Ok guys If I don’t make a text post by the end of tomorrow central time that probably means I’m either in the Hospital or dead.

I was hanging with a friend today and I’m Anemic so I have to take Iron vitamins everyday and while hanging with her I kinda forgot if I took one or not so before I crawled into bed I took one. Then I got scared because I wondered and so I spit most of it out but I still swallowed some before I got worried. And those Iron pills are strong for being small and flintstone-shaped so I could die if I take more than one a day. So if I survive I’ll make a text post that says “I survived!” and fill it will multiple game glitch gifs or other funny or fandom gifs okay?

Wish me luck because I’m scared as hell rn and if i do die at least send a submit post to my art blog saying that the acc is done for because I went O.D sorry aaaaa