I never even expected to get to this any followers to be honest. I had honestly made this blog on a whim, hearing that the movie had come out and seeing so many gamoras and peters, groots and rocket's and ... no drax's. I was like "why is there none? -- i'll be this nation's hero." and so I took on the duty.. heh duty. You all have made it a wonderful stay here and are the reason I am still here. If I forget some of you, I am terribly sorry I can be pretty scatterbrained D: I still love you all! Also I will TRY to only put one user's account on here who I know have multiple accounts just not to make it so long.

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Wowee! Last night I went just over my 500 mark with followers and I can’t believe it!!! It’s been such a pleasure to be able to RP Armand on tumblr and to see the Vampire Chronicles fandom rise up again since Prince Lestat was announced. I’m also so, so touched that the fandom (and others) have all put up with me! I adore you all and I am so thankful you’ve given me a chance to portray such a complex character like Armand and do him as much justice as I can. Below I decided to do a little revamp of my first follow forever and also let some darlings know how much they mean to me!!      


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This chick right hurr. She was arguably one of the first RPers I met when I came stumbling into VC RP world on here. Her Daniel is so spot on and she’s done so well to give him a voice on his tumblr–if it weren’t for the roleplays, one might think it actual was Daniel’s blog! We’ve meshed so many headcanons and made up wonderful plots and theories and I can’t imagine having never met this cool cat tbh. I love Jess dearly and I highly recommend you follow her!!! You’re missing out if you don’t. ;c


Miti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MY BAE. I’ve loved Miti probs since the day(night?) we met ahahah. I think we even followed each other long before we actually began interacting and yet the moment we did–Ah, what a breath of fresh air! Her Marius is wonderful and so thought out and she really knows how to touch on the flaws of Marius that make him not seem as terribly perfect as he likes to come off as. ;) 10/10 would recommend.


Okokok. Rosie is what I jokingly call my “Maker”–In that she was the one who inspired me to make my Armand account!! I wasn’t even aware VC had an online community (I know, where HAVE I been all my life?) until she blogged about it and I followed her Louis account for a while on an old RP Blog. Since then, she inspired me to finish the series after years of not picking them up and has really motivated me to have fun with it when I was once in a really badly place over tumblr. Her Louis is wonderful, but I’m sure you already know that.


What do I even say about this dude right here? She’s too gay to function. She’s good at peeling potatoes. Ok but seriously I mean, she rps Lestat. Is there any reason not to follow her? No, but seriously. I’ve known Megan for approximately a year now since I encouraged herto make her Lestat account and w o w. That is sometthing I would never take back ever. She’s become such a very near and dear friend to me and I adore her in every way. Along with that, she never ceases to amaze me with the insight and understanding she has of Lestat as a character. Despite all of our jokes posts and humors, when it gets down to it, I am in awe at how she can take a multifaceted character like Lestat and bring him to life once more. Love love love. I can’t wait for her to come back to the tumblr sphere for RP <3


RED!!!!!!!!!!! I love Red. I love her OC. She is the blood of angry men, she is a world about to dawn, she is–a sprite! Red is also one of the first few people I met here when I made my Armand account. She’s a totally badasssweetheart and I have grown so attached to her lil’ bb. Go follow her, she deserves it!!


What a major babe!! The Countess is wonderful and I am lucky to have had the privilege to be her friend online and offline. Her characterization is wonderful–I mean, I was so amazed when I found someone RPing Elizabeth Bathory. Me, having a bit of a boner for history and historical crime figures, I have never been let down by how thoroughly the Countess has been researched and how her character truly reflects what is known about about Miss Bathory and the time she came from while also giving her a nice immortal spin. ;) I love this woman. Follow her, peasants.


Some other wonderful RPer friends I have made in the past year and a half!!

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I adore you all! And I am so glad to have met you!! I hope we become even closer in the future. ^^

          Moving on, here’s some other awesome folks you should DEFINITELY follow:

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aspecificskillset liked your photo:hotchicslookinghot: Jaimie Alexander

      [Sif honestly has no qualms about being nude in 
      front of someone, but at least she has her underwear
      on in Natasha’s apartment. But when she catches her 
      staring, she raises a brow, glancing down at herself.]

            – Is this not appropriate? 

aspecificskillset stood too close

Jason’s hand tightens around the magazine in his hand. It’s a basic Men’s Health magazine. He has no intention of reading it, though it would make a good prop for an average male. He spotted the woman two blocks down from him on the streets of Rome. The gorgeous woman had been watching him, he’s seen her look at him over her sunglasses and then turn away. She’s following him–and it’s not because of his good looks.

Bourne climbs down the steps of the entrance to the underground train. Once within the crowd of citizens, he swiftly turns right to the employees only closet and breaks the lock with a quick wack of the magazine. He enters into the closet and steps back to the perfect spot to over throw her if she so follows in.

In the black 1967 mustang, he drives up the path towards the farm. He scans over the area, taking notice of the sights and smells of the location. It reeks of manure, and yet he thinks the city smells worse. He stops the car, gets out from the driver’s side and lowers his sunglasses to peer for a familiar blonde or redhead. He moves to his trunk, fishing out two large duffle bags, both half his size. One contains business, the other contains necessities. Frank stalks towards the entrance of the farm house.

      [Exactly on time, Maria rings the doorbell and takes a small step back, eyes darting up the corridor out of habit. She adjusts her grip on the wine bottle, and smooths out her dress, frowning for only a moment. She isn’t keen on wearing dresses, but Natasha had said to dress nicely, and so she’d put in the effort.]

Long Time No See - Johnny || Nat

Johnny took a sip of his drink, wine not really being his favorite drink…but hey, this restaurant was fancy, so might as well try to blend in. It was good to see Natasha again after all this time…truth be told, he had missed her. Their time together as teammates was short lived, but he always held a soft spot for the spy…they always got along pretty well.

“You ever miss the old days?”, He asked, looking at her from across the table. “The team? I know we were a bunch of misfits, but we did some good…didn’t we?”