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People will always see your moon first and then your sun. You can make people on here guess your sign and they will most than likely guess your moon sign. Moon sign will always be easier to see and to guess cause it is the core you. However your sun is your personality that you can manipulate or change or hide but your moon will never be hidden no matter how hard you try, your moon will always make its presence very clear in everything you do. That’s why people connect more deeply when they have moon sign aspecting one another than sun sign.


It’s always tea time.

Boueibu Shipping Week, Day 2

Fairy tale AU

Ngl, prompts for this event weren’t easy for me, but what made this particular one complicated was that there were so many option. But then again, of course, tea.

So, Alice in Wonderland it is :D not that shippy, now that I think about it lol

DigiCatholic Ministry Update

Fam! After months of building up our wonderful community, the time has come to kick-off the ministry aspect of DigiCatholic. One of my big points in ministry is that we cannot engage in ministry activities if we do not first have an established community. It would be like trying to plant a seed on infertile soil. Now, after these past few months, I see the eagerness in your hearts and I am so pumped to share this with you all!

As of right now, we have three main programs to offer: Bible Study, Theology of the Body, and Lectio Divina. Apologetics and Evangelization, and even other things, will come later on - mainly because we will need a basic Scriptural basis to dive deep into these topics/programs that I have in mind.

Here is the link to the form to fill out so I can get a sense of when to plan each program. Basically it’s just asking you when is best for you. It’s also got a question on what approach we want to take for our Lectio Divina program.

There’s a lot to take in (I’m just giving you a snippet of what I say in the form description), but I wanted to give you the best summary of what’s planned. In the past few months I’ve seen you all interact and grow. I am so proud to not only call you friends but to have the opportunity to minister to you all in this way, and to be ministered by you all as well. This is going to be such an amazing adventure and I am so glad to be entering it with y'all.

As always, if you have any questions or ideas, let me know! This is your community, your ministry, your home away from home. :)

In Christ,

anonymous asked:

well, to be fair, not that it makes what larries do okay, but there's a difference between what larries do and what a man would be doing fetishising a lesbian couple, bc theres the whole issue of misogyny and how men behave towards lesbians. what larries do is bad, but if a man did that to two girls it would be worse, thats all im saying

I understand that women don’t have the same power men do sexually in the world, but one aspect that plays out in is because women’s sexualities, including their fantasies, aren’t taken as seriously and tinhatting is actually an example of that.

Men are meant to enjoy when we fantasize about them publicly. That’s part of why it gets so out of hand, because women aren’t made to feel like behaving like this can be just as creepy, traumatizing and unsettling for men as it would be for women. 

Tinhats also hide behind the fact that it’s gay men too. Because it’s like they can distance themselves from it. So they can talk graphically about men topping/bottoming/buttplugs/balls deep every day without having to think about how they’re talking about the intimate private details of two people.

I think if they had to talk about “Jennifer likes to get fingered” “Dating a man? LOL she’s probably sucking on some tits right now” “She’s probably nose deep in a pussy”….. that would be too real for them because it involves a woman’s relationship to sex, aka ourselves. With men you can just cartoon it up because you don’t feel like it’s really about something you can relate to.

You can also dress it up by your passion for LGBTQIA rights. I do believe Larries want equality and all the rest of it, but I also think that means they don’t have to examine what their behavior says in terms of homophobia, misogyny, racism, classism. They think they ship two men so that’s fine, they’re activists. They don’t have to examine how their obsession with two gay men’s sex lives is an example of how gay people’s sexualities are consumed as fetishes and how dehumanizing their theorizing and self insert morse code SOS signal rescue fantasies are. They think it’s all over because they insist on two men needing to date together. Like it would be great if that’s true, but it isn’t.

It’s obviously a topic that would require tonnes of discussion but I think if we can switch up Louis and Harry’s genders and talk about them as if they’re women and lesbians as spoken about by men and suddenly realize how creepy and uncomfortable it makes us to hear two people talked about that way, it says a lot about how we’ve managed to dehumanize or detach ourselves from the reality of their situation.

Aspects To Mercury: The Art of Communication

An interest in Mercury has sparked me tonight, so I would like to make a post about the aspects to it; how planets can modify and add to its power whether it be psychically modified by Neptune or artistically modified by Venus, Mercury gives us something very special. Our minds are gifts, each and every mind has its ways. With planetary aspects to Mercury, we get insight on how we put our element to work.
Note: I’m excluding the Sun from this post as I already put it here and the only major aspect it can make is the conjunction.

