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Jin x Reader

Request: “Could you do a Jin smut please? Thanks!”

Gender: Male x Female

Genre: Smut + Bonus ( fluff angst)

Warning: wee bit of blood.

Word count: 5059

A/N: I am trying smut again, I want to try things outside my comfort zone…writing wise that is.

Thin tires rolled over hot and glistening asphalt.The slim bike designed for cyclists rolled down a familiar street.
Cars parked in straight lines against occupied sidewalks, it being filled with children playing with their imaginations and a few toys, people walking their dogs, couples swinging linked hands back and forth, moms with strollers and even runners. 

Jin had never seen the street empty, there was always noise, either from cars or sprinklers and even his bike rolling down at a fast speed.Soon the infamous large brick house passed Jin, the house was a sign for the boy to slow down the speed of his bike.
Two houses next to the brick house, Jin began to move his weight to one side and guided his bike left, his body bouncing slightly as he got onto the pavement, making sure not to hit the mailbox of Y/N’s neighbor who had complaint about it before. 

While the bike was still in movement, Jin swung his left feet over and off the bike which he guided over the large drive away and jumped off before it could hit the white door of Y/N’s garage.
Hands wrapped around the blue chain wrapped underneath the leather brown bike seat, Jin began to unwrap it only to wrap it around the back wheel and pushing the metal inside another metal square.With a satisfying and confirming click, Jin dropped the chain with a heavy and loud thud and began to jog towards the porch of the house.
His feet skipped a few steps, making him get onto the porch quicker.With a firm ring the boy waited, adjusting his hair a bit as he waited. 

“holy…shit.”  Was the first thing he heard, and Jin smiled as he anticipated that reaction.
Y/N stood before him, her body covered by a large jumper that said in a pink font: Pink Princess.  
“That’s mine.” Jin noted as he let himself in, tapping the female’s shoulder as he referred to his sweater he once left behind at Y/N’s house.
Jin looked around for a bit, even though he had seen the house the interior never ceased to amaze him.
It was modern history, a brown and white colour scheme that was pleasing to the eye.
The boy wrapped one of his hands around the leather strap of his leather briefcase purse and swung it off his shoulder, letting it fall next to the rack where he hung his black trench coat. 

“Ok, wait wait wait.” Y/N said as she stood in front of Jin who had bend over to take off his polished leather brown shoes he had gotten from Y/N. 

“What?” Jin asked as he looked up at the disbelieved face from Y/N. 

“What?” Y/N huffed. “Dude, your hair! I-I-it’s blond!” Y/N exclaimed as she pointed at it, eyes widened. 

“Oh really, is it? Did not notice it.” Jin teased, placing his shoes next to all the others next to the door and bypassed Y/N and began to make his way towards the spot he could claim his.
Entering the large living room decorated with small and large nothings and into the hallway, passing paintings and photos, some and if not all with him in it, and his feet met the cold white tiles of the kitchen. 

Jin and Y/N had been friends since young, baby even.
They have lived through elementary together, high school and soon college.College, the most biggest chapter in the two friends their lives, not only because college meant adulthood.
But because they both would go to separate schools for the first time. 

“Haha.” Y/N sarcastically said as she followed the tall man behind.
“Seriously, when did you dye your hair?” She asked as she took seat at the marble kitchen island, watching as Jin moved about, grabbing things out of cabinets. 

Because Jin knew Y/N for so long her family saw him as another member of the house, telling him to come whenever, and come he did.
He even cooked from time to time, mostly when his mother wasn’t at home like today.
In the years Y/N had known Jin she had only seen his mother a few times, when she was still a child. She was always off somewhere, Jin said business meetings but Y/N thought otherwise, she knew otherwise. It wasn’t hard to figure out his mother was simply going out, leaving her child behind for a while and coming back as if nothing happened.
You didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out where she was, the hickeys gave away enough. 

“Uh, last week or so.” Jin nonchalantly said as he began to ready his ingredients.
“So that’s why you missed extra class?” Y/N asked.
Extra class, also known as; just sign up for this class and you’ll automatically earn future college credits. 

“Yep.” Jin said as he gave his hands a quick wash.He then pulled out a sharp knife out of one of the small cabinets and began to cut up vegetables.


"Why what?”

