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i remember you saying you were about 4'11. Im about the same size and i was wondering what are some good place to shop for clothes?? Its so hard to find clothes that I can fit into and still look like someone in their 20s.

Yes I am 4′11. I weigh 107-110lbs. I’m just letting you know because sometimes that helps. I have slightly muscular legs (I often find that brands with petite sizing assumes that short people are all super thin so petite sizing can run narrow a lot *cough cough j.crew petite*)

Sizing: tops - XS, bottoms 0 (rarely 00), bras 34B @ gap body**

My Style: I like to wear longer tops with looser fits with skinny pants. I HATE wearing fitted tops. I just don’t like the way they look on me. All of my clothes are neutral colors (white, black, grey, blue, army green). This is only because I have a very hard time finding clothing that fits me so my options are limited. Petite lines also are usually very limited compared to the regular sized stuff so they don’t really have extensive options when it comes to color. I’m very picky when it comes to color too because I find it much harder for me to style color without it clashing. 

I’m also going to put a bracket pricing for every category so you can get an idea of how much I shop the sales/budget incase thats helpful. I personally find that sticking to certain price ranges keeps me in check with my money/budget. 

*For anyone that reads this, I’m aware of what fast fashion is and how some of the brands I mention are really shitty. I’m currently working on moving away from fast fashion but right now thats near impossible for me. I also don’t shop at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21.

Bottoms: [$20-30] I hate wearing jeans so I try and find stuff thats comfortable and stretchy. 

1. Ann Taylor LOFT Lou & Grey Ponte Leggings Petite $50 (I buy them when they are 60% off). I have 3 pairs and the black does NOT fade. I’ve had one of the pairs for over two years and they are still going strong.

2. New Look Petite Highwaist Skinny Jeggings. I like how the ankle part runs skinny. The sizing runs small. I’m a US 0 and I got a UK 8 in them. The black does wash out but I don’t mind for these.

3. Banana Republic Petite Hampton Pant. These are the BEST dress pants I’ve ever found. I got them on sale for about $30 but I haven’t been able to find them for the price again. The fabric is not too stretchy and gives you that perfect “structured” look without the material being too stiff. Most of their other dress pants are either really stiff or too stretchy where it looks too tight on your butt. I can’t find them in black anymore but they sell at the factory store. They also hit your ankles at the perfect spot for being a “cropped” style.

4. Gap Petite Jeggings. Their fits vary a lot so thats something you’ll just have to go in store and try on. 

5. Banana Republic Skinny Fit jeans. I got a pair at the factory store and the material isn’t too stiff! They don’t have an exact name and I’m not sure if they still sell the exact ones I bought since I got them on super clearance.

6. Ann Taylor Loft Petite jeans: I have a couple pairs of their petite jeans from them but I find the material to be pretty stiff. I have them as “emergency” jeans incase there’s that one time I’m forced into a situation that I need to wear actual blue jeans lol.

Skirts: [$15-25]

1. Zara: Their skirts for “regular” sizing run pretty short so it ends up working out perfectly for petite lengths. I tend to like that a good chunk of their skirts are made with a stiffer material so it doesn’t cling as much.

2. Ann Taylor Loft Petite skirts: I have a couple of skirts from them but just a warning, they run just a tad big compared to “regular” sizing. So I’m usually a 0 but I get their skirts in a 00.

Sweaters: [$20-30] I very occasionally buy a sweater for $35.

1. COS Stores: So this brand is like the luxury brand of H&M (literally owned by H&M) with a very Scandinavian style. Their stuff is HELLA expensive but they have really great end of season sales. I like my sweaters to go past my butt and have a looser fit to them. I like that their sweaters fit my shoulders but still run long in length. **They have free returns when you order online. It’s a very hit or miss thing with some of their sweaters since lots of their stuff runs really boxy because its that Scandinavian style. You can generally gage the fit from the pictures online. Its the store where I get my “fancy” sweaters usually marked down to about $25-30. 

2. Ann Taylor Loft Petite Sweaters: just great overall. I tend to get the sweaters from their Lou & Grey line because they always look more clean and minimal. Again only when they are 50%-60% off. Definitely try your normal size and a size up to see if you like the fit to be a bit more baggy. They do run at the “appropriate” length for petite sizing right at the top of your pants so if you want it to be longer, then just order the regular sizing and not petite. Thats what I do, depending on the style of the sweater. 