Mercury and Moon; the Expressive Mind

Mercury Conjunct Moon
The mind and emotions work together, although, one may dominate the other depending on the sign they are in (obviously if the moon is in a more complementary sign for it, it will dominate Mercury and vice versa). Speaking their emotions may be easy for them. Makes them witty and talkative, very expressive in the way they communicate, it is very easy to read their emotions based on the way they speak to you.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Moon
The mind and emotion are in complete harmony. The power of emotions can be put into thoughts, words, and writing very easily for this individual. This is an excellent placement for writers or any area that may require emotion into expressing ideas so things aren’t all robotic. Very perceptive and expressive. 

Mercury Square Moon
The complete opposite of the harmonious aspects. The mind and emotions are at conflict with each other. Emotions need to be controlled wherever Mercury is sitting in (check the house). Decisions may be based on emotions, needs to be more reasonable. Needs to stop switching between rational and irrational feelings. Easy attitude adjustment can fix this. On the positive side, carries unconditional love. 

Mercury Opposite Moon
Opposition usually represent outer forces. Opt to be the victim of gossip and criticism. Should also not be the cause of gossip and criticism themselves as it will create more karmic debt. Like the square, could have issues with being reasonable. Needs some attitude adjustments. Likely to be very nervous and restless too often. May likely possess some of the positive traits from the harmonious aspects making them good writers.

Mercury and Venus; the Artistic Mind

Note: Venus can only ever be 78 degrees apart from Mercury. We are always aware of the power of love in our mind, thus they cannot be separated too much. The only major aspects it can make are the conjunction and the sextile. It can make minor aspects semi-sextile (harmonious), quintile (harmonious), and semi-square (inharmonious), but the orbs on them would have to be extremely tight to be noticeable and I have not researched enough on those aspects to feel comfortable spreading too much information on them. You can get a basic idea that the semi-sextile is similar to sextile, but just a minor form of it and a semi-square is similar to the square, but a minor form of it. Quintiles symbolize awareness or lack there of; things we do without realizing. Aaaand I’ve rambled on, but maybe you guys learned something new.

Mercury Conjunct Venus
The mind is very refined and artistic. Soft and charming. Ideas and voice can be almost hypnotizing. Very friendly when unafflicted. Speaks beauty so effortlessly.

Mercury Sextile Venus
Great placement for musicians; it combines the mind with artistic abilities. Very artistic. Friendly, charming, and social, may come off a little fake though.

Mercury and Mars; the Passionate Mind

Mercury Conjunct Mars
Mental process is passionate, aggressive, and fiery (especially if the planets are in fiery signs). Can make the individual sharp tongued, sarcastic, and blunt. When discussing passion for something, the energy is likely to be extremely bold unless other placements can tone down this fiery force.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Mars
Put mind into action. Extremely passionate about their ideas and arguments. They love to argue. The mind seems to always be working. A new day is a new opportunity for these people. Maybe blunt and sarcastic. 

Mercury Square Mars
Hot-tempered, too blunt, and too sarcastic. Must stabilize their animal-like ways to fix aggression. Control the rudeness.

Mercury Opposite Mars

Unlike the square, these people are likely to encounter people like the square especially if the planets are tied to the seventh house; be sure to check all houses though, because, personal houses affect the individual internally whereas a very public house such as the tenth house has to do with aggressive outer forces trying to balance karma again. Great potential and ambition. Passion is still there like the harmonious aspects.

Mercury and Jupiter; the Good Spirited Mind

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter
Jupiter gives the mind some philosophical links. Very generous and jovial. Humorous, optimistic, and intelligent minded. Mind is kind of lazy, may need Mars to give it a push for bigger goals. The mind find interest in literature, art, and religion. Its good nature leads simpleness to the individual’s life, you could even say their life is easy, but it may just be because they hardly wish to act upon big opportunities. They are always quite content.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Jupiter
Very intelligent and wise despite the age the individual may be. Makes for a great teacher. Like the conjunction, strong interests in the areas of literature, art, and religion. May hold strong faith. Contagious optimism.

Mercury Square Jupiter
Good spirited and easy to speak to. The mind tends to procrastinate and be forgetful. Difficulty with rejecting and tend to be “yes-men.” Money smart. Superstition, but skeptical towards religion. If Jupiter lacks good aspects with other personal planets, judgement may be poor. Has a hard time keeping secrets if this aspect is prominent. Difficulty with pulling together mental resources quickly when being questioned or argued with.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter
How this aspect acts will really depend on what signs Mercury and Jupiter are in. It is mental activity versus all areas Jupiter manifests. May be seen as a difficult aspect in fixed signs as it creates stubbornness in the matters of truthfulness. Other than that, it can possess many of the traits the harmonious trine or sextile carries.

Mercury and Saturn; the Serious Mind

Mercury Conjunct Saturn
Very serious, unless Venus or Jupiter loosens the individual. If Saturn is something that is very prominent and persistent in the individual’s chart, they may be gloomy or pessimistic. Deep thinker. Tendency to loneliness if self-centred thoughts are expressed. Make good teachers as they are very orderly and strict. Through hard work, they will see great success. 

Mercury Trine/Sextile Saturn
Practical, intelligent, responsible, ambitious. Likely to have grown up well disciplined. Their minds are very good at absorbing knowledge. Great self control. A favourable aspect to have for good physical health as Saturn gives strength to bones. 

Mercury Square Saturn
A polar opposite to the trine/sextile. May not be so great where education is concerned. The mind is just not very good at absorbing knowledge like the harmonious aspect is. Squares are to teach us to be persistent. Where gaining knowledge is difficult, the individual needs to be patient and overcome this difficulty. Learn how to improve memory skills and studying habits. Avoid depressive thoughts of “I can’t do this” and stay away from bad habits.

Mercury Opposite Saturn
Brings lack of communication and issues from outer forces, especially family and relatives when aspected to the 3rd, 4th, or 7th house. Brings on feelings of being uncared for. Early life is generally unhappy and disrupted where education is concerned, but as they get older, intelligence and success should come their way. Feeling limited is only temporary. If Saturn is prominent in the individual’s chart, they are likely to be very serious and distrusting. 

Mercury and Uranus; the Genius Mind

Mercury Conjunct Uranus
Mercury and Uranus work together like PB & J. You could easily call an individual with this aspect a genius as they can easily come up with new concepts and ideas. Their minds think on a whole other level. Will and mind is strong.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Uranus
Originality and extraordinary intelligence. Inventive, keen, quick minded, especially in air signs. Excellent communicators. Independent and even a bit eccentric. 

Mercury Square Uranus
Although a square, does not lack intelligence. Probably just as original and intelligent as the conjunction, but attitude is somewhere else. Very independent, kind of snappy, sarcastic, and blunt. If lacks harmonious aspects to Venus, they may need to learn how to speech more gently. The independent mastermind, maybe too independent. 

Mercury Opposite Uranus
Needs to control their erratic tendencies as although they can gain some things for this individual, they can also bring sudden loss. By checking what houses are associated with this aspect, you can see where the spontaneous behaviour is being expressed. Nervous and impatient, still opt to be intelligent. 

Mercury and Neptune; the Dreamy Mind

Mercury conjunct Neptune
Of course with such a strong aspect to Neptune, the individual is going to have some difficulty with the reality of things. Fact and myth sometimes just blurs into a singular meaning. If lacks aspects to Saturn, likely to live more in the mythical land versus reality. Romantic and a wishful thinker. Sensitive and psychic. Needs to work on focus. Great aspect for musicians and poets.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Neptune
This quote best describes this placement better than I ever could, “Inspirational, poetic, and creative mind, Aptitude for psychic and mystical fields. Can benefit from dreams and visions. Practical idealist. Is able to use his inspirational powers constructively. Exquisite sensitivity toward the subtler aspects of life. Strong love of the sea and should live near it. Has the ability to contact higher planes of consciousness in sleep and in meditation and bring instruction through to the conscious mind.” - Astrology, A Cosmic Science

Mercury Square Neptune
Again, we are to learn from squares, they build strength. An individual with this aspect needs to learn to focus and take off the rose-filtered glasses. Needs to be more honest and direct. Thoughts need to be more clear. Psychic ability may be there, but also may cause difficulties. Deception brings on more deception; its the way karma works. May be as sneaky as a snake, but karma will get them eventually and it won’t be good. No more lies and unnecessary secretiveness. Truth brings truth.

