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A well designed & installed solar photovoltaic plant is the true key to high solar energy output. Disregarding this crucial element can reduce a solar power system’s output by 50% or more of its capability, even with the same amount of solar panels! 

Pic: 18 x 250W solar panels (4.5kW) in Perth Australia. Installed by everyone’s favourite… team Solar Boy! Installation is everything,

Solar power, get what you’re given or get more?

It’s a good deal if you received more than what you paid for! BUT consider you actually did get more… and then kept getting more continually? Every day, every week, every month & every year…

That would be a really sweet deal! Team Solar Boy has refined a set of technical procedures specific to the solar energy industry, evolved from Australian standards & “best practise” basics. 

Result: a superior contracted solar installation service in Australia guaranteed to outperform the competition on installation alone

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Solar Boy “We Create Solar Power”
Solar Power Performance Guide | Consider Timeframe

Increase solar power performance. Simple & easy methods to obtain immediate results for MAX energy production from Perth’s solar installation specialists…

The all new Solar Boy Solar Power Performance Guide is here! The amalgamation of 3 previous features in our “Hot News” feed. Fill your head full of specialist knowledge & get the most out of your solar power today…

Pictured: Our own team Solar Boy solar installation 12 x 250W (3kW) solar panels in symmetry. Precisely trimmed and looking all sharp in formation! Our own solar fascination! 

Note - Solar Boy (AU) is an accredited solar contract service only - That’s it! Available to most leading solar power retail businesses in Perth Australia. Make it a part of your solar installation today, visit
Solar Energy Quote Of The Week | Derek McKercher | Solar Boy

“Forget your mission statements, vision statements and the like, just “do” and make sure its better than anything else ever created.” ~ Derek McKercher. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing for us. If we can outperform the rest, our actions will speak louder than any words we will ever put out into the public space.
#ASolarBoyDifference | SUPER Happy Solar Power Customers

Best Solar Power Customer Reviews In The Industry! We just want to make you happy! Its that simple. Just check out these REAL customer reviews from ACTUAL solar panel installations.
#ASolarBoyDifference | A Key to a World of Happy Solar Power Users

A Solar Boy Difference | The New Hash Tag Experience For your On-line Dose Of Solar Boy. A new series of posts emphasising how an installation truly does dictate the performance of ANY solar p.v power system. Expect to see this hash tag, #ASolarBoyDifference near everything and anything SOLAR BOY!