“Why did you dye it?” Jin chuckled, stopping his cutting and looked over towards Y/N. Oh how he wished he didn’t.
How was the boy suppose to know Y/N wore no pants, well, he should have expected it.
The female was extremely comfortable around the boy, she even burped and let loose, Y/N was safe to say not Jin’s ideal type which was class. Yet Jin had fallen for the female a long time ago.
Even when Jin had a few relationships that was with his ideal type, he couldn’t help but compare them with Y/N. They where so much more boring than the laid-back female he knows and loves. 

Y/N didn’t even notice Jin turning around as she slid off the chair, his sweater being hoisted up by the chair revealing a bright red laced thong before hiding it again underneath his large sweater.
Jin was now probably even redder than Y/N’s thong.
Pulling his head back Jin let out a cough, his body pressing against the counter in hopes it would stop the growing bulge in his pants.
No day would go by where Y/N hadn’t given him a hard one without her knowing it, every move she made or even laughter, it all send sparks to Jin’s member. A lot of his friends knew about Jin’s little crush for Y/N, always telling him it was bound to happen because they had know each other for far too long.
They even encouraged him to confess, now even more as time came closer till they would go their separate ways.
Little did Jin know that his friends also know that Y/N had the same feelings for the boy, they where her friends as well.

 "I can’t, Jin is coming over.“ Y/N sighed as she knew what was coming.
loud cheers, ooh’s and whistles came from the other line of the phone, causing Y/N to massage the bridge of her nose with her index finger and thumb. 

"You have to tell him.” One of the voices said. 

“No, no I don’t Jimin.” Y/N argued. 

“Y/N this is your last chance, just tell him.” Jimin continued on. 

“Whatever, I am hanging up.” As Y/N moved away from her phone to hang up she could hear shouts telling her to confess. 
There where still five minutes left, and Y/N was still standing in front of her large bed.
Her body only clothed with undergarment, that she found a bit odd to wear but it made her feel good. The wonders of matching underwear.

Y/N opted between a casual dress or Jin’s jumper and a pair of jeans. 
The female gave a quick glance at her clock above her bed and let out a long curse, she only had less then two minutes before Jin would come.
Out of panic Y/N grabbed Jin’s jumper and put it over her head, immediately the words of Jimin ghosted in her mind.
Like always, but Y/N shook it off.
She didn’t even have the chance to put on her jeans as the bell rung. Another curse left her mouth as she began to hastily make her way down.
She knew how much Jin hated to wait more than thirty seconds, always complaining when he stood outside the door a second longer. 

the pants can come later. 

“S-should there be a reason for me to have my hair blonde?”
Y/N shrug her shoulders as her feet dragged across the tiles towards the fridge located next to Jin.
Out of his peripheral vision Jin could see a white sleeve reaching forward, due to it being quite the blur Jin caught of guard.
Breath stuck in his lungs and hands shooting out, making one of his fingers slip under the sharp knife and opening up a fresh wound. 

“Shit!” Jin hissed out, his other hand immediately holding the wounded finger.
Y/N stopped her tracks and focused at Jin with shocked eyes, watching as small drops of red hit the white tiles, leaving a trail towards the sink.
Once more Jin yelled out as he turned on the water, not knowing that it was sent on the hot setting. 

“Jesus, Jin!” Y/N yelled as her hands flew to the kitchen roll sitting in the middle of the kitchen table.Reaching forward the female ripped off multiple pieces of kitchen paper and rushing towards the boy, who was trying to keep his cool by biting on his bottom lip. 

“Stop that!” Y/N commanded, her thumb quickly running over Jin’s bottom lip, causing him to stiffen up and release his bottom lip.
The female began to pry open Jin’s hand and wrapped the wounded finger with heaps of paper. Jin just watched, he saw her lips parting but he couldn’t hear words.
Y/N had always been touchy with him, but never did she came near his face.
It was as if she was afraid of touching it, if only he knew that Y/N felt blood rush to her cheeks when she looked at his face. 

“-n, -in… Jin!” Jin got pulled back to reality with a strong strength.

“y-y-yes?” He stuttered. 

“I said go to the bathroom!” Jin nodded as he scurried off, heavy stomps echoing through the house as the boy ran up the stairs and into the bathroom.
Now Jin had two things to worry about, his cut wound and the now hard on bulge all because Jin couldn’t help but think how much he wanted Y/N to ghost her fingers over his body and how bad he wanted to see and even rip off that red thong. 

This was not how this day was suppose to be. 

