The face of Aspberger’s Syndrome. Don’t let anyone fool you. Autism is a disorder. It’s not cute. It’s dangerous. Millions of children with autism in this world are getting old enough, and big enough to take you down. Look into those cold, dead eyes: This is our Zombie Apocalypse.

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I love your posts about autism and neurodiversity. It's really comforting to see that people can be supportive. I very recently got diagnosed with Aspbergers and Attachment Disorder but can't bring myself to tell anyone. Thank you for the positivity!

Omg! *hugs you*

I don’t know about you, but finally having a diagnosis, and understanding why I am the way I am, made me feel so much better.

I think one of the worst things is that there are so many negative stereotypes surrounding not just autism, but other neurodivergent syndromes, making thinking you have them impossible!

I had so many dumb ideas about autism in my head, thinking I could never have it… If I can do something to combat those stereotypes, and inform people at the same time, I’ll consider it a job well done :)

I’m glad you enjoy my blog, and posts! I’m trying to tag everything under #autism or #autistic whenever I make posts, so that tag should be full of cool stuff :)

Update on the mom situation: I did tell her, no pansexual people are NOT into animals. That’s beastiality and is pretty taboo across the board. I told her bisexuality is a preference for females and males, hence the bi part, and pansexuality is like bisexuality except that you believe in a gender spectrum versus the idea that there are only two genders and that you are attracted to people who fall anywhere on the spectrum. I guess she saw a documentary on a young woman who was pan and also legally blind and had Aspberger’s and was struggling to live on her own and seek acceptance with her family because of her sexuality and interest in BDSM. She just told me she wished I was there to explain it to her, so I suppose it’s a starting off point. She is 70 and a product of the Catholic school system, the pretty hardcore you’ll go blind if you masturbate ideology. I wouldn’t say she’s homophobic, just really ignorant but in an almost innocent way. Like I didn’t know people did that in bed… Anyone got any ideas of how I can help her? I’ve kinda started talking about it by telling her how I met a little girl at work who was into cars and her mom didn’t know what to do. I told her it was perfectly okay for girls to like cars even if they aren’t pink. I told her I raced cars and showed her my tattoo. Her mom seemed really relieved. Like I was “okay” so her daughter would be too.

My boyfriend's mom told me he has Aspberger Syndrome.

He never told me, because according to her, he won’t acknowledge it, but everything is beginning to make sense now. His behavior fits almost perfectly.

However, I’ve never done this before–like, do I have grounds to get offended or irritated when he says something not proper for the situation? Any advice, for those of you who have Aspberger’s or are in a serious relationship with someone who has it?

I’m actually kind of saddened there isn’t a lot of stuff in the asperger tag. Can we bring some more awareness to it and how people who have it need different types of help and are majority of the time academically inclined more than a student who doesn’t and how they act when some one says something they take offense too sometimes? And as well as how they are socially awkward sometimes??? Please? Cause there are many branches under autism and it’s not really talked about unless you want to work with children on the spectrum and have to know or if you are a parent with a child with it.