"and what of my wrath"

Cersei’s “And what of my wrath, Lord Stark?” in AGoT is one of my favorite lines in the series and is easily tied for first as my favorite Cersei line with “and hair grows back”.

And I was thinking about it and I realized that “And what of my wrath?” is kind of another way of saying the words of the House Cersei is supposed to belong to–Baratheon. The idea of owning and utilizing one’s anger–OURS is the FURY, what of MY WRATH–is basically the crux of both phrases. Even the words of Cersei’s own House–Hear Me Roar–are a “DON’T FUCK WITH ME” warning akin to “ours is the fury” and “what of my wrath”. 

This line follows Ned warning her that “Robert’s wrath will follow you wherever you go” or something along those lines, so Ned is expecting very Baratheon-ish behavior from Robert. Even though Cersei is married to him, she’s still very fully Lannister, and I think Ned views her only that way. I think he views her (and rightly so, a lot of the time) as a Tywin-type, a person of cold cruelty and silent anger that are dangerous in their own way.

During this scene, Robert is off hunting already; he is falling to Cersei’s wrath as she and Ned speak. With his death Cersei becomes even more powerful. The same way Robert’s rage over Lyanna being “stolen from him” and subsequent fierce hatred for Rhaegar and the Targaryens led him to war and then  won him the throne of Westeros, Cersei’s has done the same. She took the words of his House when she married him and used the strategy they suggest to take the throne just as he did. Cersei is full Lannister, but in this scene, in this moment, she is saying to Ned that she’s been married to his awful friend for half her life and that she has learned the lesson of House Baratheon. In this scene Cersei tells Ned almost explicitly what she has done, with just those five words. From her hatred of Robert, from her rage over the disgusting way he treated her, Cersei has utilized her fury to become powerful.

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Of course it’s awful to watch their relationship deteriorating, and I don’t deny that they are in a bad, bad place in their relationship throughout the course of the book. I mean, he leaves KL furious with her and it only gets worse, and prior to that, she’s terribly cruel to him about his hand, and he rapidly grows more and more disenchanted with her as her behavior becomes more and more erratic. It was so horrible for me to read :(

I think what happens between them is a lack of understanding. They both need one another desperately, but each thinks their own need is greater than the other’s. Cersei’s thinking, “I have to be the fucking queen, Jaime, get over your hand and do this that and the other thing I HAVE A KINGDOM TO RULE SEVEN SAVE ME” and Jaime’s thinking, “I’ve just lost the body part that arguably defined me, and I need your support.” Both problems are obviously huge and I don’t think one is more pressing than the other tbh. On top of this their father has died, their brother has escaped, one of their children is dead, the other sent away, and the last one a boy king. Their family is in shambles, and it takes its toll on their relationship. (I’d like to emphasize that the death of a child always takes a serious toll on a relationship. 16% of couples who lose a child end up getting divorced, and almost all experience a considerable strain. If there wasn’t so much other stuff going on, they might have been able to work through Joff’s death. I realize Jaime did not care about him, but Cersei did, and Jaim cares about Cersei, so it matters to both of them.)

Throughout the book, though, it’s still evident that they love one another. I don’t understand why people think that because of a few months of fighting and really disliking one another this romance that has spanned their entire lives is suddenly negated. It’s not. The more you love someone, the more you are capable of hating them, for the more you love them the more you expect from them, and the more you hate them for failing. Jaime is so angry when he finds out that Cersei has been sleeping with other people because he cannot fathom the idea that she would choose anyone who is not him in any way–after all, he’s never slept with another person. Furthermore I hate when people act as if Cersei having sex with other people was ultimately what made the relationship fail. It’s not even close to being true, and to say so is just dumb considering ALL THE AFOREMENTIONED CHAOS THAT WAS GOING ON.

I want to hate Jaime for burning her letter, but she would probably do the same thing if she felt she’d been betrayed by him as hugely as he felt he’d been betrayed by her. (Because, ya know, they’re more similar than people think.) The contents of her letter BROKE MY HEART (I love you x3 just ugh) and I wanted to cry when he ignored it, but in ADwD he still thinks about her involuntarily. They’re still in love. All those who deny it are my enemies and I realize they deny it on the Wall and unborn children deny it in their mothers’ wombs or w/e Renly said but uh yeah Jaime is Cersei’s, BY RIGHTS

And yes, Jaime is the valonqar. There is not a single doubt in my mind. I just hope that when the moment happens, he leaves with her.