We’re given the choice, in this funny little life of ours, to be the shadow, or the shine. It’s ok to love the deep dark places in ourselves, to explore their murky depths and hear our own voice back, a haunted echo, it’s ok. But. Be the shine. Always be the shine, and give out your light and warmth like pennies in the offering bowl of everyone you meet. You can be the shadow, or you can be the shine…Be the shine.

Signs as Plants

Aries ; venus fly trap. looks sweet but bites.

Taurus ; wildflowers. will spread and bring beauty even if a block of cement is in their way.

Gemini ; aspen forests. they feel like everyone’s connected deep down.

Cancer ; lotus. even in dark places, they find their way into the light.

Leo ; roses. all fun and games until their thorns show.

Virgo ; ferns. they don’t need a finish line to start their journey.

Libra ; daisies. they are perky and grow fast.

Scorpio ; poison ivy. once you touch them, theres no going back.

Sagittarius ; cactus. they hurt very much, but with the right amount of nurturing they make one of the most beautiful things.

Capricorn ; oak trees. old and wise and caring, but sometimes get too much attention.

Aquarius ; sunflowers. hold their head up high and always look at the “bright” side.

Pisces ; lavender. soothing, light but always manages to be strong and make a change.


Gorillaz- Aspen Forest