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Prompt #214

smearedlights submitted: blue roses symbolise the unattainable or the impossible.

“Blue! I specifically said blue, they have to be blue!” He yelled, tapping his fingers wildly against the countertop and fidgeting non-stop. He whipped his head round to see the staff and customers whispering among themselves. At this point he wasn’t even embarrassed, not one bit upset that they were blatantly talking about him and not even a little worried about the order he might be about to receive from the florist. The florist appeared behind the counter again, “Sir, we don’t have Roses in blue. We only have Carnations.” He shook his head, letting out a sharp breath through his teeth. He only needed them to prove to his boyfriend that this wasn’t impossible, he was going to survive, he was

// I’ve been so busy and all I’ve wanted to do was to answer your questions and chat with you guys, I’m trying to be here as much as possible! Also, I was listening to ‘Asos Model Crush’ by dné whilst writing this prompt, so if you feel like continuing this, that’s a great track to listen to for it! I was getting some sorta vibe from it XD xox //


Last week, I went out of the house more than I have in a month. And it’s actually been really good for my mental health but hard on my back. It sucks when I actually want to go out and do things but my body doesn’t cooperate – then again, that’s hashtag spoonielife for you. (For those who might not know: I have scoliosis and it’s a. lot. of. pain. I don’t like to talk about it a huge deal.) Pain issues aside, it’s been quite lovely getting all the sunshine and feeling productive, even if it’s just taking outfit photos! I was feeling sunnier than I look here but it’s easier to get self conscious when shooting alone in a park with people. I’ll just let the chrysanthemum blooms make up for my wistfulness instead.

A little about my outfit: both the top and skirt are by Junarose, sent to me, once more, by Lianca from Love, Lianca boutique. Both pieces are lovely and the rosette top isn’t atall scratchy as I’d feared it might be. One thing about Junarose’s sizing - it seems to run really quite big. I normally don’t find it necessary to size down, but in this instance I wish I could have! (I got both the top and skirt in a UK18, which is the smallest size Junarose does.) I ultimately got the skirt tailored to fit before wearing it in these photos.

WearingJunarose rosette top and suede skirt c/o Love, Lianca boutique ♥ Brit Stitch saddle bagASOS pointed flats {similar here

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Reflection Summer Tour: M&G at Uptown Theater | August 20, 2015

For Kansas City’s meet and greet, Lauren wore The Turtle Neck Crop Top (sold out) from ASOS, a pair of shorts similar to the Blue Cuffed & Distressed Denim Shorts (sold out) from Forever 21, Carvela Stole Boots (sold out) by Kurt Geiger, and wrapped her Ultimate MA1 Bomber Jacket (sold out) from Topshop around her waist. 

anonymous asked:

I feel like an idiot cuz i went to a really really good college and interned at all these magazines but still can't get a job (applied to 100s) and I'm your age or thereabouts!

don’t feel like an idiot!! this industry is shifting SO much people who’ve had jobs forever are trying to figure out ways to keep their jobs. it’s not a good time to be trying to find a job in print magazines, everyone on the print side is trying to jump to digital. what is it that you want to do in fashion? writing? a lot of people have started to migrate to brands that have editorial content (example madewell or UO blog or ASOS magazine) or at least freelance write to get some notable clips to get your foot in the door. are you more interested in styling? e-commerce styling is huge. a friend of mine who worked at teen vogue for the longest just went to barneys to be their lead women’s RTW stylist for e-comm. there are tons of other things you can get into i promise !!! you’ll make more money, too haha

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Was hoping you'd be able to recommend some shopping websites (makeup+clothes) with cheaper shipping! Thanks and love your blog!!

  • asos (fashion + beauty, free shipping over $40, worldwide)
  • beautybay (beauty, free shipping over $32 aud, worldwide)
  • beautynetkorea (beauty, free shipping, worldwide)
  • birchbox (beauty, free shipping over $25, us/can/euro only)
  • boohoo (fashion, free shipping over $40, worldwide)
  • doobop (beauty, free shipping, us/can only)
  • iherb (beauty, free shipping over $40, worldwide)
  • jolse (beauty, free shipping, worldwide)
  • look fantastic (beauty, free shipping, worldwide)
  • memebox (beauty, free shipping over $30, us only)
  • romwe (fashion, free shipping over $50, worldwide)
  • sephora (beauty, free shipping over $50, us only)
  • shein (fashion, free shipping over $30, worldwide)
  • showpo (fashion, free shipping over $50 to aus/nz, international rates vary)
  • space nk (beauty, free shipping, uk only)
  • tobi (fashion, free shipping to us, worldwide shipping is $$$)
  • ulta (beauty, $6 basic shipping, us only)
  • urban outfitters (fashion + beauty, free shipping over $50, us only)
  • yesstyle (fashion + beauty, free shipping over $35, worldwide)