This day 29 years ago a perfect ballerina, a breathtakingly gifted actress, a smart and beautiful woman, a childishly pure and innocent Giselle, a noble Aspicia, a tragically naive Nikiya, an impish Sylph, a jaunty Medora, a cheerful yet capricious Kitri, a faithful and loyal Odette, a passionate and ‘thrilling’ Odile, a seductive Florine, a sparkling Ruby, a flawless Diamond - Ekaterina Krysanova was born. I’d like to thank her parents and God for creating such a masterpiece (: Katyusha, THANK YOU for being who you are and for being my inspiration!

Photo: Ekaterina Krysanova as a Diamond in Balanchine’s Jewels at the Bolshoi Theatre, credits to BEK studios