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The Complete Silk Aspect Inversion Desktop Set

Here they are, all six Weavesilk Homestuck Aspect Inversion Desktops! Hooray! Download them here! Share them with your friends! 

I also managed to break my sidebar on my blog, which had links to all my other desktops and other goodies. So, because I’m lazy and will rebuild that later, here’s a link to the folder with all of my other Silk Homestuck Desktops.

This isn’t the end, though! Tomorrow, I’ll be releasing simple, flat icon versions of all of my custom symbols so that others in the fandom can enjoy them.

As always, download, spread the word, etc! All I ask is that you do give mention to me if you use these in works of your own. And if you do use them for your own works, be sure to share that work back my way - I’d love to see what you do!

Feel free to use this as a desktop wallpaper! If you do a like/reblog would mean a lot!

If I got rid if the demon, I’d lose the angels


Daily UI #13 - Direct Messaging

My take on an update to the tumblr messaging system, specifically on mobile, with some Voltron tossed in :D thought it’d be nice to have group chats, more timestamps, twitter’s night mode, and some of xkit’s and discord’s customizations