asp banquet 2012


Alright the 2012 ASP World Tour has started off with a bang with the Annual Asp Banquet coming into play last night on the Queenslands Gold Coast with all sorts of attractions, ranging sharply dressed Pro Surfers ( some in drag ) Pretty Girls who were definitely out to impress and Rock Stars with the likes of Wolfmother performing 4 songs, yes only 4 crazy songs to a very excited and amped crowd. 

I have been sick for most of last week and i have gotta say that i was dreading having to go out and shoot a few photos feeling the way i was when bed seemed a far better option. After consuming enough pain killers for my sore back and my stuffed head, i was glad i did. I didn`t drink a drop of Alcohol, much to some peoples surprise and defended off the usual peer group pressure with calls like ’ have shot of Vodka, you`ll be fine ’ to have a fun night shooting a few photos of the proceedings which will be out in next months Tracks Mag, but it was Wolfmother that got my main attention.

Here are a couple of Samples.

I feel slightly better and yes my ears are still ringing !