent her entire life since that day trying to save as many dreamscaper that she can when tybalt defeated her he gave her a necklace to mask her large power as the game progresses and depending on the choices the player makes she may begin to get more nervous she may tend to hold the amulet more when they talk to her and they can confront her about the amulet she may even turn back into botanaphobia this is my head canon and to me it is wonderful))