“Okay, sorry it took so long.” Y/N said huffing, Jin couldn’t help but stare at Y/N’s chest.
He was practically undressing the female with his eyes, and it was not helping his member out. 
“Okay, there must be an aid kit somewhere.” Y/N said as she began to search around, the way her body moved did not help Jin as his jumper went up and down, almost revealing that red thong again.
Flashes of inappropriate thoughts came in Jin’s mind, and he could he feel his member throb in more pain than his finger and all he wanted was some release.
The closes thing to some release as a frustrated groan both Jin and Y/N did not expect. 

“Yeah, I am coming hold on.” Y/N huffed as she finally found that damned aid kit.
Opening the kit Y/N began to rummage around searching for some disinfect spray and a bandage.
Whilst the female was searching she also began to walk towards Jin in quite a slow pace, which Jin imagined as a tease.

Jin was back at biting his bottom lip, in hopes it would still the sounds of a groan. "Found it.“ She said in relief.
Muscles tensed underneath Y/N’s hands as she pushed Jin up against the bathroom counter. 
"w-what are you doing?” Jin said through shorts breaths, he was sure Y/N could hear his loud heartbeats she just didn’t want to say so.
But no, Y/N was far to focused on trying to help out that wound. 

“shush.” Y/N said as she gripped the hand with the wound.Without any hesitation the female began to clean up the wound, which looked less worse by now.
The red was cleaned from his hands, yet it was evident on Jin’s clothes and even on his favourite jumper. 
“Thanks.” Jin mumbled as Y/N placed a bandage around it. 

“Damn Jin, you really scared me!”  

“Well you the one who scared me!” Jin argued. 

“Scared you? Why would I?” Y/N scoffed. 

“I don’t know, you sneaked up on me!”

“I was getting something to drink!“ Y/N yelled back. 

"Bullshit, you wanted this didn’t you?”
What was Jin talking about, even that statement had confused him, but that still didn’t stop him from getting angry.
Jin would have never cut himself if Y/N wasn’t such a tease to him, even if it was unintentionally. But who welcomes a man inside their house without any pants on and wearing his favourite jumper?

Y/N that’s who, and it made Jin furious.
Oh how he wished to punish Y/N, make her feel all the things he had been feeling for so long.
Making her experience all the fantasies he had about them, about her.

“Jin, what?” The female huffed out. “Why the fuck? When have I ever wished pain on you?” J

in scoffed. "All the time!“ Y/N knew it wasn’t true, Jin knew it wasn’t true, it wasn’t true.
But Y/N did cause pain on him, his member, and he couldn’t quickly solve the problem. 
"You are full of shit, Jin.” Y/N said as she stepped closer towards Jin, her index finger poking at his chest.

“I have never wished any harm on you, not even now when you are being an inconsiderable idiot!" 

"Excuse me?” Jin huffed.“Inconsiderable? Says the one who is wearing only a jumper, my jumper.” The boy growled out the last bit, Y/N knew she should have seen it as an insult, but all that came out of it was arousal.
Still, she couldn’t show the boy so she held foot. 

“Because you can’t have any patience!" 

"I don’t have what?” Jin asked offended and in disbelief. 

“You always complain about how long you have to wait for me to open the fucking door!” That was it, that was all Jin needed to flip a switch.
To flip his position with Y/N, making her pushed up against the counter, breath escaping her mouth from shock.

Waves of arousal hit Y/N’s downer region as she watched how Jin towered over her.His eyes darkened was he licked his plump lips, ones she wished would be all over her. 

“You have no idea how much patience I have, Y/N” Jin growled.
“You have no idea how long I have too wait.”

“W-wait for what?” Y/N hesitantly asked.

“For you.” Those two words was what was needed for Y/N to flip her switch as well.
Hands clutched Jin’s loose shirt, one she loved so much because it hung beautiful over his toned body.
Y/N pulled Jin towards her, her lips clashing against Jin who surprisingly well took it.No hesitation was needed for Jin to kiss Y/N back.
His quite large hands raked up over Y/N’s arms, one holding the back of her neck and the other on the small of her back as he pulled Y/N closer.But the kiss became short lived as Y/N pulled back, her chest slightly rising up and down from the lack of air and of the adrenaline rushing in her body. 

“Wait,” She whispered, Jin slowly opened his eyes and straightened his posture.Brown eyes glazed with worry as Jin watched how Y/N straightened the wrinkles she had created mere seconds ago. 
“What?” Jin said a bit too despaired and scared.
Did he just screwed up his friendship with Y/N, he did not just lose her, right? 

