Unfortunate Associates: The Carnivorous Carnival

Join Tyler, Madeline (@antmuzak), and myself as we (well Tyler and I) finally remember/realize how Olaf was able to stalk the Baudelaires so effectively. We also learn the true meaning of VFD and the true price of trying to please everyone (spoiler alert: it’s getting eaten alive by lions.) Oh! And fan favorite Chabo the Wolf Baby at long last makes an appearance.

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Special shoutout to @dismalkindness for all the extensive notes on this book. They were beyond helpful. 

I’m always confused by the decision to go really low-key on the makeup with the white faced women- they did it in the film and I feel like they’re doing it again with the show and like…their most defining feature is their extreme makeup why are they not going full on old timey sad clown on these actresses

  • Me:*Thinks for one second about the beautifully poetic final moment between Kit and Olaf and how tender he acted with her and how it showed that he actually wasn't heartless all along but that he was human and he was capable of feeling love just like anyone else*
  • Me:*Cries for approximately 500 hours*

How was the Series of Unfortunate Events movie literally the best thing ever and the worst thing ever at the same time

Like how could they nail the casting, atmosphere, music, narration and basically everything aesthetic so perfectly while completely disregarding the actual story that they were adapting beyond the point where it can even be enjoyable


The world is vast and full of wonders. So on Friday, the 13th of January, please… watch something else.