Be Street Weeknd 2014 – Video Recap‏

L'évènement s'annonçait énorme. Il a été au delà de ces attentes. C'était tout simplement bandant… Le Be Street Weeknd 2014, qui a eu lieu il y a 3 semaines, a donc vu défiler plus de 15 000 personnes qui sont venus profiter des concerts, des dj sets, de la méga soirée du samedi, des performances live, et ont aussi pu faire leur shopping parmi les 50 marques ultra cotées (Undefeated, …

Foie gras, aspics & terrines, pour faire ses premiers pas.

Foie gras, aspics & terrines est un livre culinaire paru aux éditions Hachette, en octobre 2014, dans la collection L’école de la cuisine, qui apprend aux débutants toutes les bases pour réussir des plats classiques, originaux ou encore incontournables.

Undefeated x ASICS Gel Lyte V “False Flags”​

Undefeated x ASICS Gel Lyte V “False Flags”​

Undefeated produit une des meilleures ASICS de cette année 2014, et dieu sait si il y en a eu des belles durant cette année. Appelée “False Flag”, cette Gel Lyte V offre un cuir noir de très très haute qualité combiné à un orange flashy qui recouvre l’arrière de la shoe. Une midsole grise avec du speckle noir, une semelle intérieure aux motifs de cartes de guerre et des lacets 3M achèvent le…

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Terrines! Part 2.

I know you’re just dying inside to know how my terrines turned out.



Well, after poaching them in a water bath (the oven was 350, the water 180 and the internal temp of the terrine a precise 155) and weighting them with bricks, setting them in the cooler overnight and poking them with curiosity, the terrines finally popped their molds today.

It was a bit of a vexing sight, actually,…

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Episode 2: Transforming Furikake Gohan

Alrightttyy, here’s another one! So in this episode Soma goes to Totsuki Academy to take the transfer exam.  He’s told to make an egg dish by Nakiri Erina who is at the top of the culinary world due to her amazing palate.  He makes an aspic (like jelly) with egg soboro sprinkled over hot white rice which melts the aspic and coats the egg in the savory broth.

This one is definitely more time consuming than the “gotcha” roast pork.  I also had trouble finding chicken wings.  I believe Soma just used the wing tips to make the chicken stock but I decided to buy the whole wing and use those.

I also forgot to buy bonito flakes. Oops! But thankfully my roommate had some dashi stock base soo I used a bit.  Soma mentions that the wings were simmered in soy sauce, sake, and a bonito stock.  But I decided to make a plain chicken stock just in case I had extra and wanted to use it for something else instead of flavoring the whole pot.

I ALSO debated on roasting the wings first.  And thinking about it now I probably should’ve but I didn’t.  I wanted a bit of a clearer light stock to get a nice color for the aspic but I feel like the depth of flavor isn’t as much as it could be.

I simmered the wings for about 3.5-4 hours. Hopefully enough time to extract collegen to get a nice gelatinous stock.  I took out about half of the stock, a couple wings, added soy sauce, sake, dashi base and gave it a taste.  The flavor was pretty nice, subtle.  The soy sauce didn’t get in the way of the chicken.

I strained the stock and cooled it down quickly using an ice bath. I remember that Soma had an ice bath, smart of him.  And set up a little thing to get a square sheet of stock. I had a square ring mold and placed it over plastic wrap and wrapped the plastic wrap around it. It wasn’t leaking, but some of the stock was stuck in between the mold and the outer portion of plastic wrap.  I decided it would be too messy, so I used a square silicone mold I bought for dessert stuff instead.

CROSSING MY FINGERS! Waited an hour and checked. It jiggled a little, maybe it’ll work! Checked after another hour…Sadly it was just barely set.  A nice gelatinous mass, but nothing firm enough to cut into cubes.  Maybe if I simmered the chicken longer it would have worked or if I had cut the chicken wings at its joints it could’ve been done faster.  But anyways. I added some gelatin [again crossing my fingers and hopefully added enough].  In my head, “please be done by tonight”

I wonder if in the episode Nakiri just stood there watching Soma make stock for hours.  Or maybe he did some other trick to make it set. That stock pot was GINORMOUS!

