aspen arts


So here’s a sketch dump….. uuummmm….. 1+6 are dnd charas. 2 is Taako and Lup, 3+4 are Metalocalypse boys. and 5 is a good good moment in @curlicuecal‘s Cyber!bunny Apocalypse AU’s newest chapter! (Read that here its VERY GOOD!)


Riff/Raff, Aspen, Glint, Sergeant Jag, Sergeant Siege, Clone Medic Inquire, Lieutenant Ringer, Lieutenant Spice, and Captain Jewels of the 604th

this was meant to just be a simple line-up of a few clone ocs but it evolved into this 8h project 

((Raff is actually the far left clone, Riff is his batchmate right behind him)just thought saying Raff Riff was silly so its switched lol)

for the top pic click for full view!