3. Gap: I haven’t liked any of their sweaters recently but they always have a few hidden gems. :) I buy their stuff in the regular size and they usually fit well on my shoulders. Again, I’ll purposefully get the sweaters that run long so I can wear them with leggings.

Tops: [$10-25] Basic tops are $10-15. Nicer tops are $15-25. This is where I struggle the most. I tend to just get stuff from all over but usually Ann Taylor Loft Petite, Banana Republic Petite, and the Asos Petite brands. J.Crew Petite has a couple cute tops but their style always looks a bit matronly for my liking (also extremely overpriced for the quality). I do a lot of online shopping just to try things on. I return almost everything whenever I’m searching for new tops. ugh. 
*Zara and H&M for some reason have the worst fitting tops for me.

1. Dress Shirts: Banana Republic Petite, Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor LOFT Petite. They have great dress shirts! :) They also have styles that are more straight cut which I prefer. So its not as fitted at your waist.

Dresses: [$20-100] Basic dresses are $20-40. Fancy dresses are $40-100. I try and cap at $80 if I can.

1. Needle & Thread (found on Asos): expensive but they occasionally have a dress that goes on sale for $80ish. Their stuff is very fancy and usually heavily beaded. It’s the brand I keep an eye out on incase I need something for a wedding/winter holiday dress. They don’t have petite sizing but their dresses tend to run closer to petite sizing I have found. Sometimes the waist can run a little long but not enough where it looks disproportional on a petite frame (that always varies body to body). The quality of these dresses are also phenomenal. 

2. Millie Mackintosh: just the same as Needle & Thread, that her stuff runs closer to petite sizing. Even though lots of their dresses have the “fit & flare” cut, the waist part doesn’t hit weird like most of those types of dresses do in regular sizing. It’s the brand that I also keep an eye out on incase I need something for a summer wedding. Her style is a little more floral. If you are going to buy something from her line definitely order from Asos first so you can figure out your size and do the free return thing just incase. Then double check on her actual site to see if the prices is on sale more than the listing price on Asos. For some reason her stuff goes on super sale on her site but Asos doesn’t reflect those prices. If you’re in the US you’ll have to pay international shipping if you order from her site but for me it still ended up being cheaper than getting the same dress on Asos.

3. Banana Republic Petite: great options for more business formal dresses. Some of their dresses are great for also having the ability to be “dressed up and down” depending on the occasion. Again, I always buy their stuff on 50-60% off.

4. Asos Petite swing dresses: these are my favorite casual feel-good summer dresses. I usually buy them when Asos has a 20% off your purchase sale.

5. Maje: I don’t own anything from them because they are expensive but I hear their dresses are great for petite frames.

Coats: [$50-100] I’m desperately in search of a faux leather jacket that fits my frame. The sleeves always run extremely long?? Still haven’t found one.

1. Zara dress coats: So many of their coats run short! They have pretty good end of season sales. I like their coats that have a straight cut to them. **Generally anything that has that “fit & flare” cut with coats looks pretty shit on me.

Bras & Underwear: [Bras $10-15] [Underwear $2-3] 

1. GAP BODY is literally the only place that has bras that fit me. For some reason whenever I try on bras from other brands, I’ll find a cup size that works but the rib size is always so tight. Even though I’m petite, I’m not super narrow in my frame. Gap Body just has sizes that fit great. I don’t know how to explain it. Their hipster fit underwear are also great. I got like 30 pairs during black friday/holiday sales lol. Again, I only buy the stuff when its like 50% off.

Accessories: COS Stores & Etsy. :)

**EDIT: My petite friends that are more curvy say that jeans from Express are amazing! :)

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do you know of any good places to get cool witchy clothes? tips for lowkey witchy fashions are also appreciated, because i (and many others) can't really go around in the workplace wearing full-on robes/garb

I do! Since I wear plus size clothing I’ll include those as well!

ASOS - I LOVE this site. Reasonably priced, carried a wide variety of sizes, and has beautiful flowing, lace, and crocheted clothes!

