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Not an ask but I have this headcanon that racing mobile games like 'Asphalt 8' and others are practically 'choose your outfit' and race for Cyberteronians. For grounders at least


Can you imagine all the wasted hours Knock Out would spend on a game like that???  (Breakdown becomes Very Concerned lol)

Suede's 'Dog Man Star' Album As A Series Of Books

This is my new print. It’s Suede’s album Dog Man Star as if it had been written as a series of novels instead of songs. It’s available now in the Standard Designs Etsy shop.

Ah, 1994. Across the road from the hideous brown office tower known as the IPC Building, home to the music magazines NME and Melody Maker, and where I would often go for meetings at the time (I was in my second ‘badly-paid job in advertising’ to paraphrase Neil Hannon), I spotted the words DOG MAN STAR sprayed in black on a nearby wall. 

Was it really necessary? Because Dog Man Star, in all its battered and defeated and resilient glory, is a huge step beyond its forerunner Suede (which, though great itself, was a mish-mash of singles-material songs and… others, bringing to mind another eponymous debut album, namely The Smiths).

We Are The Pigs is the stand-out track, but the atmospherics of so much of the rest of the album give it a really troublesomely empty feel - in a good way - like a lot of early 1970s British films. It’s a slow-motion version of A Clockwork Orange.

If you’ve not heard it - go and hear it. Now! I command you! And if you have… this print’s for you.


I actually went for a run yesterday.
With the kids and the monster running stroller. I figured out that with both kids in it it the total weight is 49 kgs. However it has some super tires so it’s not at all hard running with it on asphalt.
But why make life easy?
8 km on a not paved road. You know, because I’m me..
After that I ran up and down a stupid hill 10 times, the wagon was placed at the bottom of the hill while I did this stupid thing.

It was really hot outside yesterday. I brought 0.5 litre sports drink with me, when I got home I drank another litre.. I usually never drink anything while running. Not even when I run marathons.

At it again tonight. Without the kids this time.

Heading north tomorrow so the only running I will do for the rest of the week is if a brown bear gets to close..