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70mm is imax.....

after some brief research i can confirm it is not. 70mm is a film projection format which as it sounds is simply footage filmed on a 70mm reel as opposed to a 35mm reel which apparently used to be standard before digital. that means theres higher res because its just bigger, and also that the audio quality is higher. a 70mm film also has an aspect ratio of 1.43.1 so that it’s more “square,” (more like a wall to be projected on), as opposed to most films now a days which are flat or scope. the film is run through vertically. 

imax, on the other hand, is a projection format - a format used to alter the actual projection of the film. this alteration is made in post on a computer. this apparently uses two linked digital projectors which makes the image brighter and sharper, and occasionally bigger than a standard production. the film is run through horizontally. 

imax is not the considerable improvement over normal 2k projection that 70mm is from 35mm. 70mm is the largest format of the film itself, imax is the largest format of projection. 70mm may be more irritating as not all shots are on 70mm, the aspect ration may vary from shot to shot. imax is closer to a traditional (modern) cinema experience. 

above shows the comparative size of screens, the outermost yellow line is 70mm imax. for comparison, the 4k screen (in the middle of the cluster of red) is the biggest size you can upload to youtube and if youve ever watched a 4k video on yt (get low is 4k) you can imagine how insane the res on a 16k would be. the resolution (not picture size) of imax 70mm is about equivalent to 18k.

also, if any one is interested in renting a 70mm imax camera, itll run you about 15k/week. then you have to buy the film, which is about ~$3/foot, and you need about 150k feet to shoot 40 mins. in conclusion, money. (what i calculated for dunkirk is at least 700k-1mil). also a 3d 70mm imax camera is so fucking big it takes 4 people to carry it and comes equipped with poles for your convenience as you can see pictured here which amuses me greatly

One Voice In The Cosmic Fugue
Toshiya Yamanaka
One Voice In The Cosmic Fugue

Knight Arms: The Hyblid Framer (X68000), 1989
Toshiya Yamanaka

Did you know: many X68000 games’ native aspect ratio is 1:1 (i.e., square), but because they ran on then-standard 4:3 monitors (making the pixels wider than they were tall), artists had to compensate by drawing everything horizontally compressed? System fonts don’t seem to have been designed to accommodate this, though.

As for the music, well … Mr. Yamanaka is undoubtedly my favorite musician to ever work with the X68000. Really clean sound design, too. What a great theme! ♥ It fills me with optimism, just like the show it takes its name from.

(cockpit animation previously seen via awesomesauce gif maiden restinpeaches)


Watch: Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta: A 1:1 aspect ratio love letter to Compton from the biggest name in rap right now.


Britzer Garten #1 (2014, Agfa Super Isolette, Kodak Ektar 100, Snapseed)

I normally don’t do that, but this time I post a whole 6x6 film in two photosets (there seems to be a limit of 10 images per photoset, at least on the iPad). The photos are only cropped slightly (to get the exact 1:1 aspect ratio) and a little bit fine tuned (mostly brightness, contrast, and sharpness to compensate for the moderate scan resolution).

Why am I doing this?

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