NastyGal - This site is pricier than ASOS and I don’t shop here myself since they don’t carry plus sizes, that being said I love some of their dresses and just the whole attitude of the company. I recommend checking out their Rhiannon Maxi Dress and Because The Night Lace-Up Chiffon Top.

Free People - I know this brand can seem somewhat pretentious since it got popular a few years back, but they have lots of light, flowing, witchy clothing. This is one of the stores I, personally, have never been able to shop at but I appreciate their products and their prices run about the same as NastyGal.

Forever 21 - Another store I love. It may be hard to believe but Forever 21 has some great black witchy clothing in both regular and plus sizes! Also they are very reasonably priced and you can usually find coupon codes online.

BooHoo - Much like Forever 21, BooHoo has a lot going for it. Good prices, good selection, but their sizing only goes up to UK18.

River Island - I’ve never shopped here but I’ve heard AMAZING things.

Jane Norman - UK based company. Another one that I haven’t bought anything from yet!

For the Plus Sized Witches!



ASOS Curve and Plus Sizes

Feel free to add other suggestions!

For ASOS, the online fashion retailer, digital advertising and social media are stitched (ah ha!) right into the fabric of the brand. And as a major destination for teens and twenty-somethings, Tumblr plays a key role in that strategy.

We recently helped them design and execute a paid media campaign around a t-shirt design contest for artists on Tumblr. Here’s how it went.

Challenge: Deepen connections with influencers and tastemakers

ASOS wanted to do more to engage with creators in the fashion and design communities on Tumblr. From a creative perspective, Tumblr users can add a fresh point of view but they also advocate for the brand on their personal blogs which is critical when 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising.

Solution: Ask artists on Tumblr to design a shirt ASOS could sell in their store

Here’s an ASOS spokesperson on their strategy:

“Tumblr is a key platform for our twenty-something audience and for the first time, we’re really focused on engaging our creative community. The T-shirt competition in particular had a real, tangible benefit to the winning Tumblr designers, as we were able to showcase their designs and sell their T-shirts on site.”

The contest was publicized with Sponsored Posts and other paid media, which also helped ASOS raise the profile on their Tumblrs and attract new followers.

Results: The four final designs sold out in ten hours

If ASOS’s t-shirt design contest speaks to the brand’s understanding of their audience, the shirt designs speak to the creativity of Tumblr’s users. Of the 900 designs ASOS received, they decided to produce four. Within 10 hours every one of them was sold out.

“The T-shirts were a great success! They flew off the shelf without any other media spend behind them. It was just a really great story and an opportunity for our customers to influence the products they see on-site.”
—ASOS spokesperson

Based on the success of the t-shirts—commercially and for the brand—you can expect to see more Tumblr collaborations soon:

“We’re already talking about doing a design your own swimwear short for next year.”
—ASOS spokesperson

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What online websites would you recommend for chubby girls? I love all the styles you post, but I'm afraid to buy them, and they end up not fitting because of the free size thing, appreciate any help ^^ 💛

  • modcloth is quite plus size friendly
  • spreepicky has a branch store called pluscutie
  • shein has a plus section of their store
  • yesstyle also has a plus size section
  • a lot of sites like asos have plus size sections too
  • storedogdog has a lot of cute tennis skirts that go up to 4xl
  • also check out this list!
  • and this one from bombisbomb

sidenote: for the free-size thing you could just measure yourself and then check against the item measurements before buying!! i have some free-size items that could fit up to 3xl so you never know.

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Hi! I want to start making CC but is so hard and i barely have ideas and talent. Do you have any advice?

ahhhh i’m the worst at giving advice but i’ll try!! i’m guessing this is for cas cc?

i usually look through pinterest or clothing sites like asos, topshop, forever 21, h&m, mixxmix if i’m feeling uninspired :-)

i think it would be best to start with something easier like recolors, because if the first thing you try to do is create a mesh from scratch or convert something you’ll probably become overwhelmed and quit (that’s what happened to me!!)

then work your way up by editing meshes or frankenmeshing, maybe converting some buy stuff before moving on to cas stuff. 

and then how to make a new mesh or a converted mesh work in game!!