Word Count: 1735
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: SO. MUCH. FLUFF.
Summary: Bucky takes you out to find the perfect gift for your birthday
A/N: GO TELL @magic-and-timetravel HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Taylor is the most wonderful soul, you guys. She’s an asolute treasure. INSPIRATION:
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“Put this on,” Bucky demands, handing you one of your scarves.

Ha, yeah right. Like you’re gonna–oh. He’s serious. Your face scrunches in confusion as you take the cloth trying to think of a reason you’d need to be blindfolded.

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This KILLED me ! lol…. :p

Finished the sticker sheet!!! Here’s a sticker sheet I’m planning to sell at Anime Expo 2016! No All Might, sorry! But man look at these rad kids?? Kaachan was the asolute worst and for some reason Todoroki was the easiest, (and since i read the manga, i decided to do his first costume since that’s where everyone is who’s watching the anime!) 

Glenn Rhee has been my favorite since he was just the voice that called Rick a dumbass in that tank. I knew from then I would like whoever said that. Glenn, farewell. One of the most wonderful characters I have ever seen. My absolute favorite on the show. Thank you Steven Yeun for portraying him so well for seven years. Glenn did not deserve that.

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Winter has arrived, therefore I feel it's time to ask who your favorite ice mages are, in order from fav to not so fav.

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After Gray, I love Silver, Lyon, Ultear, Invel and Ur

I like a lot all of them but I think my “least favourites” are more because they don’t appear in the story too often or they didn’t impacted me enough