asoiaf meme ❅ 1/1 king: robb stark, the king in the north

“The King in the North!” he said, kneeling beside the Greatjon.
Maege Mormont stood. “The King of Winter!” she declared, and laid her spiked mace beside the swords. And the river lords were rising too, Blackwood and Bracken and Mallister, houses who had never been ruled from Winterfell, yet Catelyn watched them rise and draw their blades, bending their knees and shouting the old words that had not been heard in the realm for more than three hundred years, since Aegon the Dragon had come to make the Seven Kingdoms one … yet now were heard here again, ringing from the timbers of her father’s hall:
                                                                  “The King in the North!”
                                                                  “The King in the North!”
                                                                  THE KING IN THE NORTH!


asoiaf re-read project |  cersei burning the tower of the hand

“‘Lord Commander, escort His Grace and his little queen to their pillows, if you would.‘ 

'As you command. And you as well?' 

'No need.’ Cersei felt too alive for sleep. The wildfire was cleansing her, burning away all her rage and fear, filling her with resolve. 'The flames are so pretty. I want to watch them for a while.’” 

(A Feast for Crows)


“Alayne was an older women, and b a s t a r d  b r a v e.

                                                                   -Alayne, A Feast For Crows

Modern AU 1/?: After Sansa Stark escaped from the capital of King’s Landing she reemerged as Alayne Stone the natural daughter of the Commerce Minister and Earl of Harrenhal, Petyr Baelish. Finally being out of the spotlight Alayne decides to experiment and become bolder with her fashion. 


In a letter to the Citadel, Pycelle wrote that the divisions within the Red Keep reminded him uncomfortably of the situation before the Dance of the Dragons a century before, when the enmity between Queen Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra had split the realm in two, to grievous cost. A similarly bloody conflict might await the Seven Kingdoms once again, he warned, unless some accord could be reached that would satisfy both Prince Rhaegar’s supporters and the king’s. […] Had any whiff of proof come into their hands to show that Prince Rhaegar was conspiring against his father, King Aerys’s loyalists would most certainly have used it to bring about the prince’s downfall

 Art: Jennifer Drummond // Karla Ortiz


It came to her suddenly that she had stood in this very spot before, on the day Lord Eddard Stark had lost his head. That was not supposed to happen. Joff was supposed to spare his life and send him to the Wall. […] If Joff had only done as he was told, Winterfell would never have gone to war, and Father would have dealt with Robert’s brothers. 

Instead Joff had commanded that Stark’s head be struck off, and Lord Slynt and Ser Ilyn Payne had hastened to obey. It was just there, the queen recalled, gazing at the spot. Janos Slynt had lifted Ned Stark’s head by the hair as his life’s blood flowed down the steps, and after that there was no turning back. 

The memories seemed so distant. Joffrey was dead, and all Stark’s sons as well. Even her father had perished. And here she stood on the steps of the Great Sept again, only this time it was her the mob was staring at, not Eddard Stark.