asos inspired


This is turning out to be the summer of facing my fears. I don’t usually wear shorts because I think they are super unflattering on my body. I carry a lot of weight in my lower stomach and hips. So I just tend to stick with dresses and flowing silhouettes.

Enter ASOS Curve Denim….. Holy SMOKES!

So many flattering styles and cute on trend looks. The shorts here are really distressed, so every time I wear them, they get a little more roughed up. I paired them with a bodysuit (bra worn underneath) to make the shorts a little more date-night friendly. A kimono added a little coverage and turned the look into something I could wear in a public space. 

Kimono: Maddox, Little Rock AR

Bodysuit and Shorts: ASOS Curve

Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

High-tops: Ecco USA

Locket: Creative on South Main, Little Rock AR


Botanical florals, dark florals, wallpaper florals, winter florals, florals reminiscent especially of groovy 70s curtains and the dress that went with it. I fell in love with this aesthetic from the Valentino Pre Fall 15 collection early this year, and now I’m absolutely smitten. Here’s how to get the look in plus size. 

01 Monsoon Dress // 02 Modcloth Draped Cardigan

03 Modcloth Skirt // 04 Monsoon Jacket

05 Monsoon Top // 06 ASOS Dress

07 Monsoon Dress // 08 ASOS Dress


This was yesterdays outfit. I usually forget about Easter these days, and was going to wear something else, but then I was hanging up my dress as my rack fell down (as it often does) and the dress just called to me. I also decided that my penguin brooch totally still worked.

Perrie inspired for a Little Mix signing
Cold weather / warm weather / and cold and warm (spring)