aspberger syndrome

This is me with my cousin Chris Jr. He looks like any other 19 year old kid, but let me tell you just how amazing he is.  My baby cousin has Aspberger syndrome, which is an autistic spectrum disorder, along with other severe cognitive processing issues.  When he was younger doctors took about 3 years to figure out exactly what was wrong with him.  He didn’t understand what emotions were or how to tell how someone feels based on things we don’t even think about such as body language or tone of voice. Doctors thought he wouldn’t even make it to high school at some points in his development.  Despite his issues and even after losing his mother at the age of 14 Chris Jr. is currently a senior in high school.  He goes to a vocational school half day and a normal public high school for the other half of the day.  He will graduate in June and he may even go to college. He inspires me everyday.