“What are we doing?” Y/N whispered, words with an underlying message.
One that got her looking up at Jin with hopeful eyes, her left hand fingers slowly ghosting towards Jin’s rapidly beating heart. 
Jin stayed silent as he tried to read what those beautiful eyes where trying to say. "Loving each other?“ Jin decided to say, or more like ask.
He wasn’t sure either, but all answers where good as long as it got him back to kissing Y/N.

The female lifted one of the corners of her lips, a breathy chuckle left that half smile as she nodded. "Yeah,” Y/N said, more to herself than Jin.
“Loving each other.” She repeated, while Jin saw it as an conformation Y/N was trying to persuade herself wondering if this was a good idea.
The moment Jin placed his lips back onto Y/N’s it was the last reasoning she needed to seal the deal.
She, he, they needed this, needed to finally spill out the silent love. Jin trailed his hands down, following every curve her body had, appreciating them far more than before.
Soon enough his hands where caressing up and down Y/N’s thighs, back around her waist and down her back and onto her ass giving it a firm squeeze that created a gasp from Y/N, causing Jin to deepen the kiss with tongues dancing one another. 

Hands travelled further down, stopping at Y/N’s bare thighs.Giving them both a silent yet strong tug that told the female to lift her legs, which she did.
She gave the boost and Jin swiftly lifted her up, legs immediately wrapping around his middle and if Jin would have leaned in further both would let all bathroom accessories fall from the counter and onto the white tiles.
Luckily the boy didn’t, instead he moved away just like his lips. 

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” Jin breathed out before abusing all that wasn’t her lips with his lips.

Jin had come to Y/N’s house so many times he knew his way around, hells, he could be blindfolded and he would still know where the female’s bedroom was.
In fact, Jin was blinded with lust and the moans he milked out of Y/N as he kissed her along her jaw, down her ear and onto her neck did not help to clear his sight.Y/N gasped as Jin sucked at a sensitive spot down, lips curled up and Y/N could feel a smirk against her neck.But the female couldn’t even say something as Jin began to pull out moan after moan from only sucking at that spot. 

“Ah!” Y/N groaned out as her back hit her bedroom door. 

“Sorry.” Jin chuckled as he opened up the door. 

“Ha, very funny blonde dumb-” right when Y/N was talking Jin let the two drop on Y/N’s bed.
The movement making the bed squeak while the two bounced up for a bit.
Jin had is elbows propped up on either side of Y/N.
a smirk paired with a raised eyebrow is what Y/N was greeted with. 

“Oh?” Jin said. “Last time I checked you liked blonde haired men?” Immediately Y/N furrowed her brows, moving Jin to sit up right as she did too. 

“W-wait what?” The boy’s cheeks grew flush as his right hand found the nape of Jin’s own neck.Eyes averted from Y/N, focused on the dangling feet off the bed. 
“I, I heard you talking the other day with Yoongi.” Jin confessed. “You said you liked his blonde hair, so-" 
"So you assumed I liked blonde haired men?” Jin shyly nodded, but the moment Y/N burst into a laughter fit his body stiffened.

“W-what is so funny?" 

"I cannot believe you!” Y/N exclaimed through her laughter.Her shaking body couldn’t hold itself up anymore, the pain of pure amusement to much for the female as she fell back on the bed clutching at her stomach. 

“Stop laughing!”  

“No, oh my god!” there went a beautiful moment.

“Jin,” Y/N finally said after what felt like entirety of laughing.
“I do not prefer blonde hair over any other hair, I don’t even have a preference for hair!
I only gave Yoongi some advice since he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go blonde again.”  

“Oh, so I?” Y/N nodded as she slowly rose up again.
“Thank you tho,” a hand smaller than his topped over Jin’s own. 
“why?” Jin asked. 

“Because, didn’t you like…love me?" 

"Uh, yeah, I do.” Jin coughed as he spoke. 

“Well, that’s the sweetest thing I ever seen, even if-” Y/N’s free hand flung to clasp her own mouth as she tried to stifle another out burst of laughter.

Jin couldn’t help but chuckle along, a his free hand running through his blonde hair. 

“It does look good on you, I won’t lie.” Y/N confessed, Jin turned his attention towards the female as he noticed she was only looking at Jin and not at his hair. 

“You are not looking at it.” Jin noted. "Well, that’s because something else good looking is outshining it.“ Whether the words where meant to be said sensually or not did not matter, because either way Jin would have swiftly topped the female. 
Pushing her back on the bed and taking his position from before all that. 

