And you tell me what you want me to know, and that’s less, Jon thought resentfully. His brother Robb had joined up and gone to France and to war, yet no word of that had been breathed to him … save by Samwell Tarly, who’d read the letter to Master Aemon and whispered its contents to Jon that night in secret, all the time saying how he shouldn’t. Doubtless they thought this war was none of his concern. It troubled him more than he could say. Robb was fighting and he was not.

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Theon x Sansa
      While at first Theon and Sansa were dubious over the betrothal, they soon found their attraction and friendship growing. Eventually, they were both able to find happiness with one another.  


Sansa StarK: Author

Sansa always loved fairy tales and fantasy stories as a child, and that love stayed as she grew. After her first book got published she debated dropping out of college, but was convinced by her parents to stay in. She continued to be published through college and is now a well know author. She mostly writes fantasy for young and young adult girls, teaching them that they can both be a princess and stand up for themselves. 



Sansa Stark: Author


Sansa Stark is the author of many YA series, including the popular The Wolf Maiden Series, and the children’s book Everyone’s a Princess. Her books have been Westeros Words Bestsellers eight times. She is currently living in the North and splits her time between her writing, her family, her friends, her wolf Lady, and eating lemon cakes.