Yesterday I woke up. I called my job and called off because I was sick the night before.i had a real bad tension headache and my stomach was doing ‘fear/powerlessness/chakra pains thing. I woke up late dreading that at some point in that day I would have to walk into work and quit because they were going to fire me for my slow performance at the register, which I acknowledge wholeheartedly because a voice in the back of my head returned to say, ” I’m to smart to be here, to do this to be stuck to be back in this kind of job….”

I got paid so I went to get a massage, my muscles rexaled wet heater it was from. The tension I hold in my traps or not stretching well enough from parkour, I still left feeling kinda off because I’m pretty sure I’m not aligned chiroactically after a slip I took training the other nights with some new brosefs.
Went over to my friends place to take a shower and ran into her mom.she doesn’t like me because she think I’m not good for her daughter, in short because I’m not in school and I don’t make a lot of her defense, we were introduced under unconventional terms soi can’t blame her at the very least for her perception of me which I never really cared to repair.
She asked me where I worked and I said (enter place here) and I recounted my past month telling her of it, knowing that when I left I’d be marching right in there to quit.
I quit.
It was evident that I didn’t have personality for that position, the b-s banter with customers the receptionist voice , the customer service flattery, I tired I really did but I’m not cut out for it, I was bored, derpressed and worst of all I didn’t feel like I was using my brain. My manger obliged.
A few stims later I went on to tell her what would daydream about when buisness was slow. Long story short.cause I think my batter is about to die. I get to give a presentation on Monday to become their new brand strategist and revamp the identity of the store.
I got fired.
And I MADE myself a new job.

If I can’t make it, we all can. Fuck all that bulshit about aspies getting where house job and being clerks or janitors or sad lonely technicians and shit.we can all be fucking clay Marcos if you want to be. And when I get a better camera and I MAKE my new schedule for my new job. Oh it’s on.we can do it guys.all of us.

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