Mercury Opposite Neptune
Great imagination, but may need to be reminded of what is real. Quite emotional, a lot of mental activity based on emotions. Should be careful of deceptive people; don’t put your guard down. Check what houses are associated with this aspect so you know where the deception could come from. 

Mercury and Pluto; the Perceptive Mind

Mercury Conjunct Pluto
The aspects brings that ability to bring the unconscious mind into thoughts and words. a great aspect for investigators or anything that requires careful research. You could say their mind is very penetrating, it can pierce through the unknown. The individual has to some degree, the power to manipulate. They are very perceptive and know exactly what to say to a person to trigger specific thoughts and emotions. Some individuals may use their ‘powers’ for negative purposes.

Mercury Trine/Sextile Pluto
Similar to the conjunction, but not likely to use their ability to obtain power like the conjunction might. This individual is logical and original. 

Mercury Square Pluto
Skeptical and impatient. May not be as perceptive as the harmonious aspects, so they need to slow down, especially when reading people’s gestures. The obsession for knowing the unknown for power-related reasons is common with this aspect.

Mercury Opposite Pluto
This individual can sometimes be oversensitive. Feels lonely ever when clearly not; lack of contentment in groups of friends. Constantly feeling of needing to self-improve to seek inner contentment. Needs to think carefully before making judgement or decisions. On the positive side, these people have great motivation to their desires. They will work for them.

questions for the mun, regarding the muse.

  1. What makes you the most emotional about your muse?
  2. What made you decide to write this muse?
  3. If you could change one event in your muse’s life (in their main or canon verse), what would you change?
  4. If you could tell your muse one thing, what would you tell them?
  5. If you could give your muse one gift, what would you give them?
  6. If you had to take one positive thing away from your muse, what would you take away?
  7. If you could “borrow” one aspect of your muse and apply it to yourself or your own life, what would you borrow?
  8. Do you genuinely want your muse to be happy? What do you think would make them most happy in life?
  9. Do you enjoy putting your muse through angst? What do you think would break their heart the most?
  10. What do you love about your muse?
  11. What do you hate about your muse?
  12. What about your muse amuses you?
  13. What about your muse makes you sad?
  14. How would you describe your muse to someone about to meet them, in person, for the first time?
  15. Would you like your muse as a person if you met them in real life?
  16. In what ways are you better than your muse? In what ways are they better than you?
  17. Why do you think you connect to your muse?
  18. What aspect of your muse’s personality is most important to you? What aspect of your muse’s personality do you think is most important to them? Is it the same? Why or why not?
  19. If you had to judge your muse and sentence them to a “fair” fate, what would your judgement be? Would you punish them? Reward them? How?
  20. [come up with your own question for the mun, regarding the muse]
The Difference Between Trines and Sextiles

You can find the difference between aspects in how the signs work with each other. It can be really hard to solidly tell a difference between a sextile and a trine, since they can bring similar, harmonious effects. However, this does not mean their effects are exactly the same.

While both trines and sextiles are harmonious, the two aspects are very different in what they’re composed of. A trine consists of two signs that are of the same element and polarity while a sextile is composed of two signs that are of different elements, but share the same polarity.

This is important to note because signs that are trine to each other work so naturally and easily to where the native can often not notice the workings of this aspect. This is why people tend to say that trines can either be used for natural talent, or be wasted due to ignorance. The reason why the trine works so naturally is because the two signs involved have the same element, in other words, medium to work with. For example, water signs use emotions as a medium to express themselves, and when two water signs are brought together, they can easily work together because there isn’t an need to change the current medium in hand. When there is no change, there is less room for a misunderstanding between the two signs. However, with no change, there can be a lack of movement and stimulation.

Sextiles however, work harmoniously on different, but compatible mediums due to the same polarity. For example, fire and air signs work well together because both of their mediums (energy and communication) are seen in external environments due to their masculine polarity. Due to the mediums both being external, there is less room for misunderstanding, which makes the aspect harmonious. However, since the mediums involved are different, sextiles do not feel as natural as trines since the native must use two different mediums to express the aspect. Natives with sextiles are often aware of this aspect because it doesn’t feel as natural as a trine and will often consciously express this aspect.

