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It was sisters first birthday party! (Happy Birthday Milan!) I wanted to be fun but still a grown up and this is what I came up with:

Off the shoulder ribbed top: ASOS Curve
Tutu skirt in blush: Society Plus
Leather Pom tie leg sandals: ASOS (wide fit)

Accessorized with hoop earrings, gold bangles and kept my name plate on. (Made in Brooklyn)

Also wore my LV Neverfull I got for XMas for the first time. (Not pictured, sure I’ll start adding it to more outfits so until next time!)


After the overwhelming response on my outfit video the other day I thought I’d do another one, this time focusing on how I layer a simple every day outfit with outerwear ✨ I’ve also done a YouTube video on the subject, check my channel ❤
Shoes from ASOS
Handmade leggings
Top from @barbaraigongini
Necklace from @vespermoth
Everything else is thrifted

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anonymous asked:

Hey Flo! What are your ASOS faves atm? x

sooo many! here’s a bunch x

Only full body photo I snapped before my jobs holiday party. Definitely called it holiday attire! Lol.

Faux leather bodysuit: Boohoo
Faux leather skater skirt: Asos
Garter look leggings: Fashion to Figure
(Worn with tall black socks)
Patent leather boots: Asos (wide width)

Not pictured: I wore a waterfall duster from Boohoo over it. My skirt was way too short for a work event. Lol.


OOTD: New Year’s Eve

This plaid blouse is my first purchase from Charlotte Russe’s plus size line. It’s a 3x and I’m usually somewhere between a size 20 and 24. It’s wonderful to have another option for affordable and trendy plus size clothes besides Forever 21. I tried on crop tops, tulle skirts, and pleather jeggings among other things during my shopping trip. It’s a fat girl’s dream to be able to try on clothes like that in-store; usually we have to make an expensive order and wait for it to come in the mail. I’m thrilled to now have these options at my local mall!

Unfortunately, like F21, they cater to small fats, stopping at a size 3x. I happen to be right at the heavy end of the small fats spectrum, so I’m able to wear them. As a fat activist, my review would not be complete without saying that we need more sizes so that all my fat babes can enjoy them! Charlotte Russe, I hope you’re listening!

top - Charlotte Russe + // leggings - ASOS Curve // boots - Old Navy

Photos by J. Pitt.