asos leggings

Only full body photo I snapped before my jobs holiday party. Definitely called it holiday attire! Lol.

Faux leather bodysuit: Boohoo
Faux leather skater skirt: Asos
Garter look leggings: Fashion to Figure
(Worn with tall black socks)
Patent leather boots: Asos (wide width)

Not pictured: I wore a waterfall duster from Boohoo over it. My skirt was way too short for a work event. Lol.

Snowdrop update!

In maternity pants pretty much all the time now. I didn’t like the belly band. but it works for loads of people so give it a shot. I still have enough loose shirts that I don’t have to be in maternity shirts yet, but ASOS had a 50% off maternity sale so I ordered a few to be prepared. I really like my ASOS maternity leggings! The H&M maternity jeans don’t stay on me very well (maybe my bump isn’t big enough, lol), but the Motherhood Maternity jeans (wearing the grey pair in this pic) fit fabulously and I’d recommend them!!