aspens in fall

“Kebler Pass”

A valley of endless golden aspen under the snow dusted Beckwith Peaks.  This is my little secret place I like to venture off the main road of Kebler Pass, where I can always have this view to myself.  I make sure to walk down this trail every autumn to watch a sunset.

Kebler Pass, Colorado - September 2012

Shot Notes:

Velvia 100 4x5, 135mm fuji lens
1 second at f22, polarizer and 2 stop soft GND filter

A dramatic morning storm dumped rain, hail, sleet and snow on me while I watched the sunrise over Bear Lake.  There was such a nice mix of oranges and reds up there this year :)

Shot Notes:

Ektar 100 4x5, 90mm Caltar Lens

1 second at f22, 1 stop soft GND filter

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Elk Mountains, Colorado, USA

This was one of the highlights from my travels this autumn.  I found this spot a couple hours before sunset and figured I’d set up and wait for light.  I had the place all to myself, but It was mostly cloudy out so I didn’t know what to expect.  After a while of waiting the sky started dumping rain on me, but I put on the rain gear and enjoyed the solitude.  Right as the rain was getting to its strongest, I noticed the sky brightening up so I had a glimmer of hope that something would happen.  Then suddenly a double rainbow appeared and stayed incredibly brilliant for almost 5 minutes!  I watched the light come and go on the aspens and found this to be the perfect time to take the shot.

Shot Notes:
Velvia 50 4x5, 75mm Super Angulon
2 seconds at f22, polarizing filter and 2 stop soft GND filter


I’ve been trying to explore new trails instead of visiting the same ones over and over again, though of course they’re worth revisiting. Today’s find is definitely one of my new favorites. I didn’t think we’d find a place like this so close to Denver. A variety of forest, open hillside, and great views of the Indian Peaks. Not to mention the lack of crowds! I don’t know if it was because it was a Friday, we just got lucky, or this is still not on the radar, but we didn’t see a single person the three and a half hours we were there. Finally a place that feels farther out in Colorado than it really is.

Grand Teton National Park is a must-see in the fall! Aspen tree leaves blaze mostly yellow and orange (and occasionally red) shades during autumn, creating a dramatic contrasting with the towering Teton Range in the background. Photo courtesy of Ed Cooper. 🍁 🍂 🍃