Damn it! Come back you little…!

I’m gonna get you all and even if it’s the last thing I ever… Oh! Screw it! Send the ticket to the developers. I’ll go back to making snowmen.

Patch isn’t prepared for the adventure of taking it on bugs. She usually ends up opening a ticket and gets flooded by bugs.

Note: For those who joined my last mod-stream. Tomorrow there is another.


Thanks grey! I now got an iPhone to go with my… HEY!

Greyzeek can be super sweet… Until he detects something hoardable. He forgets what friends are when something shiny comes across his line of sight.

We’ve been featuring a lot of characters lately, I mean… it wasn’t that long that we had cute little Ori on the Tumblr.

At least she got a working iPhone now. At least that’s something. She’s not gonna get to review the Apple Watch Edition edition ever though.

Catch the thief!


I wanted to be in Super Smash!

I did make it through all the castings, even was a finalist. Then they sent me an email saying something about VAC. I’m still not sure what they mean.

Played all the tournaments myself. Never used a bot.

After all, my aim is terrible and I push the buttons like a girl. Didn’t use all the cloud servers to help me. Nor did I run a ton of copies of myself in a Virtual machine.


Building workspace 16%

If you ever developed with Eclipse you probably know that one. Sometimes, when you look at those progress bars it’s like a bad prank.

This Patch makes her way more relatable IMO. I struggle with this so bad every morning, it’s not even funny any more. Hate your alarm clock too?

I think it’s funny how her fur fixes itself on her way to breakfast.

Also, I wanna thank all of the people who got shirts, stickers, and iPhone case and a mug from our redbubble! You guys rock!
[Also, for the person who requested panel 2 as a mug]

They’re so romantic.

Yes, Patch notices blackouts. When they happen the temperature in the whitespace drops and everything becomes slightly slower. Patch starts feeling sleepy as some of the servers start shutting down, she got cold pawsies.

Wouldn’t you love to snuggle with her by the UPS? Patch sure would love some scratches behind the ears. I love how the background turned out. It looks a lot like a 70s cold war city after it was abandoned, for whatever reason.

BTW, would anybody here be interested in Patch shirts? We would be making dedicated shirt designs for you if you guys are. 

So, shirts anyone?

A legend written in stone.

We’re somehow on a Nintendo trip as of late. But seriously, Ocarina of Time was one of the first ever games I played, ever. I remember going over to my friends house and translating the game for them. Because the European version had no Spanish translation.

That game was all about walking

Fond memories of days where the word cloud still referred to puffy white objects floating in the sky. Patch loves to revisit this game for the sake of it.

If you love the Zelda theme and like electronic music, you shouldn’t miss out on this awesome remix.

Also, Google managed to get an AI that plays space invaders and break out. Patch got bored by those long ago. :P

This is part of my morning routine.

It helps getting rid of all the extra fur and does also get rid of many bugs. Patch also tends to crash a lot during this sessions.

She also went through a pretty painful garbage collecting process after she got rid of her cosplay. But she certainly does need to keep her memory usage down, she consumes enough of it already.

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Asphagnum Week #2 : Cosplay

Patch is a real nerd girl. She loves to cosplay - this time it’s from the Cyberpunk manga “Nihei”. I don’t know the reference, but our artist sure does, and since this is her week she’s allowed to do whatever she wants.

She’ll later tweet on how painful it’s to get the duct-tape out of her fur…

I’m also sure that the sexiness on this post overflows int(64) and will increase Patch’s memory usage once again.


Fell through the post again.

Tumblr and it’s ability to contain water are very limited. Somehow it’s even difficult to keep Patch inside the post sometimes.

And since she can’t stop fiddling with everything. She tests the bounds, systematically. She never tries the same spot twice.

Sometimes it goes badly for her though.

Note: There probably will be another Patch hangout next week. Make sure you join if you wanna.

Welcome to Patch’s! Home of the best scripts in town!

Patch is extremely systematic when cooking. That works extremely well for software. If you ever take a look at how she makes software… You just gonna stand staring in awe. Fast, optimized, well-documented and bug free, but her Spaghetti are not always right. You gotta feel it!

Guys, this is the last Monday of Winter!!!! Spring is coming! Go celebrate!

Patch would fit awesomely into the Sims! Get the fire alarm!


That’s what you use to scare R34 away?

I’d rather stay on this side of the shield. It feels way safer. I’m not as hard as I usually do look. There’s no way I’m ever turning that shield around again!!!

I have good and bad news. I’m back from Eurofurence (that’s the good one) and Asphagnum is gonna be taking a vacation for a few weeks. I’ll be around the computer and Jay is gonna be helping out meanwhile.

I think I need some vacuuming now, my fur is a mess.


Gimme your secrets!!

This is pretty much like brute force hacking works like. If you were watching this gif for about 40 years you would probably see her hacking a 4 character password.

An entire server farm (or city) would probably just take seconds or minutes. Seems like computers are simply so much faster than humans at everything…

It seems Patch has a general aversion against anything involving Boxes.

Monorailing is the sport of the future

I mean, is there anything cooler than dashing through a city at 300Km/h with nothing but the wind rushing through your hair. Maybe we could put on some headphones too.

Patch has a nag for some extreme activities. Sometimes she goes heart bleeding agencies and exploring… And now she is trying future sports.

Note: If you’re not an AI you should wear a helmet and an adequate outfit.


Hey!! Bring that Patch back!

You can’t turn off the gravity safely on a Dashboard. Your scrolling down will leave stuff floating - including Patch.

I was about to make a post about Patch’s breakfast… Now she has the hardest choice of them all to make. Should she save the donuts? Or the coffee?