A Clash of Queens

As this was suggested a few times, I decided the next poll is going to be about everyone’s favorite queen.

I’m splitting this in two questions, because I think the answers might be different. It would be great if you could answer both questions. Feel free to answer with meta.

1) Which female ASoIaf/GoT character do you like to see on the Iron Throne? Feel free to go crazy. Reasons for your choice would be great.

2) Now look at it from a more realistic angle: Which female ASoIaF/GoT character, who has a chance to become queen, one way or the other, would make the best queen for Westeros?

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ASoIaF ladies meta challenges?

Hello my pretty followers :)

What do you think about meta challenges, with each week dedicated to one particular character?

Would you write meta for such a challenge?

And who would you want to be our first meta week’s lady?

New layout

After spending about three hours trying to force one of the official free tumblr theme into a version I like, I gave up and went on a search for user made themes.

And oh wonder, I finally found one that covers all points I want the theme to include (most important: tags and acceptable display of both pictures and photosets).

We now have a new layout WITH tags, made by the wonderful baudelaired, and even better, it’s even called Daenerys.

Small note concerning the leaked episode and fan graphics:

I’m trying to tag all posts connected to that episode as #got leaks.

As I haven’t seen neither the first nor the second episode so far (as I’m not from the US), it might be that I won’t tag correctly all the time.

So if you see fan graphics around here that feature pictures/scenes from the leaked episode and I haven’t tagged them properly, please let me know.

anonymous asked:

do you accept submissions?

I haven’t had any so far, but you’re welcome to submit. :)

There’ll be a few rules, which are:

1) No character hate.

2) You can submit meta, fanart, graphics, gifs and comparable contents. Something I’ll rather not post are fanfictions.

3) Shipping and contents about female *and* male character only if the main focus is the female character (like the Osha post with Bran or the one Jeyne post that had Robb).

4) Anon asks are fine, but submissions will only be accepted from non-anons.

5) It can always happen that although a submission fits these rules, I decide not to post it. If that should be the case I’ll message you back and explain why. If you get no reaction to a submission, please contact me again, tumblr doesn’t always send messages properly.