*The only exceptions that can be made to this post are the existence of out-of-sign aspects. Out-of-sign aspects need to be looked at more carefully, since the energy with out-of-sign aspects are not only weaker, but can also be different. You can check the differences in the specific signs, planets, and houses involved.

If I had to pick one aspect of Wonder Woman that I really liked that hasn’t already been enthused over at length:

The fight on the beach between the Amazons and the Germans which managed to avoid both  the “untouchable fairy warriors” and  the “mechanized weapons obliterate savages with spears” tropes

Like – the amazons definitely won that one hands down, and they won it with arrows and swords against machine guns. But it hurt them to do it. They took casualties. That victory cost.  And that’s important, because it puts their refusal to leave Themyscira to join into the war into a more realistic perspective. If the Amazons had curbstomped the Germans and walked away without a scratch, then their refusal to get involved would have seemed… kinda selfish honestly, at the very least entirely a decision of principle and stubbornness rather than an actual consideration of the logistics. The amazons are warriors, yes, but they’ve got their own charge and their own business. They aren’t here to fight your wars for you.

But also, yes,  the badass ladies in the leather kilts and headdresses with arrows and knives kicked the crap out of a modernized infantry force with guns, because guns are not the be-all and end-all of combat.

Hey, Jason Todd.

Let me just say how pleased I am that you are that you can now sit around eating fries with the other Robins.

I’m not sure how you achieved this, or how many retcons were needed to do it. And I see you still can’t go two minutes without mentioning you died that one time.  But kudos to you for trading in your mid noughties anti-hero schtick – even if only temporarily.

Soon, no doubt, I will be watching your WB mandated, sustained torture and psychological manipulation by the joker on the big screen, in tones of grey and… other greys.

And when I do, it will be a comfort to know that somewhere out in the multiverse, you’re squabbling with your bros and having a burger.  


What is a combustion?

Combustion is when any planet is closely conjunct to the Sun. To be more specific, conjunct from 0°18′ to 8°. If you have planets conjunct to the Sun from 9° to 15°, you would have your planets “under the beams.” It is possible to look at loose aspects made to the Sun since it’s arguably the strongest planet in your natal chart and it’s a strong luminary. If you have a planet conjunct to your Sun that is less than 0°18′, then you have what is called cazimi.

What’s the difference between combustion, “under the beams,” and cazimi in terms of effects?

As illustrated, the main thing the three conditions have in common is that they’re conjunctions made to the Sun. However, due to the varying degrees, the effects are different for each condition.

Combustion and “under the beams” are accidental debilities* while cazimi is an accidental dignity*.

What are the effects of having a combustion in the natal chart?

In order to understand why and how a combustion can be seen as an debility (accidental, to be exact,) you have to see the symbolic and literal imagery that is shown when a combustion is present in the natal chart.

The Sun is quite hot and bright. In western astrology, it is often generally seen to be a benefic planet while in Vedic astrology, it is seen to be a malefic planet. Western astrology tends to view the rays of the Sun to be positive, warm, and inspiring while Vedic astrology can often view the rays of the Sun to be destructive and hot, for these same rays can also burn up whatever is in its way.

When your planet is combust, imagine that planet engulfed and burned up in the Sun’s rays, specifically from the corona. The planet from there wouldn’t be seen due to the light of Sun covering it up. The planet’s effects in other words would be weakened because the Sun would be overpowering it. The planet would not be able to have its own individual shine, and can easily lose its separate identity from the Sun in the process. This can result in the native having the planet not easily seen, for there is a strong fusion between the planet and the Sun. All conjunctions in nature illustrate two planets working as a single unit. With a combustion, however, there can often be a “fusing” effect. The Sun and planet have essentially become “one,” with the Sun being strongly dominant.

With that in mind, the combust planet can often feel neglected for the native mainly because the functions of the planet will mostly manifest starting inside rather than outside the native. People with combust planets can often struggle to separate parts of themselves from the ego (Sun) and as a result, these planets can often be more sensitive. What natives have to ultimately learn is separate the combust planet from the Sun by placing unique emphasis to the combust planet so that it can maintain its own identity so that it can work with, rather than under the Sun’s influence.

What are the effects of having a planet “under the beams” with the Sun?

Having a planet “under the beams” is similar to a combustion, but to a lesser degree. While the combust planet is completely covered up by the Sun, having your planet “under the beams” can show a planet that can still be partially seen against the Sun’s powerful rays. That means that the planet will still have its own sphere of influence separate from the Sun, but this influence can be highly affected by the Sun.

