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ITS ARI!! ive been wanting to share my stores n tips for a while so… here goes. if u want more stuff lmk tho! these rnt all of my links (i left out all of my accessory+bags+jewelry+make-up stores especially so i might make a separate post 4 those) and i can give recs for specific styles/looks/items/budgets/etc bc i have a place(s)…..4 everythinggg


  • make an amazon wishlist (or a few!) to organize what u want. get the browser extension tht lets u add from websites other than amazon!
  • read reviews and customer feedback if theyre available to u!!! i literally……dont even consider buying something online w/o reading reviews if im unsure tbh. theyre rlly helpful.
  • be wary of buying rly cheap clothes on sites like amazon, sheinside, and choies, theyre often pretty bad quality and not what is advertised. ive been burnt before and trust me its better to get something better quality than to get something u can never wear bc it isnt made right!
  • consider basics first! think abt some pieces that are going to be the lynchpin of your wardrobe. u can pair more out-there pieces w/ them and theyll give your looks more versatility in what u can make!
  • good colors for basics are neutrals and a bit of colors you plan to wear a lot of.
  • thrifting is….so good if ur on a budget and even if ur not!!! u can find so much in thrift stores…..go thrifting
  • dont trust letter sizes. take your bust, waist, and hip measurements, and use every store’s individual size chart!
  • if youre debating between getting something a size smaller or a size larger, always go larger
    if u have a tailor available to u make use of them!! if u have a garment that u love but it doesnt fit u quite right u dont have to send it back!
  • make outfits while u shop! dont just buy pieces by themselves unless its something ur specifically looking for
  • if u have nowhere to start look at a store’s lookbooks, new in, and bestsellers
  • some websites also have features where u can shop the entire look the pictured model is wearing, or looks from their instagram, which i <3 to utilize!!!
  • take inspo from celebrities, instagrammers, and models! a rlly good way to get started is recreating looks uve seen before, esp if u have no idea what youre going for with a new outfit! 
  • i have an outfit curating instagram @stylegrinch and u can also find me on polyvore @solgaleo !
  • speaking of polyvore, its a really cool site for curating items and stuff into outfits!
  • use the extension honey to get huge discounts on most online stores!! it searches for all available coupons for u and stacks them if it can.


  • $ = mass market (forever 21, h&m, etc)
  • $$ = contemporary (urban outfitters, topshop, etc)
  • $$$ = designer (michael kors, etc)
  • $$$$ = haute couture (versace, oscar de la renta, etc)
  • favorites are italicized! 

price marks are dependent on what is being sold; a price mark for a store selling glasses for $100 will be different than a store selling a romper for $100.


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oblligation  asked:

Hey this might sound really strange but I'm starting a new school next year and because my old school required uniforms I don't have a lot of normal clothes so I was wondering if u could link me some of ur favorite (or cheap) outfits and if u had any tips ??

Hey there oblligation

I don’t really have any ‘outfit’ posts but I do have a couple of links that might interest you.

  • BH - Cheap clothing from various warehouses, huge range of clothing and styles. Always be sure to check the measurements!
  • Discount - Various stores which have discount codes you can enter to get 10 - 20% off!
  • Storenvy - Heaps and heaps of clothing, accessories and more from various stores and artists. They do stock a lot of warehouse items so you could see doubles of the same shirt, one just might be cheaper. 
  • ASOS Marketplace - Not always the cheapest, but has a large collection of clothes both vintage and handmade from several different stores. You can search by location to find items closest to you & shop local!
  • Etsy - HUGE range! It can be a bit pricier, but you can search for items in your country which reduces shipping cost & you can always toggle with the side bar and find items under a certain price.
  • eBay - You can absolutely find bargains on eBay if you look in the right places, lots of times popular brands or stores will sell sale items on eBay for much cheaper than the prices they have in store. 
  • Polyvore - Find new stores and trends that you love. Users posts collections and outfits and below the sets are the items used, their prices and where you can ppurchase them!
  • Carousell - Website & app for buying and selling, search by collections or sellers closest to you. Vintage, handmade, pre-loved and even brand new listings are put up by users every day. You can even haggle prices & do swaps!
  • Local Op-Shops - Don’t forget to have a look around in second hand stores!

I hope this helps you! :-)

M: Recently discovered ASOS Marketplace, a community powered by a collective love of fashion where you can buy and sell worn clothes / accessories, find vintage bargains or browse boutiques such as Coco Fennell (above).

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I have an obscene amount of clothes and just don’t have enough storage space so will definitely be putting a good load of them on here. Keep an eye out!

Photos and more info:

Syd & Mallory celebrate their 6th birthday today. One of WGSN’s favourite independent labels based in Sheffield in the UK, the standalone boutique and edgy fashion label continues to go from strength to strength, and now ship internationally via Asos Marketplace. Handmade and reworked vintage pieces are designed and made in-store and modelled by label friend and actress Charlotte Tyree of This Is England fame. Happy Birthday Syd & Malls.