Well, they still weren’t super firm.  Not firm enough to cut into proper cubes so at this point, “fuck it, I’ll just break it apart into chunks.“  It probably would’ve helped if I did it as one thin sheet too.  Like how I originally intended in the square mold but oh well.  I wouldn’t have had to make so many knife cuts.

Note: I had some aspic leftover so in the morning I checked them and they were nice and firm. "That’s right…gelatin needs longer than an hour to set but I was too impatient”.  

Anyways, while it was setting, I made the rice.  Soma had two pots going in the anime.  One giant stock pot and a smaller clay pot WHICH I’m just going to assume is the rice. So that’s what I did. I don’t own a rice cooker lol. [What kind of asian are you??]  

I also whipped up the egg soboro.  Soboro, I learned, means ‘ground” in Japanese.  Like egg chunks.  I threw the eggs in a pretty hot pan over medium heat.  Using chopsticks, I went to town to make sure it was chunky. Done.  Let it cool because if it was hot it would melt the aspic prematurely.

Got everything ready. Yay mise en place.  Microwaved the rice for 5 thousand minutes just to ensure it was SUPER hot to melt the aspic.

The egg and the stock look pretty nice huh? Threw everything on and done! 

It melted instantly! Can you tell? The nice thing about having such a soft aspic is that it melted quickly. It was fun to watch! :)

Now on to taste. Unfortunately, for me the flavor of the broth was pretty weak.  It could’ve used some salt to bring everything out.  I should’ve done more tasting and adjusting.  The eggs were surprisingly not overcooked.  I was a little afraid of that but they were pretty fluffy and not dried out.  Green onions added some nice freshness.  The colors were all pretty nice too.  If only the flavor of the broth was stronger, but oh well, live and learn!

It was an overall long process with pretty decent results.  I would want to do this again with a better broth then it would be delicious.  Like being caressed by angel’s feathers? Hopefully yes.

Thanks again for stopping by! Hope you liked it! Cheers!

We have a copy of Emily Post’s guide to weddings from the early 1960s and all the menu suggestions so vile to me, full of gelatin and mayonnaise or both. Turkey jelly rings and aspics and a tiered cake made out of potato salad. But the drinks are all amazing, a million champagne punches and sparkling cocktails.

Sandwiches: Open/Closed

About twenty years ago at a charity shop, I bought “The Book of Open Sandwiches”. Aspic! Whatever happened to aspic? I paid my 10p and took it home. I could remember open sandwiches in my childhood at buffet lunches. They were from Denmark - just like Lego and maybe Danny Kaye - and my aunt Pauline said they were called smørrebrød. Okay. See also smörgåsbord and fondue. Things that died in the 70s.

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anonymous asked:

hey pal i feel like i remember u reblogging a lot of king crimson. whats ur fave king crimson album?

1. red
2. discipline
3. lizard
4. starless and bible black
5. the construktion of light
6. in the court of the crimson king
7. islands
8. beat
9. larks tongue in aspic
10. in the wake of poseidon


Odiseo Vol. 4 by Zeitguised from Folch Studio on Vimeo.

Shifting between auto-erotism and material fetish,‘simstim’ proposes a cargo cult of sensual nano-alchemy.
It celebrates temporary mummification of thebody by engaging in an erotic relationship with shapechanging clouds of synthetic materials. Touching on the topics of body enhancementand death through preservation, physical attractionis being conserved in floating silicone bubbles;flesh is suspended in ersatz aspic comparableto an ‘inverse boob job’.

Concept, Art Direction & Design - Zeitguised with Chris Hoffmann
Creative Direction - Zeitguised with Albert Folch & Carlota Santamaria for Odiseo
Imaging & Animation - Chris Hoffmann
Sound - Superimposed Void & Want (Good Price Rec.)

This piece was dedicated to the launch of Odiseo vol. 4
Order now at