What are the effects of having a planet in cazimi?

Having a planet in cazimi can show a planet that is in the center, or in the “heart” of the Sun. With cazimi, the planet is stronger, and the spotlight is placed onto the planet, since it is free from being burned away by the Sun’s rays. People with a planet in cazimi can often have a talent associated with the planet since the manifestation of planets in cazimi are very strong and can be applied externally in a positive manner. The planet in cazimi in this case functions has a complete, strong, separate entity from the Sun and can be seen as a planet that goes beyond the identity and ego.

What are the implications of combustion in astrology?

The two planets that are most likely to be combust are Venus and Mercury. Mercury can only be one sign away from your Sun while Venus can only be two signs away from the Sun. Having a combustion in these two planets can quite common, and it often implies the internal nature of our thoughts (Mercury) and our internal drive to meet our ideals (Venus.) It can often show the strong tie our mind and ideals can have to how we see ourselves.


18. Harry Styles, “Meet Me in the Hallway”

Producer: Tyler Johnson, Alex Salibian, Jeff Bhasker
Album: Harry Styles

“Meet Me in the Hallway” is the perfect opener for Harry Styles’ solo debut because it hallmarks all the aspects of what the former One Direction member wants us to hear in him now. It’s a little rock, a little sad, a little twangy. Above all else, it’s vaguely confessional—as is much of Styles’ album—who is this mysterious woman who has got his heart all tangled up? Who does Harry Styles “gotta get better” for? Is it really about drugs? I mean we’ll never find out, but it’s a great listen, one that evokes the ghosts in our own hallways that we never got better for. - Complex

so lots of people have been asking me my thoughts on laci green’s “red pill” stuff recently. some, in an accusatory way (”why aren’t you a good feminist like laci green?”) and some in a confused way (”help im not sure how to process this”).

i’ve largely avoided commenting on it publicly for personal reasons. i dont like talking about individuals instead of ideas anyway, but there was just some stuff going on for me irl that made me not want to comment on this specifically.

but, at this point, i think laci is doing enough harm that it’s worth publicly saying that i really don’t like what she’s doing or how she’s doing it. i could go into a whole like in-depth thing examining every single point in her two “red pill” videos and analyzing her tweets because there’s a lot to unpack, but honestly that’s not worth my time because it won’t convince anyone of anything. people who want to support her are going to support her, and vice versa for those who don’t. i’ve had my arguments about it already and it’s tired and boring.

as an overarching critique, though, all i will say is that she doesn’t need to 1) throw other feminists under the bus or 2) befriend people who engage in online harassment.

you might not think she’s throwing anyone under the bus, and you might not think the people she’s befriending engage in online harassment – but again, i’m not trying to convince anyone of that. that’s just how i see it.

myself and other feminist creators have gotten a lot of backlash for not being ~open to a dialogue~ like laci, and i don’t think she has done anything to defend us. i think she’s tweeted a couple times that “not every feminist has to debate like me” but then the rest of her rhetoric is full of “i hate how so many feminists refuse to engage in dialogue but don’t worry everyone i’m a good feminist”. and not only does that throw us under the bus but it makes the wildly inaccurate assumption that none of us have ever engaged with any competing ideas which is a beloved anti-feminist talking point but patently false. many of us engage with these ideas, just not in the form of livestreamed debates. we’ve had our arguments, we’ve spent hours arguing over the same points, we’ve wasted our time trying to convince people of things they refuse to accept.

it’s just that she seems more interested in pandering to anti-feminists, complimenting them, and making them feel good than she does protecting the people who are at the receiving end of anti-feminist harassment campaigns.

and when people have said extremely horrible horrible things about me and my friends and tried to make our lives hell for months (or years), it hurts to see a large feminist youtuber like laci defending them and leaving me and other feminist youtubers out to dry.

