asphalt yacht club

Nash Grier Imagine for Miranda

“Babe do you like these?” Nash held up a pair of heels, “or nah?”

You rolled your eyes, chuckling. You and Nash were shopping. It was the transition from winter to spring, and you both needed new clothes to suit the weather conditions.

“Yes I do.” You nodded, coming over to inspect the shoes further. they were cute, Nash has a nice taste in heels. “They’d make me taller, that’s for sure.”

“Awe but babe, your height is cute!” Nash pointed out, as you sat down to slip off your old black Vans. You giggled, “Yeah sure, whatever. You don’t have to stand on a chair to reach the top of your refrigerator.”

“True.” Nash agreed, and you stood up. In the heels, you were significantly taller, but still inches shorter than Nash. You pouted, and Nash lifted your face up with his finger to kiss you. “Still a small-fry.” He teased with a wink. You groaned, hiding your blush and whacking his arm.

“Let’s move on.” You kicked the heels off and put them back, grabbing Nash’s hand and pulling him out of the store. Nash followed you like a puppy, his larger hand clasped around yours. You hummed a little, swinging your Forever 21 and Pac Sun bags with one hand and gripping Nash’s hand with the other.

“Babe can we go into Zumiez?” Nash asked, as you turned a corner. You knew they had his favorite brands there, so you nodded.

“Yay.” He cheered to himself, and basically pulled you over to the shop. You two wove between people, you shooting apologetic glances to anyone you nearly knocked into. “Thank you.” Nash kissed your cheek, and then went off to look for clothes. You giggled, and looked around yourself. They had some really cute clothes here. You turned your head, a sundress in your hand, to see Nash with about fifteen shirts all from the Asphalt Yacht Club. You smiled breathlessly, as Nash gave you a cheeky smile. He walked over to you, his clothes piled high.

“I found some shirts.”

“You think?” You chuckled, looking behind the huge pile. “Do you like this?” You held up the sundress.

Nash set his pile down on the little bench, and looked at the dress. A smile lit up his face, his eyes bright, “Miranda you’d look so beautiful in that.” He said genuinely, and you blushed, “Really?”

“I don’t even think you have to try it on, we’re getting it.” Nash stated, taking the dress from you and admiring it. You really did love the dress, it was one of those dresses where you could just imagine yourself wearing it. Out on a date with Nash, dinner with your family, it was just a beautiful dress.

“I’m going to try it on babe, what if it doesn’t fit?” You took the dress, and turned your head to find the dressing rooms. You stood on your tiptoes, looking over the racks.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” You stated, kissing Nash’s cheek once you found the rooms. You skipped off, dress swinging in one hand. You hummed as you let yourself into an empty room, it reeking of the perfume they sold here for the girls. You quickly swiped your clothes off, shoving them to the side and slipping the dress on.

Wowza. It fit you perfectly, showing off your curves and it looked great. You smiled, fixing the tag and twirling around on your feet a little bit.

*knock knock* “Miranda? Is that you?” You heard Nash knock on the door to your stall. You stopped spinning, catching your breath, “Yeah it’s me. How’d you know I was in this one?”

“I could see your spinning feet and Mickey Mouse Vans.” Nash chuckled, and you let out a giggle. True, the stall walls cut off at about your calves, so anyone passing could see you dancing. Oh geez. You ignored the blush flaming your cheeks.

“Is your dress on?” Nash asked, interrupting your thoughts. You nodded, then hit yourself in the head mentally because he couldn’t see you.

“Yeah, it is. It fits perfectly.” You gushed, looking at yourself in the mirror again. You get a lot of hate, being Nash’s girlfriend and all, and you were pretty insecure. But in this dress, you really did feel beautiful.

“Can I see?” Nash continued, and you nodded (again) and clicked the door open. You let a smile grow on your face, as Nash’s eyes trailed up and down your body. A crooked smile was showing and his eyes were a bit wider than before.

“That’s a gorgeous dress Miranda. You look so pretty.” He pulled you in by the waist and kiss your temple. You giggled, batting him away, “Thanks. I think I’ll buy it.”

“No, I’ll buy it.”

“You’ve bought everything so far.” You whined, pointing the fact out. It was true, Nash insisted on paying for everything the both of you have bought. It was ridiculous, but loved treating you.

“And?” Nash raised an eyebrow.

“And I don’t want you to spend all your money on me.”

“Why not?” Nash chuckled with a smile, “You’re my girlfriend, I’m supposed to spoil you.”

“You don’t have to.” You blushed, shuffling your feet.

“But I want to and I’m going to. Now hurry up and get changed, I want to get some new Vans.” Nash said pecking your lips and turning on his heel, leaving no room whatsoever for your objection.

You huffed, taking the dress off and getting changed again. Oh Nash, you were convinced he was too good for you. He had such a big heart, it was impossible not to fall in love with him right away. You were so lucky to have him, you don’t know where you’d be without him right by your side like he always is.

“Okay ready?” Nash asked after he basically held you off while he paid. You were pouting, holding your bags and your purse with your arms crossed.

“I’m paying next time.” You stated, shaking your finger. Nash raised his eyebrows, chuckling breathlessly while his fingers wrapped around yours.

“Whatever you say babe, whatever you say.”