can we just talk about how amazing Girl meets I am farkle is bc like Disney channel had a whole episode about Autism/Aspberger’s and it was just so beautiful to watch 😭 and I like that, to the audience’s surprise, farkle didn’t end up being diagnosed but we found out that Smackle does have Aspberger’s …. However, that makes no difference to the group, bc they love Smackle for who she is, not her diagnosis :’) gah I’m so emotional now what a great episode

My boyfriend's mom told me he has Aspberger Syndrome.

He never told me, because according to her, he won’t acknowledge it, but everything is beginning to make sense now. His behavior fits almost perfectly.

However, I’ve never done this before–like, do I have grounds to get offended or irritated when he says something not proper for the situation? Any advice, for those of you who have Aspberger’s or are in a serious relationship with someone who has it?

I’m actually kind of saddened there isn’t a lot of stuff in the asperger tag. Can we bring some more awareness to it and how people who have it need different types of help and are majority of the time academically inclined more than a student who doesn’t and how they act when some one says something they take offense too sometimes? And as well as how they are socially awkward sometimes??? Please? Cause there are many branches under autism and it’s not really talked about unless you want to work with children on the spectrum and have to know or if you are a parent with a child with it.

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hello! what would your dream episode of girl meets world be?

Hello!!!! Well, since the writers did an amazing job with tackling tough issues like absent fathers, death, bullying, and Aspberger’s (+more!), I would absolutely love to see an episode that brings to light mental illnesses!!! (A girl can dream, right?)

Oh I got some GREAT news today!!!

I owe the part of Stockholm where i live (Stockholm kommun) about 100000 SKR since they loaned me money when I had no income. Normally you would get welfare but since I own my apartment they loan it to you instead.

Today we had a meeting and they saw how my income and expenses perfectly line up next to each other with nothing left at the end of the month so they have decided to write off the debt!

She also promised to contact the woman who grants me the help I get and talk to her about my past and need for my support team (due to my Aspberger) and send her the medical records. She was shocked to hear they just took away my support team from one day to another. This woman was there when I was at the lowest point in my life and she is awesome! I actually love a social worker lol. She seems more educated on Aspie and other issues like ADD/ADHD etc than the one who grants me the help. I think it should be a separate person who is specialized in mental issues/illnesses. The others are just not educated enough.

The card from my eldest boy read: Mom you are best in the universe!!! You do the nicest things. Like cater to all my food needs. Make me the best sandwiches with only the meat I will eat. Boars head. French bread that is fresh. But most importantly and foremost the best influence you have had in my life is you have taught me how to treat my girl right! Ok I’m laughing and crying at the same time! #aspie #aspberger #mothersheart @dawneufield

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Peter Lanza wishes his son had never been born

by Amy Hatch posted in Mom Stories The first interview with Peter Lanza, father of Adam Lanza, offers no insight into why the 20-year-old armed himself with an assault weapon and gunned down 20 6- and 7-year-olds and six educators in Newtown, Conn.—and his own mother. Andrew Solomon spoke with Lanza six times, sometimes for… Read more »

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Oak Hill Academy

Oak Hill Academy

The mission of Oak Hill Academy is to provide specialized education for students,…

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Girl meets I am farkle bc Disney channel had a whole episode about Autism/Aspberger's and it was just so beautiful to watch 😭 and I like that, to the audience's surprise, farkle didn't end up being diagnosed but we found out that Smackle does have Aspberger's .... However, that makes no difference to the group, bc they love Smackle for who she is, not her diagnosis :') gah I'm so emotional now what a great episode

i agreeeeeee so much

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ADHD has recently-ish absorbed ADD into its clinical definition, so instead of the two being separate (which they used to be), there are 3 subtypes of ADHD: predominantly inattentive type (what used to be called ADD), predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type and combined inattention and hyperactive impulsive type.

Yes I know all of this from the research that I did after I got the diagnosis. But as someone who has been diagnosed with ADD (and since that’s what is says on the report) I prefer to call it ADD.

It’s the same with someone who I’ve known for years who has Aspergers. After they dropped the “aspergers” definition from the DSM handbook and chose to refer to the disorder as “autism spectrum disorder” instead he still won’t, to this day, label himself as such because to him aspbergers and autism are two completely different disorders.

Same goes for ADHD and ADD for me. For me they are completely different disorders (a friend of mine at school had ADHD and I have ADD and to me our disorders has effected us and our surroundings in two completely different ways and I know that he would agree with me). To me the H in ADHD is nothing that I, or my friends and family, would ever associate with me and my personality.

Each to their own I think. Lots of hugs to you and have a lovely day/night<3

i might have/be (???) aspberger but im not sure because i was at a mental health clinic (in norway cus im norwegian and the clinics are different here) and i was diagnosed as ‘tentative’ (idk if thats a word in english) so basially ive been diagnosed with a temporary diagnosis because they couldnt figure it out. except its been two years. what in the fuck.
youd think theyd be able to tell but nope. they want me to get rid of my ocd first before they can figure out if i have asberger like are you sure youre qualified to have this job? ocd is common to have along with asberger and the symptoms are way too different to be in the way of the dagnosis?? like are you sure you have the necessary qualifications
basically ive been sitting here for 2 years wondering if i actually have asberger or not and feeling awful cus i cant say i have/dont have it because either way id feel awful because ‘what if i do/dont have it afterall’ but giving me a straight yes/no answer isnt possible because ‘itd be unfair if we give you the wrong diagnosis’
not knowing whether i have it or not and giving me no follow up after leaving the clinic because that requires treatment of my ocd till its all gone, which might not even happen, so im stuck wondering ‘what if’ literally almost all the time is unfair
wrongly diagnosing me or just not diagnosing me, which can be corrected at a later time, is not

Ali begins

I suppose it all started close to Halloween when I was looking around a site and came across a user called Ticklemistress. She described herself as a sadist.

I messaged her and at first I didn’t really understand this whole BDSM thing. I approached it to the beat way I knew. Hurt them before they could hurt me. It is a defense mechanism I learned to use to protect myself.

After talking more with her I slowly and gradually started lowering my defenses to her. I decided to tell her what I had. I told her I was diagnosed as having Aspbergers. She messaged me saying it all made sense what she initally thought was just pure meanness was actually just me protecting myself.

Later we talked and she agreed to take me as one of her subbies but special as well in order to keep me from becoming frightened of BDSM lifestyle and her as my Domme to help me get through all this. I am lucky to have someone who cares about me and understands me.


As a public relations point, it’s nice to have Vernon Smith, who has Asperger’s and won a Nobel in economics, or Tim Page, who has Aspberger’s and won a Pulitzer. It’s a point in favor of respecting and recognizing the legitimacy of human neurological diversity. But it would be a deep mistake to say that people should have their differences respected only if they can deliver some special talent
—  Ari Ne’eman in Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon