when my dog had surgery he cried a lot the first night, but he’d stop when i laid down beside him. so i crawled into his cage with him so he’d stop crying and pet him until he fell asleep. i fell asleep with him and when i woke up, that bITCH WAS ON MY BED AND LEFT ME IN THE CAGE

i went to a high school where they played jeopardy music when you had about 30 seconds to get to class and i shit you not best part of the day was seeing kids sprinting to class with this music playing

I take a short break from drawing, my style changes. I watch a cool movie, my style changes. I look at other artists, my style changes. I sneeze, my style changes.


I was dared to put on 20 shirts, then take them off. 

never doing this again. 

dont take me too seriously guys ok i o(–<

hi there. these are extremely rough designs/drafts/ideas/brainstorming stuff for possible tshirts? i got a lot of asks about them and if that many of you want them, why the hell not hahah;;; i’d only charge how much it would cost to make and ship because i dont feel right making a profit but w/e anyway POINT IS 

these are super super super rough sketches again i am posting them just for some ideas/thoughts/etc??? some feedback?? im still playing around with a bunch of designs and reversible and etc omg so many options - but i’d like to know YOU’D  like to see or be interested in and maybe we can come up with something together :) maybe diff colors, ideas, w/e you got throw it at me 


imagine your otp meeting again in the next life and not realizing or remembering anything until they catch a glimpse in the other’s eyes, and everything rushes back full force as they rediscover one another

emergency commissions

hello everyone, 

my best friend needs surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. I don’t really know how to go about this without being a sobbing mess because i love my dog to death, he’s my son…so.. I have the money for the surgery because i wouldn’t have a dog if i couldn’t care for him financially but –

this means my rent/bill money/gas etc is being put on hold until i can make arrangements. 

i’m opening up commissions to help out with the blow my savings account is about to receive. 

I’m willing to do $5.00 bust/waist up sketches/lineart ONLY or flat colors because those are the fastest for me and the more I can get done sooner, the better. If you’re interested please inbox me. I will also accept donations - but I’ll probably give you a drawing in return anyway because I feel bad receiving donations.

Even if you can’t, signal boosting would be great. thanks guys, i really appreciate it. for the two people i owe commissions, I will finish them as soon as the surgery is taken care of (should be a week i think). again thanks guys.