"Well, how much I like how my good looking jumper on you looks.” Jin said as he eyed the female up and down.
I want it off.” Jin growled, sending more sparks to the female’s downer region which was probably already soaking wet for the boy.

Y/N did not need to be told again as she made quick work of the jumper, revealing the matching red laced themed underwear that caused Jin to lick his lips and his bulge throb even more. 
“Damn…” Jin whispered.Self awareness quickly hit Y/N as she tried to cover up her body, but Jin held one of Y/N’s hand with his, intertwining and locking his fingers while he was at it. 
“Don’t do that princess,” Y/N shuddered ever so slightly at the sudden nickname that Jin gave her.
“You are so beautiful,” Jin sighed as he dipped down to place even more love bruises over Y/N’s body. With her free hand Y/N wove her fingers through Jin’s hair as he gave her pleasure by kisses, his lips firmly placed between the valley of her covered breasts. 

“Can I?” Jin asked as he looked back at Y/N who eagerly nodded.
Jin couldn’t help but smile as he looked at how eager and adorable Y/N was at that moment, all for him.
Just like his jumper, the bra was quick due and Jin did not wait long to give both breasts their attention. One hand was cupping it while his mouth was pleasuring the other, not long after Jin switched over, the hand holding Y/N’s hand releasing itself as it began to pleasure the other breast.
Moans fell out of Y/N as she had became the most beautiful waterfall that knew how to bring Jin at peace. 

“You sound so beautiful, princess.” Jin said as he began to kiss his way down.

“I wonder how you would sound with me between your legs.” Y/N shuddered, even moaned as she thought how Jin would feel in all the ways that where possible. "Shall we find out?“ Jin asked, more of a rhetorical one as he did not even wait or look for an answer.

His lips began to leave wet kisses all over Y/N’s stomach who began to squirm underneath his kissing, wanting more than just lips leaving kisses. 
"Patience princess.” Jin said in a warning tone.
“I want to give you a good time, not a bad time.” Y/N let out a moan as she let the words add to the pressure in her pleasure which would lead her to the euphoria she could see, so close yet so far. 

“Jin,” Y/N whined as she could feel his lips kissing the waistband of her thong. 

“hmm?” Jin hummed, the vibrations going straight to her abdomen.

“What is it?" 


"Please what?” Jin asked. 

“Please just make me come.” Y/N gasped out as she could feel lips ghosting over her clothed sex. "Are you sure?“ Jin asked and Y/N nodded without any hesitation.

"Please!” she begged. 

“As my princess wishes.” Jin said and before she knew it a loud tearing sound could be heard.
Jin had ripped of her favourite pair of underwear and she couldn’t say anything about it as she felt the boy’s tongue laying flat against her sex causing her to gasp.
There was no need to tell Jin to move because he already had.
Tongue gliding up, dipping in and out as he began to pull out moans from Y/N. 

“More,” Jin said as he needed more of those beautiful sounding moans. 
“Jin!” Y/N gasped in pleasure as she felt one of his fingers slide into her, but Jin did not react as he was focusing on the request Y/N gave him: make her come.

Jin flicked and even tugged at the female’s clit as his fingers began to move up and down, pulling out moans that sounded like his name. 

“Jin, I am close…” Y/N managed to breath out, a cue for Jin to add another finger and earn another sound of pleasure that sounded like his name.

Without a warning Jin began to relentlessly move his fingers up and down while his tongue was abusing the clit without mercy. 
“Jin. I am going to-” The mumbled words that turned into vibrations Jin said and shot at Y/N’s knot was all she needed to release all of it. 

“Come.” and she did, eyes saw white fireworks as she reached her high, yet Jin did not show any signs of stopping.
His tongue took all that Y/N gave, cleaning her up as she laid there heavy breath and being weighed down with the feeling of tiredness.
But both Y/N and Jin knew it was not the end as Jin still had a hard on. 
Pulling back, Y/N whined at the lost. "Don’t worry princess,“ Jin said as he took the rim of his shirt and pulled it over.

"I’ll soon make you feel like a queen again.” Jin said as he locked eyes with hungry ones, ones that where focused on Jin’s chest.
Jin couldn’t help but let confidence grow. 
“If that already makes you water, then we got to work on that princess.” Jin said, quietly asking for eyes to look up at him which they did.
A visible smirk was on Jin’s face as his hands moved to get off his pants, with a swift move Jin pulled off his pants and boxers making them fall somewhere in the room just like the others.His member standing, taking all the attention from Y/N who grew with anticipation. Jin let himself drop once more on his elbows, leveling himself so he was face to face. 

