Netflix's Lemony Snicket Series Taps 'True Blood's' Mark Hudis, Barry Sonnenfeld (EXCLUSIVE)
Former "True Blood" showrunner Mark Hudis and director Barry Sonnenfeld have signed on to steer Netflix's adaptation of the Lemony Snicket "A Series of Unfortunate Events" fantasy book series.
By Cynthia Littleton

Barry Sonnenfeld (The Addams Family, Men in Black) will direct and exec produce along with executive producers Mark Hudis (True Blood) and Daniel Handler.
Netflix's Lemony Snicket Series Taps 'True Blood's' Mark Hudis, Barry Sonnenfeld (EXCLUSIVE)
Former "True Blood" showrunner Mark Hudis and director Barry Sonnenfeld have signed on to steer Netflix's adaptation of the Lemony Snicket "A Series of Unfortunate Events" fantasy book series. Hudi...
By Cynthia Littleton

Confirmed with a trustworthy source! This is such awesome news, and I’m so excited that production of this series is moving forward. 

Briny Beach
  • Briny Beach
  • midnighttypewrite

so clearly i’ve had ASOUE on the brain for far too long because this song just kind of happened? over the past two days? it’s a sad little lullaby/sea shanty/love song from Lemony’s perspective, and i had to do like 5000 takes because 1) i am bad at whistling and 2) i kept accidentally singing “briny breach”. enjoy!

Briny Beach

Let’s take a walk on Briny Beach
I’ll buy us each a rose
From the man who sells flowers on Briny Beach
Our troubles can’t reach us here

I once knew a girl named Beatrice
I wrote her this love song
I once thought I’d marry Beatrice
But now she is dead and gone

We used to go walking on Briny Beach
The sun would shine on her raven hair
I told her I loved her on Briny Beach
But now those words are fog in the air

Let’s take a walk on Briny Beach
But I do beseech you beware
For people are watching Briny Beach
And they must not see us there

When I was young the world was quiet here
But now I fear it’s too late
To put out the fires, it’s too quiet here
Can’t fix the mistakes we’ve made

We used to be noble, we used to be
The last safe place in the storm
But now through the smoke we cannot tell
Who’s friend and who is foe anymore

These days I go walking on Briny Beach
As the waves they breach and flow
I’ve such pleasant memories of Briny Beach
But now I walk alone

anonymous asked:

Have you read "Homecoming" by Cynthia Voight? It's not as macabre as ASOUE but I did find similarities with the main characters and the Baudelaires. It's about four kids who are abandoned by their mother in a carpark. The oldest has to act as a parental figure for her younger siblings like Violet, the second oldest is bookish like Klaus. There are also themes of not trusting the authorities because that would mean they would end up in foster homes thus being separated. I think you should read it

Good morning volunteer! I have read it but it was easily four or five years ago, so my memories of it aren’t the best. I do remember thinking it was excellent though!


The movie you are about to see is extremely unpleasant. If you wish to see a film about a happy little elf, I’m sure there is still plenty of seating in theatre number two. However, if you like stories about clever and reasonably attractive orphans, suspicious fires, carnivorous leeches, Italian food and secret organizations, then stay, as I retrace each and every one of the Baudelaire children’s woeful steps. My name is Lemony Snicket, and it is my sad duty to document this tale.


A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning 

“If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other books. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle.” 

anonymous asked:

Just want to say for those worried about the TV series because it has the same movie director + they didn't like the movie: According to the comingsoondotnet article Sonnenfeld and a different screenwriter were hired to work on the film with Daniel Handler, but they departed due to to budgetary restrictions, and then we got the new director and screenwriter that made the 2004 film. So I think we should be excited about the people they picked since they weren't the ones that messed up the movie

idont know about you but im excited Barry Sonnenfeld got hired, the tv show might feel/look the same as the original movie! but, it could also be as bad character-wise as the movie :( hopefully hes learned!

–different anon

I hope you don’t mind me putting these two messages together! They were so related that I figured it made sense to answer them together. 

I’ve seen several people saying that Barry Sonnenfeld was the director of the first ASOUE movie, but he actually wasn’t! Brad Silberling was the director of that first movie. Though Sonnenfeld was involved with the project, as far as I know (and as the first anonymous volunteer explains) his involvement was mostly connected with the scripts that Handler worked on, and not on the version of the film that was actually made. (Robert Gordon ended up writing the final script for the film.) 

Barry Sonnenfeld was an executive producer on the original ASOUE movie and so was somewhat involved in it, but he didn’t write or direct it. Like the first lovely anonymous volunteer here I actually feel pretty good about the fact that he’ll be directing this new series, especially since he worked with Mr. Handler on the scrapped version of the movie. And while I can see why the second anon is worried that the movie might have the same look as the first one, I’m honestly not too worried about that. After all, it takes the combined work of a lot of people to create the feel of a series, and no matter what happens this interpretation of the ASOUE-verse will be different than the first one. Truthfully, I liked the general look and feel of the first movie a lot and thought it fit the style of the books really well, but I’m also excited to see a new interpretation of the story. And I think that, even though Sonnenfeld was an executive producer for the first movie, this new series is still going to be pretty different from the first one. After all, it’s one man who’s transferring over, and he’s even moving into a new role in the project. One man working on both doesn’t mean they’re going to be stylistically the same, or even stylistically similar!

I’m also really glad to hear that Mr. Handler is officially an executive producer for the series! I could be wrong, but I don’t think we’d been told before exactly how involved his role would be with this new series, and I’m glad that he’ll be an actual producer.

LS to BB #5:

Count Olaf is mentioned again in this letter! And once again, with a serious lack of positivity towards his character. If I had to guess about why Olaf deserves blame for causing Beatrice’s intent to marry Lemony to change, I’d guess that it’s because it was a review of one of Olaf’s plays that got Lemony into so much trouble with The Daily Punctilio and various villains. If it weren’t for Olaf’s play, Lemony would never have had to go into hiding, and if never had to go into hiding he and Beatrice would probably be happily married by now.