aspell arts

dib’s trying to put it on himself, but he needed some assistance the first few times. zim isn’t the best candidate though. he’s never been near a binder, and he lacks the fingers needed to put one on. oh well.

i’m sorry i’m just so in love with transboy dib

after like a year of thinking her up, i FINALLY post about her

introducing summer pines! a transgirl dipper au 

she is around 14-15 years old and and is pre-transitioned (she hasnt taken hormones and has only been able to work on “feminizing” her voice) 

mabel is mighty supportive of her sister and teaches her everything about wearing bras, applying make-up, and picking out cute outfits. >w< 

and i have a rough story about how the twins join a sisters’ ice-skating or dance competition or something or other and unfortunately summer faces discrimination for being a transgirl and such..BUT she’s really happy w who she is and mabel loves her and she loves herself and ahh >w<

i just figured since the jewish pines headcanon has suddenly erupted, it was time to try and introduce another beloved au/headcanon of mine ahh


okay so i’ve been obsessed with the whole monsterfalls au thing for a while now and this idea struck me…and one thing lead to another and suddenly this.

this is kinda a continuation of this drawing. the plot isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and i know that gideon rises never happens in the au, hence the fact that the gideon bot is p much illogical but hey, it’s a cool idea anyway XD

Basically, deerper and mabel are trying to get away from gideonbot. dipper ends up tripping (breaking leg???) and falls unconscious, leaving mabel to crawl and find water..with yknow just gideonbot after her nbd

and there was going to be a bit of backstory as to why she’s wearing mermando’s necklace, but i feel like im diverging from the actual au too much (even though there’s no actual plot after they all become monsters as far as i know???) so i’ll just leave it at that.

ANYWAY ENOUGH TALKING look at this thing i drew when i had no internet.