i personally do not think engaging with anti-feminist ideas is a bad thing. contrary to popular belief, i talk to people with opposing viewpoints all the time (but riley you block people on twitter! yeah, conversations happen off twitter, fucking shocking i know right). but at some point, i’m just repeating myself. the arguments have been had. the points have been made. and i don’t have the money, the time, or the energy to devote 8 hours a day to arguing with anti-feminists. if someone else wants to do that, i think there’s a way to go about it that does not involve befriending anti-feminists or elevating small anti-feminists channels to a larger platform. engaging with the ~other side~ is not inherently bad – discussion and dialogue can be useful – but you have to be careful of the way in which you do it. one aspect of that is the difference between discussing privately and debating publicly. public debates are a spectacle, a show. they’re not conducive to learning or growing or conceding points. they’re conducive to proving you’re right and they’re wrong at all costs and being able to say you “owned” them the next day.

i think laci is approaching this in entirely the wrong way, and it seems to me that she has either fallen for a lot of bullshit anti-feminist talking points or is pretending to in an effort to get closer to them. either way, i think it’s kinda messed up.

anyway, that’s all imma say on the topic. the more we all talk about laci and hype up the little drama she has created, the more she profits from it and is incentivized to continue doing it. im done caring about this show she’s putting on, and i’ll continue doing the intersectional work she has abandoned.

i think it’s important to understand that upsetting writing isn’t equal to bad writing. upsetting writing that allows the characters to grow or highlights problematic aspects of the society and one that addresses those issues appropriately isn’t inherently bad just because it’s upsetting for the audience, on the contrary - that’s the characteristic of a well-written piece that evokes emotion and prompts the audience towards reflection upon their understanding of characters, but also their own bias or prejudice. 

I fight for...
  • mars aspect sun: myself, my right to express myself, my Independence
  • mars aspect moon: my loved ones, myself, my emotional safety, my home
  • mars aspect mercury: my opinions, what I know, my perception of reality, my siblings and close relatives
  • mars aspect Venus: the love principle, what pleasures me, those I love, harmony and peace
  • mars aspect Jupiter: my faith and spirituality, my beliefs, my knowledge
  • mars aspect Saturn: my future, my personal goals, my public image, the structure and Order of society
  • mars aspect Uranus: my society, humanity, my friends, my individualism
  • mars aspect Neptune: my dreams and fantasies, my loved ones who I am devoted to, others who are suffering
  • mars aspect Pluto: my deepest desires and ambitions, my secrets
Random Harry Potter aspects

~Voldemort had Mercury in the 8th. We see this when he demands that Dumbledore tell him the truth. I actually think he has Aries in the 8th due to his death being caused by he fight between him and Harry. This would mean that he has a Virgo rising(if all of his houses aren’t intercepted).

~Hagrid had Mercury square ascendent because he was a smart character, but at first glance many individuals thought he was a “brutish oaf”

~Bill had a 9th house stellium due to his job as a code breaker going overseas for his job. He definitely had Venus in the 9th since he married Fleur who was a foreigner from France.

~Cormac Mclaggen had mars in the 1st considering his large frame while I think Oliver Wood had an Aries rising. Krum more than likely had a Scorpio rising.

~Harry had a Virgo Mercury. We know he was a leo sun and I honestly think he was extremely smart. He was also a good teacher so I think his mercury would have been in Virgo.  It would also help give him and Hermione a Sun-Mercury conjunction which is crucial in a friendship!

~Voldemort also had Pluto in the 2nd due to his “magpie-like tendencies” of collecting items. Voldemort was messy, but he was certainly enthralling so I believe he would have had Neptune conjunct Ascendent as well.

~Rufus Scrimegour was a Leo rising considering many of the characters in the book described him to be “lion-like” in appearance.

~There was a good chance Lavender had a Leo Venus considering she had a habit of showing off Ron while also appearing possessive and jealous in nature. Speaking of Ron I wonder if he had Saturn in the 7th considering he was so confused about love while also being a later bloomer.

~Ginny was mars dominant. In true Ginny spirit I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise

~Remus Lupin was a Cancer rising. All obvious moon related jokes aside, he had a way of making others feel at home. He was also a nurturing teacher who really did his best to make sure his students succeeded.

~Sirius Black had Pluto in the 4th house. His home life wasn’t the best, but I think he made up for it by creating a new family that cared about him. I also think he had Casanova on his ascendant as he was apparently quite the playboy during his time at Hogwarts

~Hermione had prominent Saturn energy in her chart, potentially Saturn in the 1st or Saturn in the 5th. She was extremely mature beyond her years.

I’ll add more as I continue re-reading the books. Add on with your own aspects or debate aspects you see so far!