Jeyne Westerling

  • had sex with Robb
  • married Robb

Cat Stark

  • ignored the result of her husband’s infidelity
  • arrested the man she believed to be responsible for the murder of her son
  • tried to talk sense into her teenage son
  • killed a disabled man after watching the boy she believed to be her last surviving son get stabbed in the heart

Cersei Lannister

  • killed a companion of hers at the age of twelve
  • slept with her brother
  • killed the man who domestically abused her
  • had sex with men of her choosing
  • sent Falyse Stokeworth to Qyburn
  • didn’t flee when Ned Stark told her to
  • wasn’t as sweet as honey to Sansa

Ramsay Bolton

  • burned Winterfell to the ground, killing nearly everyone within
  • hunts human beings for sport
  • flays people
  • castrated Theon
  • serial rapist


to my last point, I don’t mean authors should never kill the heroes of their stories. they can and should. i just mean that the deaths have to make some kind of sense?

for instance, ned’s death was arguably “unexpected” but it made sense in terms of his life. he had been honorable and in his way he died for honor. and he had been in prison, after all— we just all expected him to be liberated one way or another.

robb’s death as a part of the story because he was killed for a rather youthful mistake- “love”- and there was this irony because he kept winning, winning, winning, but in the end he lost. and he had been losing his bannermen up to that point. so while it was shocking, we could appreciate the thematic beauty of the moment.

and, yeah, I realize certain authors go for realism and death is random but as a writer, as a person telling a coherent story, you can’t just say “fuck it” and do whatever. i hate to break it to you, but in order to leave your readers somewhat satisfied with your ending you have to make a hero’s death tie in— some way, somehow. 

for an example of a shitty death: bellatrix lestrange. that was a bad ending to that character’s story. there, i’ve said it. and i’d be pressed if another author did something similar, in any saga.

1 tyme there wuz this gurl nd she wuz seecretly a ladie but she had 2 hide it nd she met this boii who evry1 called the bull nd they luved each other nd saved each othr from death s000 many tiemez nd 1 day she said 2 him “u cn make sords 4 my bruther at riverrun” nd he said “no… i dnt want 2 go to riverrun….” nd the gurl wuz so upset she ran away and became an assassin nd then the boii creyed nd whisperd “…i wnt to become a nite so tht i cn mary u” but it was 2 late she is across th see now

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okay this is really just an opinion but i dislike when people who don’t ship jaime/cersei hold up asos and beyond as a reason for why their relationship is destructive because “jaime changes FOR THE BETTER without his siblings there to poison his morals!!”

like i’m sorry but i think that has more to do with the fact that he lost one of the most major pillars of his identity (that of WARRIOR) when he, ya know, lost his sword hand

that shit was the biggest reality check jaime lion of lannister had ever had

philomelas asked:

Prompt: Catelyn wasn't at the Red Wedding AU D:

“‘Twas a quick death, my lady,” they all tell her, intending to offer solace. “He did not suffer.”

And what of me? Catelyn constantly wonders, as her hair turns white and the nightmares drive her slowly into the throes of madness. What of the way I suffer?

moguel asked:

Top 5 Margaery moments

hrjdshjs okay let’s see (in no particular order and this is book!marg not show!marg)

  1. Managing to appear completely shocked and distraught when Joffrey was dying
  2. Being the only one real enough to look into Sansa’s eyes, albeit sadly, during Sansa’s wedding to Tyrion
  3. Catching Cersei’s mistake when Cersei is telling Tommen how “his father” kicked ass in the lists, since Robert never really jousted particularly well just ugh so perfect
  4. When we finally see 100% realness when Cersei comes to visit her in the Sept of Baelor after her arrest and she calls her a “vile, scheming bitch” or something along those lines (I love Cersei ofc but the boldness of saying that—of calculating the moment and realizing that either YOLO because she was going to die anyway or that Cersei was in trouble herself/no longer held the reigns of power firmly in her grasp—just gets me every time)
  5. The little Tyrell party where Sansa meets the Queen of Thorns and also any Sansa/Margaery moment ever