“Wait,” Y/N said. 


"I don’t have a condom." 

"Don’t worry.” Jin said, he noticed a frown forming on Y/N’s face.

His lips placed a kiss on them, making them disappear as he continued

“I’ll pull out.”

“Ready?” Jin asked as he saw Y/N slowly nodded.“

Tell me to stop and I will, okay?" 

"Jin, just please.” Y/N said. 

“Someone is needy.” Y/N shot Jin a look that made him chuckle, his blond hair moving along with him as he nodded.
Slowly Y/N could feel Jin entering inside of her, hands immediately grabbed Jin’s upper arms as her mouth hung open no sound being able to come out from.
Jin furrowed his brows as he closed his eyes, even though Y/N had already reached her first high she was still tight.
The moment Jin could feel Y/N’s hips he stopped, eyes slowly opening to look at Y/N. 
For a moment the two just stared at one another, not believing this was happening, not believing both loved one another.
These thoughts where so positive and overpowering that Jin couldn’t help but kiss Y/N. A muffled groan escaped Jin as Y/N moved her hips upwards, giving Jin the notice to move and he did.
His pace began slow, a bit too slow for Y/N’s liking. 

“Jin” Y/N breathed out.“Faster, please, faster.”

Jin didn’t need to hear it a second time as he picked up his pace.
Pulling out completely only to slide back in, hitting the spot that left Y/N mouth a gap, almost out of breath and causing more wounds on his back than his finger had. 
“J-Jin,” Y/N managed to breath out.“I’m going too.”

“Me too princess.” Jin said as his pace became sloppy.

“Come for me.” Jin whispered and at that exact moment Y/N released herself for the second time, watching the fireworks happening for the second time.
Jin pulled out, his hands giving it a few quick strokes as he cased behind Y/N.
He too saw the white fireworks, but he tried to block them out as he wanted to see how he spilled onto Y/N’s bottom half. 

“Shit, why are you so beautiful.” Jin breathed out as he came down from his high and admired how he made a painting even more beautiful.
The male had left the room only to come back with damp towels, even if Y/N wanted to clean up herself she couldn’t.
Sleep pulling down eyelids that where being held up open against will, but Y/N couldn’t help it as she watched how caring Jin was. One of the many things that she loved. 

“I love you.” Y/N muttered, watching how Jin stopped mid-action.
A smile enveloped his mouth as he threw away the towels in a corner and let himself fall onto the bed. 

“I love you too." 

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"What now?” Y/N said through the sleep. 

“Now?” Jin asked. 

“What are we suppose to do now, Jin?” Jin knew what the female was talking about, it was something he never wanted to think about but it was inevitable especially now.
“I don’t know.” Jin mumbled.“I guess live like idiotic lovebirds until time comes.” Y/N couldn’t help but agree.

Loving one another to the fullest until time would swoop by and end it, and did that come soon. It was safe to say it was the hardest goodbye the two had ever had, but they knew it would come so they where prepared for it, or so they thought.None of them cried out goodbyes, keeping it traditional which caused their friends and family, mostly Y/N’s to be proud of how much matured they have become.
Little did they knew that tears did fall, only in the presence of one man drive to a new chapter in life. 
It had been almost a year since the goodbye, and Y/N still missed Jin to the fullest.
It did not help that Jin forgot his jumper that time nor did it help she brought it along with her, but what else was she suppose to do?

Y/N had just gotten back from college, greeting the apartment guard who informed the female she had a new neighbor.
Acting as if she cared, Y/N, thanked the guard and began to walk towards the lift. Even though Y/N hadn’t much interest knowing who her new neighbor would be, she couldn’t help but get curious. 

So when the moment the lift door came open and her eyes spot boxes outside the apartment, she couldn’t help but let her get a sneak.
Slowly walking up to the open door she was about to just give a quick glance, but that did not go as planned. 
The box her neighbor was holding fell with a crashing sound onto the ground, Y/N moved her hands towards her mouth.



Turns out all this time their colleges where close by, they where close by.It even turned out their love had never died down, and the neighbors sure noticed that.

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Okay, so I started this without really any ending, that’s why it is so bad.
I was just listening to the Juno and The perks of being a wallflower OST on repeat.

Ha, yes I am trash.