when my dog had surgery he cried a lot the first night, but he’d stop when i laid down beside him. so i crawled into his cage with him so he’d stop crying and pet him until he fell asleep. i fell asleep with him and when i woke up, that bITCH WAS ON MY BED AND LEFT ME IN THE CAGE

do not believe that success is measured by the expectations and standards set by those around you/society. your success is what you make and decide for yourself, the ultimate goal is to feel good in yourself about whatever it is you want. that is success. you don’t have to have these insanely outrageous life expectations of yourself just because others think you should. 

one time in middle school i started writing a short story for a competition and used my writing teachers computer but i never finished so i ended up turning it into a fanfiction and to this day im sure theres slash fanfic on my teachers computer

  • me: yea hey brother come watch this anime called attack on titan
  • bro: ok sure
  • bro: *sees titan that ate eren's mom* AHAHAHHAHAHAHA LOOK AT THAT SMILE WHAT A WINNING SMILE
  • -five seconds after that-
  • bro: ........................oh god